New STRAY FROM THE PATH album = not sure if want??

A lot of people have asked me what I think about STRAY FROM THE PATH. I’ve never answered them, because the truth is that I don’t really know. When it comes to metallic hardcore, I generally like it ignorant, brutal and straightforward, and they are none of those things, yet at the same time I really want to like them. I definitely think their new record is their best yet, but I can’t make up my mind.

Dunno about those skronky electronic elements, but the guitar sound is fucking awesome.

Negatives: Strong Botch/Every Time I Die/Norma Jean “skronky, noisy parts” influence, and I fucking hate that shit. Excessively clever lyrics that try way too hard (eg “Throw up your hands to the sound of the beat”). I often get “mosh blue balls,” because they make me think there’s going to be a sick breakdown, but it never cums.

Not really feeling that weird main riff, but I pretty much love any song that has a Hatebreed/25 Ta Life “BLEHH!” in it (see 1:30)

Positives: Sick production that makes everything sound way heavier than it should. The BLEHH!s. Some riffs that come dangerously close to moshable. Overall solid songwriting despite the rampant “mosh blue balls.”


Wat u think, brahs??? Help me decide if I like this or not.

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22 Responses to New STRAY FROM THE PATH album = not sure if want??

  1. Pixy says:

    Man i totally feel you on that stupid Norma Jean, Chariot chaoticore shit. That shit is stupid

    • DarthZedd says:

      Stuff like this has a few songs that are alright, but overall It’s a pretty shitty excuse for hardcore.
      It’s not as bad as shit like Defeater or La Dispute though.

  2. foobear says:

    Needs more bass drops, and gang vocals on any lyric that would work well on a t-shirt.

  3. Tim B says:

    Loveeee the blehs. make any song good

  4. Thetotalbro says:

    I haven’t really listened to the new record yet except for this(sounds pretty good though) but I got down to the old one all the time when I first got it. What can I say, I dig those silly Normacore/Botchcore riffs.

  5. Poucho Marx says:

    they threw part of the Nick Barham interview of doom in the end of iMember, it made it worth the listen.

  6. K10 says:

    This record is sweet!! Will be moshing.

  7. Charlie Brown says:

    This band puts me to sleep. To me, there is literally nothing that stands out about this band. Just generic as generic gets.

  8. Save Parker says:

    One of my favorite heavy records this year, but I also love the Chariot and Norma Jean.

  9. xpedox says:

    You cant furiosly nod to this with arms crossed.

    So i say you dont like this.

  10. Negrodamus says:

    I’m actually really feelin this! It’s totally inspiring me to do more bleehhs in my next band

  11. King Krakken says:

    1st song no – 2nd song yes. So I’m 50/50 on this band.

    • Brah says:

      Actually this, 1st song had soooo much mosh blue balls, but the 2nd was prty moshable? Dunno bro. Would sit through their set, would not buy a shirt.

  12. JPMBDH says:

    Is this the singer from The Warriors??

  13. Brah says:

    If they had a few ball-busting breakdowns I would rock this.

  14. Brassington says:

    Every time I listen to these guys, I can’t help but feel they’re trying to sound like Rage Against The Machine but with more hardcore chuggy elements.

  15. John says:

    This band fucking rules. Check out the song Prey and the song Bring It Back To the Streets. Both of those songs have fucking sick breakdowns that you’re definitely moshing too. Also, there’s like 70 BLEHH!s on the whole album.

  16. Brenden Sheard says:

    Overall, I’d say they’re a decent band, but I wouldn’t exactly call them hardcore though.

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