Sergeant D will be out of the office until Sept 29th

You know what’s ghey? Being into travel. Whenever people tell me how much they ‘love to explore new places,’ it’s a dead giveaway that they are a soft, white pussy who is too dumb and lazy to make their life interesting. Because their existence at home is boring, they try to fill their empty, hollow lives by traveling to far away places– either ‘sophisticated’ places full of artsy phags (eg Europe) or ‘meaningful’ places where poors and non-whites live (eg Costa Rica). Awesome people can have fun anywhere, only entry-levellers with no imagination have to travel to find a good time.

As usual, The Vandals have a song that says everything I am trying to say about any given subject, only more funny and smarter than anything I could come up with

Anyway, I hate traveling, but duty calls, and I have to take a long, tiring trip for work. I will be on a different continent from today until the 29th, and I’m not sure how much time/interweb access I will have. I will do my best to do some posting, but who knows. In the meantime, I am hoping that other posters will pick up the slack (if you are a SYWH poster, don’t wait for me to schedule your posts, just publish them whenever they are done). Either way, if you don’t see many updates for a couple weeks, stay tuned– we’ll be back soon!


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28 Responses to Sergeant D will be out of the office until Sept 29th

  1. Obsequium Mindris says:

    where will you be headed? maybe someone will have advice for that place…

  2. DarthZedd says:

    Good luck bro. Have fun and stay out of saunas!

  3. Jose says:

    buy a slave!

  4. Martin Regnen says:

    Long, tiring trip for work? I bet all college chicks you know are making squealing noises about how jealous they are and how they wish they could go. They have no idea just how boring it is to go to a place like Finland for work.

  5. Mustard Tiger says:

    Damn now I have to read second string posts all month.

  6. BloodyGuts says:

    Thanks, Sarge. This makes me feel better.
    I just got back from a stupid work trip and thought that Paris totally sucked.
    I kind of want to quit my job because I hate traveling so much.
    My heart goes out to you.

  7. jondabudz says:

    Ha no point in checking Metal Sucks now.

  8. try to follow all U.N. regulations

  9. KerryKingisfat says:

    This is very upsetting. Now I’ll have to find another way to waste my time.

  10. says:

    miss you already, bro!

    (BTW, it was Keaneauouswer Reaves {sp?}} who first said 'U MAD' in the infamous internet meme way… it was in Point Break, which is probably the most alpha movie ever.)

  11. Walker says:

    Try to have a good time dude. you should do some posts about the funny shit you see where ever it is youre going.

  12. Isaac says:

    I love my home and my home life, but I also think traveling is fucking awesome. Then again, I’ve never had to do it for one of the three total minimum-wage jobs I’ve held, so there’s that.

  13. yourdad says:

    Staying at home/travelling only when you must = ignorant American.
    Fucken tell me otherwise and you’re a phggt.
    Weak post.

  14. hey dad says:

    yuo maybe were expecting pix of design teh skyline?
    being an ignorant American is preferable to being an ignorant Bosnian, for ecxaplme.
    I mean, I can brag about being an ignorant American here, and others will say they are like me, and we can bro down over it. Who amoung the weak phggts will back your ignorance, though?

  15. Throbbing Cock of American Freedom says:

    I am a white American currently living in a developing nation. Things are just more authentic and real here, you know. Americans are so focused on material goods, they are destroying the environment and not appreciating the little things.

    My significant other is a Peace Corps volunteer and shares the same beliefs as me.

  16. Austin Nutter says:

    You’re gonna show up in Europe and everyone’s gonna be like “we heard you were making fun of us” and kill you.

  17. Leandro S. says:

    you only say thats for pussies cuz you live in California. If I lived there I wouldnt travel that much either

  18. Genaro says:

    Gonna miss you man, have a safe trip! <3

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