Some new shit from VICTORY RECORDS- wat u think??

So Victory has a bunch of shit coming out next month, which you can hear in this Jewtube video. I’ll keep this short but sweet– here’s my take, what’s yours??

  • Close Your Eyes sounds like Ignite but with good production. Victory is into Ikeacore now??
  • Carnifex and every run-of-the-mill deathcore 2.0 bands are different how? Do people like this band?? Do kids still get into this kind of thing, or only if the singer is hot?
  • When did Aiden start sounding like shitty ‘street punk’? Oh wait, they’re trying to sound like Misfits. DIS NIGGA FROM NORTHGATE. AINT NOTHING STREET ABOUT NORTHGATE.
  • Counterparts = even more Ikeacore. Grose. I’m sure Tony couldn’t give two shits about this stuff, but if I was in his shoes I guess I’d sign some Ikeacore/tr00 pop punk bands too, since that’s what Tumblrsluts are into and they’re pretty much the driving force behind the music industry (srs).
  • LOL @ “package deals”

WAT U THINK BRAHs??? When will Victory put out the 2K10′s version of One Life Crew or Fury Of V?????

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42 Responses to Some new shit from VICTORY RECORDS- wat u think??

  1. Thetotalbro says:

    Lol at “fine art print”. “No mom, it’s not a poster! You just don’t get it! Now let me borrow your credit card to buy counterparts on vinyl!”
    Still, pumped about new Carnifex.

  2. Leandro S. says:

    Carnifex sounds like Suicide Silence from The Cleansing.
    C’mon! Counterparts is so fucking good!

  3. Tim Bisley says: i wouldn’t say ikeacore or tr00 pop punk

  4. King Krakken says:

    LOL @ Aiden ‘trying to sound like the Misfits’ – I was like how/why/no way.. but then the jam started. Mind = blown. Why why why?

  5. Fred Durst says:

    Oddly enough, I have yet to see a freshmen/sophmore girl at my highschool wear a Carnifex shirt. I can’t walk down the hallway between classes without seeing a Suicide Silence/BMTH/Chelsea Grin/Asking Alexandria shirt, but no Carnifex.

    While on the topic of scene record labels, you need to do a post about InVouge records-they’re lolzy because literally every band on there sounds like a half assed Miss May I/TDWP/Rise Records core clone. It’s quite amazing actually, and I honestly think that it’s simply the same group of people writing every song, and finding a bunch of pretty boys, sticking them in a band, and have them play said songs.

    • Fred Durst says:

      Also, LOL at the Carnifex ‘Death Fucking Metal’ gym shorts, and the ‘Feel Nothing’ in impact font shirt. That shirt will make the band at least twice as much money as the album sales.

    • Save Parker says:

      Its the developmental league for Rise Records (NBA). They’re just hoping for a chance to open a Risecore tour/get called up to the big leagues for real.

  6. Motherf***erJones says:

    Victory is such a shit label. I am excited about the new Carnifex though.

  7. Wintermute says:

    AFI + Misfits = Aiden

    So yeah, I’ll be getting that album.

    • Ada says:

      Do they even admit the AFI influence, though? I remember when Aiden and I Am Ghost were kind of popular and it was obvious that they were into some BSITS and AOD era AFI. Or at least their record labels wanted you to think that.

  8. Shiv The Impaler says:

    No mention of the awesome new Pathology album?

  9. Jon90sKids says:

    And some kind of hate was a misfits song. Just sayin…

  10. guillo says:

    lol @ victory suck but stoked on the new carnifex

    sarge you should make a post about when fearless records was punk

  11. Austin Nutter says:

    Victory has Within the Ruins so they get a free pass for me. Kind like Sumeriancore but way angrier.

  12. m00k says:

    2k11 Fury of V needs to happen.

  13. Chasingcoolness says:

    Northgate is hella street. They have a Vans store now!

  14. cgrind says:

    Srsly, why all the h8 on Counterparts?? That band is seriously my #1 favorite of all time, I feel like if you listened to their album/songs from the split, you could get down with it, Sarge.
    @ :59 — DAT BR34KD0WN!1!!
    and then @ 1:46…DAT 0TH3R BR34KD0WN!11!!1

  15. victory needs to sign DOGGY HOOD$ asap

  16. Ada says:

    last album I bought that was on Victory was Atreyu’s Death Grip on Yesterday (their best album!)

  17. amidoinitrite? says:

    judging on all your ikea-core talk. are you gonna say have heart is ikea-core?

    plz tell me. also. you drop way too much hints. rules 1 and 2.

  18. thebza4l says:

    Close Your Eyes can’t be in the ikeacore no-fun club because they’re christian and toured with Terror and Trapped Under Ice.

  19. Taytex says:

    First time hearing Counterparts, and I definitely like what I heard. I also love Defeater though so I’m pretty much an Ikeadouche. I’m pretty surprised Victory was able to catch onto it though.

  20. Jesse McHater says:

    (Longwinded powerviolence song title about how Tony Victory sucks)

  21. Brenden Sheard says:

    I’ve seen Carnifex live. They’re fat.

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