Why Today is Better than Yesterday

Reading my posts, especially the HXC History/Do U Remember ones, you could def. get the impression that I’m some kind of oldfag that sits around nostalgic about the past – but nothing could be further from the truth! (well, the old part is pretty right on…)

I actually really hate those kinds of people that clamor for the ‘old days’ – and I’m gonna tell you why *right now* is so much better than the old days ever were. This list below is completely irony free BTW.

Average scumbag

Getting Into Music – it was actually fuckin’ hard back then! You usually needed a scumbag friend (someone’s older brother) that was a total pain in the ass to deal with (mine used to non-ironically steal my mom’s car), but usually had plenty of entry level punk and hardcore. If you didn’t have a scumbag, chances are you would have just listened to mainstream music. We also used to track down tunes we heard on skate vids/tape comps etc. Hard work!

Finding Music – we really used to have to travel to find punk/hxc music. For us it was to Boston (Newbury Comics specifically), which was a good hour away. There used to be complex tape trading/selling going on in fanzines – this sucked!

Finding Shows – sure, newspapers usually had ads for the bigger clubs, but the smaller shows were usually flyer only – so you had to go to shows all the time to get news of the next ones – fuckin’ exhausting!

Finding Info On Bands – I still remember ’87, standing in front of a wall of Black Flag tapes at Newbury Comics and having no idea what kind of order these things go in – sure I loved ‘Who’s Got The 10 1/2′ but what should I pick up next – nightmare! I just picked the one that had some songs I knew on it (Slip It In). Ugh – awful way to get music! You would honestly know nothing about bands unless you searched out hard-to-find fanzines and the like.

Transporting Music – we used to have to lug around these things called tapes back then, and man did they blow! Leave ‘em in a hot car and they warped. Step on ‘em and they cracked. The players would eat them. Fuckin’ awful format! Plus, you could honestly only have so many tapes on hand… I still have a few boxes of ‘em in the basement.

Overly optimistic artist rendition of typical '80s hxc chick

Chicks Not Into It – chicks at shows back then?!? No thanks! Not even ‘edgy’ chicks were into HXC back then – those that were were either scumbag’s girlfriends or just plain sour. I took an ‘alternative’ girl to a show once – she didn’t speak to me for a month after.

Scene Not So Great – There was no more ‘unity’ or ‘brotherhood’ back then than there is now – scene politics/who-knows-who ruled the day back then too – don’t let anyone tell you different.

I think Bold recorded their LP on this...

Production Quality – most hardcore from ‘back then’ was recorded so shitty… I mean, that ‘Destroy the Ghost’ jam everyone was making fun of the other day sounded better than 90% of the revered NYHC stuff! I personally think it’s very cool that kids today can put out well recorded tunes on a small budget. Great stuff!

So srs – shit is so much better now! You can download a band’s complete discography in minutes and find out their complete history. You can quickly look up complete tour dates and get in touch with band members if you want to! You can carry thousands of songs around in a little device! Chicks are into bands like Winds of Plague/Asking Alexandria/We Came As Romans/etc! Who gives a shit if it’s not ‘tr00 hxc’ – close enough in my book! Honestly – I love all the stuff I just listed!! This makes *now* so awesome!

So please just keep these things in mind the next time some oldfag goes on about the ‘old days’ – and don’t end up like one of those people! Remember – the kids tomorrow will have it even better than you & you should be happy about it! Don’t start bitching in 15 years to kids that are streaming retro-dubcore from the cloud through their winter hats how “we had it tough back in the day… only 10,000 songs on a device!” I warn you ’cause I love you guys!

And before I forget, I’ve gotten hip and got on tumblr! Check it out here – and please ask me some questions! If I get enough interesting ones, I might make a post out of it!

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I totally 100% percent non-ironically love you.
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78 Responses to Why Today is Better than Yesterday

  1. Mustard Tiger says:

    Great post, this “older is better” school of thought is becoming more prominent then ever before, especially in hip hop communitys.

  2. DarthZedd says:

    I’ve always showed appreciation for the current times bro, so I agree 100% with this.
    I think the problem is oldz often look at the past with rose-colored glasses, so when they rehash their stories to the youth they think the past was better. Maybe I’m wrong though, idk.
    Also, do you care to explain why you used a picture of Richard Stallman?

    • King Krakken says:

      Haha – this article started out as a ‘history of online oldfags’ – but I dropped that angle pretty quickly… but in my google images research I found some great pics of old unix system admins (usenet OG oldfags!) – and I just loved his look in the pic.

      It’s a small club around here that knows who he is…

  3. idrivearangeover says:

    True all of this, but it was still fun back then.

    I remember picking up that first hatebreed 7inch before Satisfaction dropped, and the fucking quality was so fucking bad you couldn’t listen to it. It was basically just HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS jun HISSSSSSSSSSS. it’s like a bunch snakes recorded it, but never stopped talking.

    And there was no unity. Everyone talked about it, but it was still a fucking elitist asshole party. Plus, there were skin heads. They ruin shows like nobodies business.

    • Sergeant D says:

      hahahaha the Hatebreed 7″!!! I totally know exactly what you are talking about! all their 7″s had the most putrid, quiet production ever.

    • King Krakken says:

      Plus, there were skin heads. They ruin shows like nobodies business.
      Haha – again, my bro and I were remembering one of our ‘regular’ scumbags was ‘Skinhead Greg’ (not the one in the article) – was always pushing weird Oi music on us! But had hard-to-find stuff like ‘Stars and Stripes’ (Choke of Slapshot’s Oi band).

  4. Uhhh says:

    This is so fucking wrong it’s not even funny. My favorite era is early 2000s because yeah computers were around but you still had to look hard to find good bands and shows. I loved it because the stupid ass jocks that always started shit with me would never listen to what I fucking listened to. Atilla, woe is me, winds of plague, emmure and all that horse shit is a jocks wet dream, allowing people who have NO fucking passion to write music. That’s what hardcore//metal/punk DIY music in general was about was passion and not being like everyone. This party/dubstep/crossover bullshit is just radio friendly shit so little teenagers from the suburbs can think its cool and buy it. Fuck all you people who stand by this, I’m going to go back to listening to my mediocre recorded Undying cd right fast, you guys can have this regurgitation you call music.

  5. Uhhh says:

    Also, yeah I know politics were around and that shit sucked BELIEVE ME I got shit for being young and not being part of the cool crowd for years until most of those dudes dropped out. But at least music was better and it wasn’t a fucking mockery. Also, I think the current hardcore scene(B9 bullshit) sucks too and it’s just as fake. I agree with a lot of shit you say on here but you can’t tell me this new shit is good.

  6. ob says:

    I agree with your points, but there is something is to be said about lowering the barrier of entry to a subculture to simply turning on a computer and googling. Actively having to seeking out music and shows lead to a level of ownership/responsibility to the scene. Back in the day it was expected that scene participants formed bands, created zines, booked shows, took photographs, and if you didn’t you risked being branded a poseur- pretty much the ultimate insult. Nowadays there seems to be a lot more consumers than creators involved in “underground” music. I guess it can be argued that there are more creators in total, simply because there are more kids involved thanks to the relatively ease of exposure to new music/scenes.

    • Sergeant D says:

      this is true, and i definitely agree to a certain extent. however, the flipside of that coin is that 90% of the people who were willing to jump through all those hoops are fucking weird, repulsive people- i mean, anyone who is THAT dedicated to finding a copy of a Green Rage or Meat Shits 7″ (such as me) has a screw loose. So yes, you did get a level of commitment and passion, but the byproduct of that was that the scene was all scumbags and weirdos.

      Personally, I am totally cool with going to Warped Tour and seeing a bunch of little kids there having fun, knowing full well that this is just something fun for them to do on a summer afternoon, not a lifestyle– good for them, because what a stupid fucking thing to build a lifestyle around!

      just my $.02

      • "I'd like a tongue job on my butt"- The Soxx says:

        In a way, “scumbags and weirdos” like me (as much we bitch about all this phony garbage you like) are kind of in a position to have more fun NOW (on a sadistic level) when we are able to weasil ourselves into playing to a bunch of “fun loving” well adjusted pig babies; because it’s so easy to upset them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The fact that hot girls like hardcore now is the ultimate proof that NOW > THEN

  8. ob says:

    Also the technology of nowadays does not just benefit young kids. If it wasn’t for the internet I don’t know how much of an involvement in hardcore I would still have at my (relatively) advanced age. As a grown ass man, my leisure time is limited and using lastfm to discover new bands is much easier and efficient than reading thanks lists, tape trading, or reading reviews in a fanzine. The learning curve is tough for an old man though. I am constantly having to move to new formats (myspace to twitter to ?) to keep up. It does indeed suck to be old.

  9. T-Bone says:

    Love the post and I agree with just about everything in regards to shitty things about the old days. BUT, I think I have to agree with what a lot of other commenters are saying, that the difficulty and “hard work” associated with finding new bands/going to shows/getting involved etc. is what made it interesting. You have to admit the douche factor (both among bands and the audience) it at an all time high.

    Now I’m not saying that everything “back then” was great, far from it (God I hated scene politics), but today is pretty shitty too.

    • King Krakken says:

      Srs – my brother and I had a talk about this after posting the article. It’s one thing to sit around with a bunch of other oldz and talk about music/what we did to get music/awesome finds, etc. As fun/nostalgic you may be about this method, it’s a terrible way to get into stuff. Browsing mediafire blogs dedicated to genres you like? I *love* this method – I’ve listened to more new music/bands this year than I did from ’88 – ’92.

  10. Anso DF says:

    the people i know who liked the actual pursuit of music/band info/collector items had free time cuz no gfs/no drgz. they’d get all crazed and accumulate a million records instead of interacting with people who like them. on drugz.

    now rulz i just wish we’d all love hair metal again

  11. kmfcm says:

    you forgot the very very very best thing.

    back then, you bought shit blind, and if you hated it you were stuck with it.

    now, you download it, if it sucks you just delete it

    (I wish there were still no chicks at shows though. it’s not like they’re not all still some scumbags boyfriend, so why even have them there?)

    • King Krakken says:

      back then, you bought shit blind, and if you hated it you were stuck with it.

      now, you download it, if it sucks you just delete it

      Backed! Used to hate this….

    • Negrodamus says:

      I don’t know what you’re talking about/where you live, there’s still plenty of single girls that go to metal/hardcore shows. Going to shows for my friends’ bands/my bands has led to me hooking up with plenty of girls that happened to be in attendence. But then again, maybe I am said scumbag. I’m totally cool with that though.

  12. CallPastorJerkface says:

    Re: Getting into music

    I always have to laugh when I think about the first hardcore mixtape I got back in 88′. I was going to a private Christian high school that was also a college. One day, as I was photocoping some pages from my “Creem Presents Thrash Metal” mag, one of the theology majors walked by and saw me. He asked “Do you like this kind of music?” It turned out he’d been an early 80′s hardcore kid before he’d “settled down” and gotten married. He made me an amazing tape with Articles Of Faith, Germs, Black Flag, Die Kreuzen, etc. on it. Later he showed me what was left of his vinyl collection and told me about this new thing that had been starting up as his hardcore phase had been coming to a close – he said it was called “straight edge”.

    There is always great music and there’s always garbage. And there’s always one trillion different opinons about which is which.

  13. Wow, awesome article Sarge. Add this to the list of reasons why I love this site.

    Coming from a guy in his early 20′s, it’s cool to hear how it REALLY was back in those days. I’m so bombarded by how “unfuckwithable” early hardcore is that I never hear this side of the story. And I fucking love nowadays how I can get on spotify, find a great hardcore band, then 10 minutes later discover 5 more awesome ones I’ve never heard of before and have all of their discographies right in front of me.

    • King Krakken says:

      Thanks! Check out the ‘by line’ tho :)

      Srs tho – completely agree with what you wrote!

      • Sergeant D says:

        yup, Krakken wrote this not me.

        but yeah, the thing is that people only talk about/remember the old hardcore bands that were awesome. Of course everybody loves Judge, Black Flag and Infest because they were fucking great, but nobody ever brings up that for every great band/record like those three, there were a zillion absolutely horrible ones like Gangreen “Older… Budweiser” or Token Entry “Weight Of The World.” In other words, yes there were some great bands back then, but there were also a ton of horrible ones… JUST LIKE NOW.

        The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      • Ah, sorry! Awesome article, man! Keep up the good writing.

  14. Ada says:

    I remember checking the newspaper every Sunday for show listings in the lifestyle/entertainment section to see when bands were playing.

    I also remembering driving an hour or so just to find out a show had been cancelled.

  15. Tim B says:

    @Uhhh, oldfag el1tist. ive only been around it all for about 6-7 years, but from what i can gather it all went downhill (at least in eastern Australia area) from there. still miss old sweaty cramped retarded venues, still miss before deathcore and when it was roughly unique to likeep hardcore or whatever. but if i want a cd its a Google search away and then sync my ipod. go to a decent show every few months who gives a fuck. recently stopped hating the newjacks and scenesters so much and yeah, who gives a fuck. like what you want and listen to what you want

    • Sven McSven says:

      Eastern Australia’s pretty lame. Where I’m from there’s one relatively well known band, about 5-6 other good bands, a couple more mediocre ones, and then a zillion shitty high school bands that are certain they’re gonna make it big coz they can play Boneyards so much better than all the other shitty high school bands who are gonna make it big coz of their cover of Boneyards.
      Gotta disagree with you on the sweaty cramped venues though, gets pretty crazy here, though that’s mainly coz there’s about 4 venues that will actually hold hardcore gigs.

      • Lo-Rez says:

        Australia still rules, it only sucks if you go to sucky shows. One of the good things you realise when you reach zen oldfagz status is that the shitty people will stop going to shows/OD/become DJ’s (a few will stay but become less shitty) and a new round of people come through and none of that has any bearing on if you actually like the music.

        I mean bands like Warbrain and Iron Mind (I live in Melbourne so sorry other states) are still pretty new (unless my oldfagz status means my definition of new is too old haha)

  16. Uhhh says:

    You guys still haven’t touched on the fact that most of the music out now is passionless trendy garbage.

    • VyceVictus says:

      You guys have touched on the fact that most music is passionless trendy garbage. *fixed*

      Ah, just bustin your chops. But again, just adjusting your perspective slightly, as I have with your words, and you see the real bottom line. Kids always love shit. Is the Shit you liked as a kid better than the shit these kids like if they are both shit?

  17. Uhhh says:

    And don’t get me wrong I try to listen to this new shit but it’s fucking AWFUL. It sounds way too over produced and it sounds like listening to fucking arena rock with screaming and breakdowns. I can’t stand those annoying low ass 1st fret breakdowns and I don’t understand why everyone is obsessed with doing the throaty tough guy(yes I used that term) vocals. Why is the lyrical content so fucking stupid, demeaning towards women, and why do they have to act like they are so fucking hard? I don’t understand this I really don’t, I’m not trying to be an elitist in anyway I just don’t understand the appeal of it except to suburban kids with hormones going crazy. Why would anyone our age or older listen to this?

  18. Negrodamus says:

    Very interesting article! Well done! I’ll definitely have to bring this shit up next time some tatted oldfag at a coffee or tattoo shop tries to lecture me on how shit was so much better in his day.

  19. Jboyd says:

    So I’ve only had internet for roughly 2 year (sad I know – dad’s a srs jew), so almost all of my musical tastes when I was young either came from skate videos, local bands or shit my friends got into from myspace.

  20. These days even though people aren’t buying the same volume of albums, a SHITLOAD more bands are getting a SHITLOAD more exposure, for free because of the internet, which cannot be a bad thing.I remeber paying $30 for almost every CD I bout from 94-2000 (in aus) because that’s just what they cost here. People spend less that one album on their entire internet bill these days.

    The only ‘downside’ of today is with so much to choose from, it can be harder to appreciate an album when you can download 100′s a month and not get to truly appreciate it.

    Lastly, 15 years ago, there was little (if any) interne and file sharing, blank discs were $$ and there was no stuffyouwillhate.com to bitch and whine about how ride the lightning was better than kill em all or not.

    Enjoy what you have kiddies.

  21. idrivearangerover says:

    Back when I was in the scene I had to walk 20 miles up hill, in the snow, with no shoes just to get to the record store. nowadays you get your brightly color hardcore and 4loco in front of your computer with you ethernets! Try downloading the VOD demos that your buddy in LI recorded with a crappy mic off of his stereo for you off of your AOL email account with dial up! 56 baud.

    kids these days.

  22. Tim B says:

    Wish oldfag elitist “OS hxc will n3vr die” ppl would fuck off

  23. Alexander says:

    RMS rules

    that is all

  24. Flapping Jet says:

    “Production Quality – most hardcore from ‘back then’ was recorded so shitty… I mean, that ‘Destroy the Ghost’ jam everyone was making fun of the other day sounded better than 90% of the revered NYHC stuff! I personally think it’s very cool that kids today can put out well recorded tunes on a small budget. Great stuff!”
    I have a hard time listening to anything with digital or slick sounding production, it somehow sounds too plastic and lifeless to me. Not crazy about stuff that’s too “lo-fi” either; the stuff I most enjoy on a production level has just enough grit to not render it inaudible and it’s an added plus if the actual mixing is unusual. I’d say the best production to my own taste would be Tapeworm’s “Break my Face” EP, Scumfucs era GG, Mentally Ill’s “Gacy’s Place” EP, and Drunks With Guns “Alter Human” EP- I’d also throw in some of the lower budgeted 70s glam bands with the stompy sounding drums and loud vocals.

    • Lo-Rez says:

      You’re missing the point Flapping. The point is there once was NO CHOICE as to how you sounded. You got one sound choice…shit! These days even if you’re broke punx band you got a lot of choice as to how you wanna sound.

      • Sergeant D says:

        stuff nobody ever said back in the day: “we’re so stoked to record our record on a fisher-price 4-track in my grandma’s shed! we think it sounds great!!”

        • Lo-Rez says:

          haha yeah I can never shake the feeling that all “classic” records within the punk and hardcore scene are just flukes when it comes to how they sound. It’s simple math, when you have a band of people who back in the day were probably heroin addicts or speed freaks they got other god damn things to spend their money on. Unless you’re an old sxe band, but then I just imagine you spent all your money on cokes and hockey gear.

        • xjustinx says:

          Judge spent 3 grand to record at Chung King and it STILL sounded like shit.

  25. Flapping Jet says:

    “stuff nobody ever said back in the day: “we’re so stoked to record our record on a fisher-price 4-track in my grandma’s shed! we think it sounds great!!” Actually, a number of bands actually BRAGGED about recording their 45 on a 4-track in a living room or similar and being pleased with the results in the late 70s early 80s. Feederz “Jesus entering from the rear” is a prime example:
    “It was just recorded on a 4 track in our bass player’s living room by Paul Cutler. I think people like it because it sounds closer to live. That’s why our next album will probably be a live one.”
    The recording:
    SPKs Information Overload Unit LP is another example, it was recorded off of a PA in a squat.
    I can give other examples going back to the 50s if you want.

  26. Flapping Jet says:

    “yeah but the feederz were tryhard artfags who thought they were the next Duchamp, but ended up just being some footnote band nobody ever gave two fucks about”
    “Also – was recently thinking about SPK & other terrorist/art/noise/fag music…”

    • King Krakken says:

      What what? The dude had mentioned SPK – and I’d been thinking about them – Sarge wrote the comment on the feederz… and how the hell would you describe SPK? I’ve been trying to figure out how to work them into a post for a little while…

  27. george says:

    I was at that slapshot show you posted the flier of..hahahaha!
    just found this site and can’t stop reading it. there’s some funny shit here.

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  29. You Took An “Alternative” Girl To A Show And Did’t Talk To You After The Show?….. Well You Definitely Haven’t Met Me!

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