And people wonder why I hate on DEFEATER

Thanks to commenter Vard for uncovering this gem on their Wikipedia!

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35 Responses to And people wonder why I hate on DEFEATER

  1. hgsg says:

    they already lost me at “overarching story-line told through multiple concept albums”

  2. Andrew says:

    Yo, the thing is… I love fun music and am annoyed at Troo No Fun Club members. But I love the No Fun band’s music, and I love fun music… I just don’t like extreme No Fun members. But most people aren’t that bad, so it seems like you’re hating a little much. Isn’t it better to be able to both be serious and party, brah?

  3. Inmyheadache says:

    The only “concept band” I ever really want to listen to is Carnivore.


  4. YO I’m seeing these fools open for BANE on Monday! What am I getting myself into? Are grown men gonna be crying??

  5. Hypefreecollin says:

    my favorite concept-core band these days is MOLOTOV SOLUTION, all their lyrics are about government corruption and conspiracy theories. DEMOCRACY IS A MYTH!!

  6. Wow, now that Defeater is on the job, I’m never going to look at the fifties the same way again!

    I think the lulziest thing about this band is that these guys are literally no better than rockabilly people when it comes to fetishizing the 50s. Defeater just happens to come from the opposite side of the coin that rockabilly folks do.

  7. Fred Durst says:

    Is that Snookie…?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Defeater’s best selling merch is their range of branded feminine hygiene products and brushes for sandy vaginas.

  9. dza says:

    without being familiar with this band i have to say i like the concept of concept albums. but when someone describes the concept in the detail that the wikipedia article in question does it implies that the fans all suffer from teh downs and makes the band seem like pretentious gay-lords. and that is No Fun.

    “hey band! im to lazy/stoopid to read. so whatcha all abouts?”

  10. jake says:

    i like defeater. that being said, that logo oddly reminds me of the poster of the movie “gacy,” except less sexy.

  11. Calvin says:

    most of these no fun club 2.0ers actually make good, listenable music. even touche amore, who I couldn’t stand at first. but the whole idea of a concept album to me is a little too pretentious and definitely fits into the UNFUN worldview so yeah fuck defeater even tho they have a few good songs.

  12. Wintermute says:

    I love Defeater almost as much as I love my beard.

  13. Mustard tiger says:

    Thier name is super misleading they should be a street fighter theme beatdown band

  14. Brah says:

    if the acacia strain wrote a concept album then by definition concept albums are awesome. ya’ll nigs mad.

  15. SolarFlareSuperior says:

    My buddy is super into this band now. Last year he was obsessed with Asking Alexandria….and kept wanting to get synths in our old shitty post-hardcore band

  16. Satrap says:

    Yeh! Lookit those sausage fingers!

  17. chelsea spin says:

    well, they’re good but certainly no pianos become the teeth

  18. Derp says:

    This post makes me rage, but then again, I think I come here because I like being angry.

  19. Alexander says:

    haven’t heard this band. but they fucking suck.

  20. 17 says:

    they’re sorta like the new Life of Agony…

  21. cgrind says:

    basically: they’re doing something new, so therefore they SUCK

  22. neonjesus says:

    I have no problem with Defeater. I enjoy their music. Overarching story? If you say so. Haven’t looked into it enough to care.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we cannot personally respond to all comments, but your opinion is important to us!

      • AndySixxBitches says:

        “Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we cannot personally respond to all comments, but your opinion is important to us!”
        You shoulf shorten that to: Cool story bro.

  23. spinkicks mcgee says:

    Defeater is an amazing band, give them a listen and see for yourself how they sound before judging from this horrible description. For reference, they are hardcore. Not post hardcore, no synths like asking alexandria, no breakdowns, just straight hardcore/punk with a lot of emotion. Best way I could describe them is they are a heavy version of La Dispute

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