HxC SLUTS then and now [proof that the 90s sucked]

High waisted jeans, awful Betty Page haircuts, and bodies that have seen the inside of a vegan cupcake shop many more times than they’ve seen the interior of a gym– sounds like the 90s girls! The worst part?? These girls would be considered hot by 90s hxc standards :(


Scene sluts of today are just as attention-hungry, annoying and crazy as they ever were, but at least now they look like strippers and pornstars so the payoff for putting up with their bullshit is a little more worth it.

Did you throw up in your mouth a little when you saw the top photo??? Does this kill your 90s boner?? When did girls wise up and start trying to look like porn sluts??????

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69 Responses to HxC SLUTS then and now [proof that the 90s sucked]

  1. scotthasaids says:

    should I be ashamed that i find those 90s girls really attractive? ps having a fire tattoo above your vag is never a great decision

  2. m00k says:

    Fuckin’ spock haircuts :barfs:

  3. scotthasaids says:

    the redhead isn’t so bad. just a normal fringe. not to mention those hairstyles probably weren’t as played out back then, considering AOL 1.0.and disposable cameras made internet sluts unheard of

  4. nyk3 says:

    Needs more teesa.

  5. xALLGLOOMx says:

    I laughed hysterically

  6. Autodidact says:

    Holy shit brah! Is that Velma in the first pic!? Why couldn’t it be Daphne =(

  7. heres a fun game. go through your Facebook and look at all the hardcore chicks you had crushes on in the 90s and realize how gross they are now.

  8. thetotalbro says:

    …Velma was into HXC?

  9. LC says:

    All you people who think Daphne is hotter than Velma can eat my ass AND my balls
    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude :(

    • thetotalbro says:

      At least Daphne MIGHT touch your dick (probably won’t though, the fictitious bitch). Velma was totes all about hairy bush. Sooo… now that I think about it, I guess it makes sense that she’d be into 90s hardcore?

  10. I’ll never be able to listen to The Locust ever again.

  11. Big Jesu Trash Can says:

    I’d definitely go for the nerdy Locust fan and her friend over the alt-porn/scene slut. Not that I wouldn’t smash the hell out of the girl in the bottom pic (because I would), but I just find the whole mentality of those type of girls to be irritating.

  12. Fazz says:

    Would bone Velma over generic tumblrslut number 200, 000, 000

  13. Throbbing Cock of American Freedom says:

    What is wrong with you guys?
    Would bone gross 90s chicks who have bushes? Gross.

  14. jake says:

    both are terrible. stick to women who enjoy modern country.

  15. Mike C says:

    I always wondered why there is constant talk about 90s sluts and how they were ugly in the scene and now how they are hot now. Sure I like sluts, but I have never been into any of the girls that were related to the hardcore scene. Like the point is, if a girl is a slut, it doesn’t matter what her interests are and she probably doesn’t give a fuck what yours are either. Don’t limit yourself to gross hardcore bitches, shoot for the preppy/normal/not alt ones.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Mike, I totally agree and I don’t even want to be within 6 blocks of alt sluts, let alone smash them. My point is simply that I see so many kids these days with a giant boner for the 90s, and my duty as an elder statesman of hardcore is show them the brutal truth!

      • Mike C says:

        I see where you are coming from. Lately I have been getting a boner for the early to mid 2000s. Was that as shitty as the 90s?

        • Mike C says:

          I mean I’m 19 now but I feel like the early to mid 2000s were pretty sick as far as music goes, but I was too young to hit up shows and what not.

          • Sergeant D says:

            I’ve actually been meaning to write a post about the mid-00s, since i sort of took a break from hardcore during like 2002-2006 or so. what were the highlights of that period in your opinion?? i’m genuinely curious.

            • neonjesus says:

              For hardcore. There wasn’t much. It was pretty terrible. I know you’re not big on Converge, so they’re out. Bury Your Dead came out in the early-mid 00s. They brought the mosh back then.

              BURY YOUR FUCKING DEAD and everything.

            • Sergeant D says:

              i dont personally like Converge at all, but i give them the credit they deserve for being good at what they do. BYD were pretty sweet, and 18V, Throwdown and Bleeding Through were holding it down in OC…

            • Mike C says:

              Well you’ll laugh at this but you know how you constantly make jokes about how kids say, “Man it would have been awesome to see Black Flag back in the day, I totally would have been there.” Then you go and tell us younger readers how it sucked dick and was for violent homeless people. Like I think it would have been awesome to see bands like Terror and Death Before Dishonor at some old school shows. And I just wanna know if the scene actually was horrible back then or not; because on paper it looked pretty sick.

            • Anonymous says:

              The Hope Conspiracy are one of my favourites from the era. You get down with them?

    • ERIC ERICSSON says:

      early-mid 00′s is my fav. so many good bands and the hawtest scene bishes ive seen at shows

  16. protofail says:

    girl on left = dream girl. notevenmad.

  17. logdeezy says:

    Post-hardcore. From autumn to ashes, early atreyu and a7x, dead to fall, alexisonfire and the like

  18. INTERNET ONER says:

    yfw you realize how much money those stickers would go for on ebay if they weren’t ruined by breasts

  19. cougar party says:

    Pretty fucking sad that both those chicks are rocking mullets that early in life. Usually that’s reserve for married women who don’t have sex anymore. Fucking gross.

  20. Motherf***erJones says:

    Bottom chicks tat’s totally ruin it. Especially the pussy tat. Also why is having a bush so bad? Better than eating baby cunt.

  21. Uncle Daddy says:

    Been with both scene bishes and non-alt bishes. The normal girls are usually more enjoyable to be around/ way more attractive.

  22. Negrodamus says:

    I used to be really into the scene slut look back when I was a 15 year old scene kid. Then I got smarter and realized that Spanish girls that are simultaneously gorgeous and adorable are better than any scene/hardcore girl. No drama, they treat you right, and they can cook. They’re just superior in all aspects.

    • Anonymous says:

      But then you have to listen to bachata and reggaeton all the time, fuck that I want my girl to have good taste in music

      • Negrodamus says:

        Fuck that, basing a relationship off of music tastes is completely retarded. And if you hate reggaeton, you hate fun. What’s wrong with music that fills all latinas in hearing distance with the sudden urge to shake their asses as hard as possible?

    • Manuwar says:

      >> Using “Spanish” to refere to latinos. Spanish =/= Latino

      And reggeaton died in 2009, atleast here

      • Sergeant D says:

        god, THIS. ask a Spaniard how they feel about calling puerto rican, mexicans or hondurans “spanish” haha. Only people from New York say “spanish,” it sounds so funny to me!

        • Manuwar says:

          lol yeah, im not offended when my cousins say that im spanish, i just find it curious. its the equivalent of calling americans and australians “english”.

      • Negrodamus says:

        Shit! That’s the first time I’ve made that mistake ever since my Dominican ex girlfriend in high school got all mad at me for saying that, my bad! And I live in south Florida near Miami so reggaeton still seems to go pretty strong around here, the only difference is now most of it is like crossbred with electro house or dirty dutch or some shit.

    • King Krakken says:

      The TeleMundo channel around here runs a dance show from 6AM – 7AM… just hot chicks in small bikinis dancing for an hour. Can get behind any culture that knows how to do this. Mesmerizing… 0_0

  23. lolwut says:

    having know a few chicks who have gone the alt-model route, i can almost assure you that if the bottom girl had her picture taken with a mid 90′s disposable cam, she wouldnt be all that. redhead in the top all the way brah.

    • Sergeant D says:

      i can almost assure you that if the bottom girl had her picture taken with a mid 90′s disposable cam, she wouldnt be all that

      touche. still, would stab it, why not???

  24. Pixy says:

    Give me a girl who likes Asking Alexandria anydays of the week

  25. Fred Durst says:

    Something about the bottoem slut doesn’t look natural… :|

  26. Anonymous says:

    who is the bottom slut?

  27. Lucifersmile says:

    I must say I loved all the scene girls back then and I have a boner for the top two chicks.

  28. floss says:

    the top two must have been part of the 16 girls that liked hardcore nationwide in that era. the bottom one is trying too hard.

  29. moot58 says:

    All photos = groce on my boner. Icky.

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