Justin Bieber thinks nature is neat

Via his Instagram

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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13 Responses to Justin Bieber thinks nature is neat

  1. nyk3 says:

    Is he filming a tr00 poppunk video?

  2. Anonymous says:

    what is instagram…sounds delicous like teleporting dunkaroos or something

  3. totestoro says:

    Every statement is made more valid with the inclusion of a “lol”

  4. Fred Durst says:

    Thank you for informing me of this pressing issue.

  5. SolarFlareSuperior says:

    This is “fucking magnets how do they work”x1000

  6. YeahNoYeahBrah says:

    Really hope he is not referring to this video. If so it may have ruined my day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm3JodBR-vs

  7. lolwut says:

    there was an “ask me anything” on reddit a while back with some kid who went to middle school with j-beebz. he was supposed to be legit stupid back then.

  8. Throbbing Cock of American Freedom says:

    I hate nature, but the beibz is so dreamy.

  9. Austin Nutter says:

    Omg Bieber ruined music I hate him he isn’t even good rage rarrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fred Durst says:

      Because there was no such thing as pop stars making crappy music before biebs!!!!

      I know you’re just joking also, just need to join in on the fun…

  10. Milkman says:

    canadian wiggers

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