MERCH TABLE: Attack Attack gives zero fucks

Big ups to ATTACK ATTACK for shutting up haters with their CRAB FUCKING CORE shirt (see also their COLUMBUS CRABCORE shirt), but let’s be honest: you can’t win em all. Case in point, this confused, directionless shirt that’s a case study in what happens when you aren’t really clear on what your concept is. Notes:

  • Not sure where they are trying to go with this one. Are they trying to rep Columbus, let you know that they are srs party bros who ‘don’t care what u think of their lifestyle,’ or just trying to save money [via 1-color prints on white shirts]???
  • I’m not an artist or a homosexual, so I don’t usually get hung up on details but MY GOD THIS BAD DISTRESSING!!! Come on brahs, you can do better than this– looks almost as bad as the Homage knockoffs at Target.
  • Order here! Even though it kinda sucks, I’d wear it if I didn’t have a corporate job where we’re discouraged from wearing clothing that says “FUCK” on it in really big letters.

In b4 the OSU legal team sends a cease and desist for infringing on the block O (and remember, that’s THE Ohio State University).

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16 Responses to MERCH TABLE: Attack Attack gives zero fucks

  1. WordstreetDawg says:

    zero fucks given also describes how most people feel about this band in 2011.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh, they still exist?

  3. Save Parker says:

    They need to do another interview where they talk about how their merch designs have evolved from their last album.

  4. A156 says:

    “Zero fucks given,” is actually a tagline used to describe their virginal fanbase.
    Zero given, or received.

  5. shawnyouwillhate says:

    funny thing is I could get this off the market in about 15 mins.

    but i would never cuz so ignorant

  6. jondabudz says:

    haha I could make this shit at home and sell it to the stupid teenagers at the high school down the street. Thanks for the idea Attack Attack

  7. Uncle Daddy says:

    Stupid shirt, also columbus is my second least favorite city after Jasper, AL

  8. Fred Durst says:

    Surprised at all the people here who are saying that this is stupid; I thought most people here liked Attack Attack! I guess it’s no longer cool to like them. Whatever, the band always sucked and always will suck.

  9. Post-Modern Warfare says:

    I still like Attack Attack! Sometimes I try to picture in my head Their Arbiter Method configurations.

    Also Stick Stickly is the whitest song ever recorded and I love it for that.

  10. ge5undhe17 says:

    Best worn when dancing the Interlude Dance

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