When I first started thinking about a series of posts on breaking edge, I pictured it fitting into one of the larger themes here at SYWH – helping you guys improve your lives via learning from our mistakes. I thought of myself not as your father, but as your young-ish uncle with the ‘interesting life experience’. I hope I’m pulling that off! I covered booze first, as it’s the most legal drug out there – but before we start venturing into more illicit substances, I thought some general pointers about DRUGS would be in order.

The best advice for taking drugs – NEVER GET CAUGHT! And there are lots of ways to get caught – so just don’t do it! Srs – these articles are aimed at people breaking sxe, because those folks are about as dumb as you can be on getting wasted – but even if you have never ‘claimed edge’ you can still profit from the advice. Getting caught is what my bro and I call a ‘Family Changing Dynamic’ – no matter how old or how successful you are, getting caught with drugs will forever change how your family looks at you. This sucks and you never want it to happen. You will never live it down.

Getting involved with the law over drugs is 1000x worse. In the US, over 1/2 of all convictions are drug related (and 1/2 of those are weed) – this means that drugs are an easy bust for cops. If you do find yourself in a situation with the cops, here’s some tips (not actual legal advice) that might help you out (but 99.9% chance you will forget them…)

Never let them search – your first contact with the law is probably going to be by getting stopped (on foot) or pulled over (driving). The cops need either probable cause or a search warrant to conduct anything other than a visual inspection… so never, ever agree to a search! Keep all illicit things in a backpack/in your trunk well out of sight. When asked to search you, just keep saying no. However, when confronted with a cop shouting at you, 99% agree to a search (thereby making it legal for the cop to tear everything apart, even if they find nothing).

Never trust them – there is nothing that says a cop has to be truthful to you. They certainly can lie/imply anything they want – they just want evidence. They are trained to get any/all info from you, by whatever admissible means they can. Don’t believe anything they say.

Never talk – Talking to cops only hurts you. Nothing you say can ever help you – srs, all they are doing is gathering info, and the more you say, the more it will get you. Sarcasm, joking, etc do not translate onto the written page… so don’t think some smart ass comment can’t convict you – it can! Now it sounds easy to not talk – but these guys are trained to make you talk! Think you can withstand 6 hours of various cops screaming at you without saying a word?!? But you gotta try. Watch this vid for pro level silence.

Never trust your friends – I love all this thugged out talk about ‘Snitches Get Stiches’ that every suburbanite wannabe tough guy espouses. Trust me – 30 seconds into questioning *all* of your friends will immediately sell you out. It’s a given so just assume it’s going to happen. And when the cops (gleefully) inform you of this – don’t go into defense mode – just follow the rule above & keep your mouth shut!

BRB - busy ratting you out...

Srs – review these rules again and then go watch some episodes of Cops – see how many people break these simple rules! But best not to get involved with the law at all – I know several people that have gone broke fighting charges. Feelspoorman.gif

When you do decide to do drugs, do yourself a favor and do a little research. Erowid is a great place to start, but it can be a little overwhelming. At least find out what kind of effects a certain drug is supposed to have – everyone is different, but you can at least be prepared – don’t be the guy running around yelling “I can’t feel my legs!!” No one likes him. Also, read drug forums but don’t post. Now let’s see how well you have been researching!

Which one of these things wouldn't you do on PCP? Answer at bottom of post!

Most people categorize drugs by their type – but I prefer to do it by the situation you use them in. Here’s how I normally group stuff:

Social situations – any time you are going out/interacting with known or random people. Alcohol, Ecstasy/MDMA and uppers like cocaine/adderall are perfect. Anything that gets you up, moving and interacting with people.

Chilling with friends/alone – weed is perfect for this… slows you down, makes everything interesting and/or funny and doesn’t require you to be ‘on’ all the time. Also makes any kind of music sound awesome.

Reality exploration - any of the associative hallucinogens like LSD, Mescaline (if you can get it) or mushrooms can blast you out to somewhere around Pluto. Not terribly social, but a complete trip if done correctly!

Reality denial – the shit you take to escape all your problems/past abuse/emotional pain, etc. Heroin, crack, meth or PCP pretty much fill this need – this is for complete losers/addicts that find taking horrible substances a better alternative to real life. Avoid at all costs!

Ok, I think that about covers the general topic of drugs – next post I’ll get more in-depth with weed. If you’ve got questions/comments/suggestions, hit me up on my tumblr! I’m always glad to answer whatever you ask! If I get enough good questions I’ll finish up this series with a Q&A style post.

Which one wouldn’t you do on PCP?
You would never wear earrings while smoking PCP! You’re gonna rip those things right out! The rest – completely feasible!

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  1. Drug Cunted says:

    BRB… going to fill my self up.

  2. LeandroS says:

    Should have posted this before Jonny Craig went to jail haha

  3. *types nothing*

    *you can’t convict me bishes*

  4. That one guy says:

    I tried meth once when it was offered to me by my dealer and curiosity took the best of me. I crushed up the ice and railed it. It was euphoric and fun as fuck… until I crashed. I’ve never felt so horrible in my life. The crash was horrible enough to outweigh any positive effects of the experience. Just not worth it at all.

    • King Krakken says:

      Exactly why it goes into my last category… that crash is *still* better than some of the IRL shit meth users have to deal with.

    • cougar party says:

      In my experience, the “higher” the drug makes you feel the worse the crash will be. That’s why I generally don’t do coke anymore because the crash is always so fucking brutal it’s just not worth it.

  5. nightwork says:

    Maybe I’m a dick (definitely a dick), but I’ve been original troo hxc since late 80s, done all these drugs, and was never an edgefag. I understood edge to an extent (like good for you man, that is cheaper than buying forties of OE, just don’t fucking keep talking to me about how good it makes you), but militant loudmouths were always stupid kids at that time and forever. I do get trying to help the current crop of these ppl out, I worked with retarded kids once, but this is basic beta shit really. Shouldn’t the goal here be to help break edge and still remain troo hxc and not some sorta vice-ish column on the right way to do drugs?

    • thetotalbro says:

      From the perspective of a reader who is just now venturing in to the world of drugs, has never really been tr00 hxc, and wasn’t even cum in the late 80s, I appreciate the fact that i can learn practical shit here instead of learning dumb shit elsewhere. I think this article is more for me than you.

    • King Krakken says:

      Wow – two great comments! I think thetotalbro is right, I’m writing these more as practical advice for young kids… I’m a pretty firm believer in responsible drug use, and this is mostly stuff I’ve either had to learn the hard way/wish someone had told me when I was young.

      I do think the economic article for SXE would be strong if they didn’t turn around & blow all the savings on Swatch X watches and dumb 7″s.

      • dza says:

        i dont think this site has ever been about being “tr00 hc”

      • nightwork says:

        Fair enough.

        As a never-edge person, for some reason I’m curious as to how one appropriately “comes out” to your bros as an edgebreaker, especially given the people who have been publicly outed by sxe dogmatists as no longer edge (HYE’s old edgebreak list anyone?). Or do you just jump ship to another scene and abandon the ppl you were “troo til death” with?

        I was mostly fucking around about troo hxc, man.

  6. m00k says:

    Smoking crack while high on heroin trumps all this shit.

  7. zobi says:

    awesome, as i was reading that, the random backgroung read “drugs are for sluts and losers”.

    The edge lifestyle is supposed to be healthier? yeah right but a responsible drug user and social drinker that gets some sluty poon from time to time is not completely destroying his body and is probably rather happy. jusssayin.

    Why miss out on life AND make it longer?

  8. jm6g90 says:

    shit can you get sent to the slammer for just having any weed at all on you is USA?? Would defo have to bear that in mind if I came over for a holiday

  9. MasterSlave says:

    Have you ever been to Krakken? Way better than fucking ‘drug forums’, this website is run by chemistry students & graduates and contains info ranging from legal stuff to academic research to experience reports on every drug you can imagine. I’ve done extensive research on every drug before taking it (except weed because that happened pretty young) because you can’t ask street thugs, they don’t actually no shit. For example I have argued with a number of drugheads who have claimed that ‘speed’ is the exact same thing as ‘ice’ (aussie word for meth) but more cut. They say things like ‘I can take you to the guy who cooks it if you don’t believe me’, which is just fantastic because it proves even the people making the stuff don’t know dick.

  10. Sergeant D says:

    Let me add a couple things re: BUYING DRUGS

    1. Be very very careful. Statistically speaking, buying drugs is one of the most dangerous things you can do. It’s the #1 way to end up in “the wrong place at the wrong time.” Even the “cool” drug dealers are sketchy, dangerous people who are surrounded by more of the same (I am saying this as someone who has many friends and family members who are/were drug dealers). Don’t tell them where you live, use a fake name if you can, etc etc. Don’t trust them and don’t think they’re your friend.

    2. Don’t ever get in debt, try to scam them, etc. This is a great way to get fucked up or killed. And don’t fool yourself, people get shot over weed debts/deals all the time.

    3. If you find a dealer who is somewhat “professional,” make sure you hang on to them! The worst part of buying drugs is the fucking hassle– he says “meet me at Spot X at 2″, then you wait around for an hour and a half and texts you saying to meet him somewhere else, etc etc. Find one who is timely so you can just buy your shit and GTFO.

    4. Don’t ever become a drug dealer. It’s like 1000x worse than being in a band, you make no money, and you it’s only a matter of time until you end up in prison or dead.

  11. srsasfuck says:

    Good stuff Kraken

  12. steve says:

    As a 3rd year law student (albeit in australia, so you know, we have 2% decent laws, as opposed to total bullshit american laws), if interrogated by cops, the only thing to say is “I have nothing further to say at this moment in time” which you keep saying until your lawyer gets there.

    It means that you may co-operate in the future, but until you get legal representation, you’re not gunna say shit.

    Only let them do shit they have to do. Not sure what your laws are, but know what they can/cannot do; fingerprinting, dna swabs (pretty sure they need your permission for that)

    Curiously Sarge, what are your thoughts on snitching on your friends.

  13. chris says:

    Was edge in high school. Broke it at 21. No one gave me shit about it, it was more of a “finally, you came to the party!” Figure it kept me out of trouble while my 16 yr old friends were getting duis, wrecking their cars, and feeling partied out by 22.

  14. cougar party says:

    Great post. One thing I would add regarding the cops is be polite and as cooperative as you possibly can without letting them search you; I have gotten out of many bad situations this way. DO NOT BE A SMART ASS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. If you show some respect usually they will not fuck with you. However, some cops are just total fucking assholes and you’re screwed no matter what you do, but don’t be a dick and you will have a chance of getting away.

    • Sergeant D says:

      strongly agree– my dad works for the dept of corrections and he has always stressed this to people. contrary to popular beliefs most cops/COs are not dicks, they just have low tolerance for assholes because they deal with criminals all day.

    • King Krakken says:

      So true… i know more than a few dudes that have gotten into waaay more trouble than they needed to over just shooting their mouths off at cops. Cop attitude when people mouth off: THAT NAIL IS STICKING UP… HAMMER IT DOWN!

  15. nahrhead says:

    I’m sad at the no-mention of nitrous. That is a pretty social drug on the same level as weed but that shit can get out of hand in a hurry.

  16. idrivearangerover says:

    That stop snitching stuff was crazy in Baltimore for awhile. Every kid in the city was wearing a stop snitching shirt. I even saw them on toddlers. Now white kids in private schools wear them and no one else does. I think snitching is going to make a come back .

  17. Austin Nutter says:

    About the never talk to police officers one-I get really, really talkative when drunk. I also start to think police will appreciate my sense of humor when they ask why we had a 2 liter of Coke but nothing else (I said because I prefer the taste of Coke over Pepsi, and that Coke is highly refreshing, seemed HILARIOUS at the time).

  18. Negrodamus says:

    Very solid advice, I’ve been doing drugs recreationally since I was 14 and now I’m 19 with no convictions because I always keep my mouth shut. Great post!

  19. withnocombos says:

    One advice my buddy gave me when I ate mushrooms my senior year of high school was to not freak out and realize your on drugs. Don’t know if this works for other people, but it keeps myself in check.

    • King Krakken says:

      Similar – the first time I took a large (5g) amount of mushrooms I wrote a note to myself saying “Don’t freak out, you took mushrooms and any weirdness will end soon”. Luckily I didn’t need it – in fact, have never had a bad time on mushrooms!

      • withnocombos says:

        So glad there are people who know how to handle their shit, but if needed can get a sense of reality by reminding themselves that you’re on drugs. Forgot to mention I took them at school hahaha Astronomy class was never the same, but I was lucky because we just watched a documentary on the Sun that day.

  20. kottermole says:

    i fucking love all drugs. that is why i no longer do them. once you start being hunted down by westside thugs and oding twice a week i guess you gain a little perspective on life. i should be fucking dead. now i just smoke like three packs of newports a day.

    i can pretty much agree with everything you said in this post. as someone who has had drug brushes with the law i can tell you it is the worst fucking thing in the world. no matter what you do/don’t do you will have to end up going somewhere/doing something that you will hate.

  21. VyceVictus says:

    Although you clearly state your belief in safe, responsible drug use, what I’m getting out of this article is “some shit really isn’t worth the trouble of getting into in the first place.” I think that either message one takes away from this is worthwhile. Thanks!

    Also, I got straight up terrorist vibes from that and the associated sea shepard vids. Even though the cop uses that language in his ham-fisted (no pun i promise) interrogation ploys to ill effect, If I met one of those Shepard guys IRL I prolly wouldn’t turn my back on them for a second.

  22. BSMitchell says:

    After taking a criminal law course at a Duke program I can say that he’s 100% correct about the “don’t let them search” thing. My teacher was a former attorney so there you go, now it’s legal advice (still not really).

  23. YeahNoYeahBrah says:

    Props to D for the fam in law enforcement

  24. dave says:

    Ever see The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down? Its got lots of good advice like folding coke in glossy paper so you don’t sweat through it.

  25. Keka says:

    Straight-edge reader here (and yes, over the legal age, goes out to clubs w/friends, etc.). From an outsider perspective, this was a really interesting article, if only because I really rarely hear about drugs from someone who isn’t a total moron (read: my drug-taking friends). I’m very much a “live and let live” kinda guy when it comes to other people and drug use, so all I’ve got to say is congrats on the interesting/entertaining article.

    I should really send this to my idiot friends, now I think about it.

  26. bert says:

    Fuck the illegal shit. Get yourself some good scripts and live happily (tranqued out of your gourd) ever after. Pharmaceutical conglomerates make the cleanest best delicious drugs! Painkillers and muscle relaxers are the way to go.

  27. surita says:

    Really ingredient of material. I just discovered your blog and in accession funds to talk about i always attain actually treasured bank account a person’s website articles. In whatever way I am checking in the increase and in many cases I happiness you have correct connected with use of consistently promptly.

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