SHE WILL NEVER REGRET THIS TATTOO: La Dispute / friendzone edition


  • The image is hosted on Myspace
  • These are La Dispute lyrics
  • Hope she saved room for “I think you’re the perfect guy… for someone else!” on her back

Credit to Forever 666 for the friendzone caption!

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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15 Responses to SHE WILL NEVER REGRET THIS TATTOO: La Dispute / friendzone edition

  1. cougar party says:

    Is there any worse tattoo for a chick than a giant chest piece? No girl looks better with shit drawn all over her chest.

  2. Save Parker says:

    A lot of guys are gonna be in for a rude awakening when they try to get to second base.

  3. jake says:

    would rule if it were an ironic take re: jesus christ.

  4. neonjesus says:

    If you’re gonna use La Dispute lyrics at least use ones that aren’t emo as …never mind all their lyrics are emo.

  5. J.A.Shearman says:

    As a huge La Dispute fan I’m honestly struggling to work out why out of all the lines that are ’0mG Sah d33p” why choose this one? It’s honestly one of the least remarkable lines in their discography.
    But then again, most of the people who fangirl over them only know “Such Small hands” which even the band are sick of.

    For me them and most other “ikeacore” bands are a real case of ‘Love the band, hate the fans.’

  6. thetotalbro says:

    I know we’ve kinda moved away from the alpha/beta thing, but fucking COME ON, it doesn’t get any more beta than this. If La Dispute were made up of 15-16 year old boys, I could understand, but this goes beyond being endearingly “earnest” and “heartfelt”.

  7. Big Jesu Trash Can says:

    She should’ve saved the money for the tattoo and put it into a breast implant fund, because those are some sorry looking tits.

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  9. Wintermute says:

    At least it was executed well…

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