Some Title Fight fan is butthurt about ASKING ALEXANDRIA

  1. Note the OP’s Title Fight-inspired URL
  2. That awkward moment when you get rly srs about a band whose fanbase is 14 year-old Tumblrsluts and have always been extremely vocal about the fact that they want to be rockstars
  3. LOL @ knowing so much about a band you hate
  4. Maybe this kid’s next post will be bold stance against girls who wear Volcom shirts but do not actually skateboard!
  5. U MAD BRO??

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64 Responses to Some Title Fight fan is butthurt about ASKING ALEXANDRIA

  1. CallPastorJerkface says:

    I liked “Stand Up & Scream” okay but, I have to admit, I much prefer Sleeping With Sirens. Whoever helped them write their songs did a bang up job!

    D, any opinion(s) on Mureau?

  2. loko says:

    fuck that i will listen to the black dahlia murder and slayer

    • Dick says:

      STFU fag. I listen to both of those bands and asking alexandria. Learn a thing or two about music before you make a complete fucking ass of yourself. Just shut the fuck up

  3. Sven McSven says:

    I don’t like Asking Alexandria coz I don’t like their music. ‘Nuff said.

  4. JS says:

    why you get into music for the money if you were already rich and living in dubai??

  5. Anonymous says:

    they are in it for the money because they:
    a. started with more money than “most bands”
    b. spent more money than most would at this stage in their career

    Cunt is pulling the “fuck dem rich faggits” card hard

  6. Perverted Tom says:

    never actually heard AA, but Title Fight is like the worst band EVA

  7. Shawnyouwillhate says:

    “OH MY GOD”

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dude takes music way too seriously. Why the fuck would you take music seriously?
    I’ve noticed that musicians who -in their music and/or outside of that- deal with politics and “feelings” (aka the no fun club) are the only ones who take their and others “sincerity” so fucking serious. I would be perplexed if, for instance, Upon A Burning Body would talk shit about Title Fight and their lyrical content or merch or whatever.

    This dude is saying “they (Asking Alexandria) just don’t give a fuck” like it’s a fucking bad thing. Why the hell does he give a fuck? Is he really so fucking sincere with his music, or is he just butthurt jealous?

    • Anonymous says:

      Oops. The video with Title Fight singer and this article blended together as one in my head. I thought this was the Title Fight singer stating all this shit. Anyway, point remains the same. Butthurt music = butthurt fans

  9. jake says:

    if they really have a shirt that says “asking alexandria makes me jizz” with a dick on it, band has my eternal respect.

  10. thetotalbro says:


  11. Save Parker says:

    Lol, I feel like he answered some other question about if they had to struggle or why they didn’t start off in Britain(Cause UK kids hate them). Like them not having any substance is some big secret.

  12. thetotalbro says:

    Just looked at this guys tumblr. Holy christ, this guy IS the tr00ness!!! And I thought SYWH was a lulz emporium; bro’s got so many butthurt posts it’s just too good to be true (INCLUDING AN EXCUSIATINGLY CANDID OPEN LETTER TO THE WONDER YEARS!!! DO NOT MISS!!!)
    That awkward moment where you realize you were totally just like this guy 3 months ago.

    • Sergeant D says:

      i just linked him in his ask box– maybe he will show up here!

      • thetotalbro says:

        God, we can only hope. Then the healing can begin. Or at least another hilarious helping of ravaged anus.

      • Bungsu says:

        On sent toute l intelligence de la poenrnse qui a e9crit cet article Pauvres hommes , victimes de double-standards depuis la nuit des temps. Pauvres petites victimes par ces sales femmes, qui, elles, non, ne doivent pas, jour apre8s jour, faire face au sexisme . T as bien raison. Et en plus, juste parce que c est une association fe9ministe qui a de9marre9 cette pe9tition, tu pars direct le0-dessus mais tu sais quoi? Des hommes aussi se font viole9s! L histoire dont tu parles n a strictement rien e0 voir avec de la misandrie donc le0, de9je0, tu fais un gros amalgame loin d eatre malin. Sur ce, je retourne perse9cuter des me2les.

    • Save Parker says:

      Holy shit, that tumblr was painful. So many shots of bands ‘being real and passionate’, and literally nothing else. Do people actually look through that and enjoy it? I even like some of those bands and it was the least interesting tumblr I’ve ever seen. Goldmine for this site.

    • Good fucking God, that open letter to The Wonder Years was almost too brutal to read all the way through. I don’t know if this analogy will makes sense to anyone who hasn’t had the misfortune of living in a college town or around collegiate liberal-arts types, but it kind of reminds me of when someone at my old campus would do a “confrontational, socially engaging” street art performance. The performer thinks they are laying “naked emotion” out for the public, and everybody else navel-gazes, momentarily paralyzed in sheer vicarious embarrassment.

      • Sergeant D says:

        My mom has a theater degree from Evergreen. Need i say more?

        • Lolol, no, no you don’t. Did she hang out with Beat Happening?!

          I’ll shamefully admit that I definitely thought about going to Evergreen (even sent away for information packets/applications, and everything) at the height of my indie/90s emo-loving “dark, sensitive” art student phase towards the end of high school. I guess reason mildly prevailed before I went through with that terrible idea, but nonetheless, #feelsbadman.

      • Autodidact says:

        YE GODS! That letter is the most cringe-worthy thing on the interwebs. The part where the tr00bro said he cried when Soupy winked at him makes me want to self-harm in spite.

        Also, I have no idea why Title Fight is so damn popular, their songs are boring as fuck. Even The Wonder Fags have some sorta-decent tunes underneath the white whine lyrics.

        • thetotalbro says:

          I used to love the wonder years as much as this kid does. Still like them a whole lot, and if I was completely honest I would say they helped me through tough times (“I’m white and middle class and my man vagina is chock full of sand!! Help, Soupy!!!), but jesus, even at my worst I would have too much dignity and self control to write a letter this cringe worthy.

          • Sergeant D says:

            we all have songs/bands that we listen to when times get tough… not all of us post super gay, longwinded “open letters” about it on Tumblr…

          • Autodidact says:

            Truth: I honestly like Suburbia, helluva lot better than Upsides IMO and a lot less whiny.

            Now that The Wonder Years are getting bigger I hope they’ll start writing fun jamz about “makin’ it,” “good times at shows,” etc.

            Sadly, I think Soupy’s gonna get more and more indie n shit and make Starbucks-acousticore within the next 2 years.

            • Sergeant D says:

              “I think Soupy’s gonna get more and more indie n shit and make Starbucks-acousticore”

              it’s the natural progression of things :(

            • thetotalbro says:

              Still miss when they were writing fun tunes like the stuff on “Get Stoked On It!”. In a perfect world they’d go back to more of those jams and mix it with the “I’m an introvert at parties” jams. (Aka. add breakdowns again) But I think I beat that point to death every time i mention the wonder years. feelsredundantman

        • VyceVictus says:

          lololol white whine.

  13. Ink Deep says:


    Bro can’t even get his facts right.

  14. hankmccain says:


  15. idrivearangeover says:

    Does Occupy wallstreet know that Asking Alexndria are part of the 1%?

    Occupy Asking Alexandria 2k11.

  16. Fred Durst says:

    This bro is clearly jelly that no hot scene sluts bought the VIP soundcheck passes for his shitty tr00 punk band.

  17. Austin Nutter says:

    All bands are supposed to tour in cars first before meeting success! Life should always be fair for everyone!

  18. Alex_P says:

    It’s funny for me because the one dude I know who’s into Title Fight is the least butthurt person I know, so for me I don’t associate tr00 skramz/HxC with this kind of beta behaviour. This dude desperately needs to learn “I don’t like ‘em ’cause they’re just not my thing”. If the other dude presses, you go “they just seem really commercial to me, and that’s 100% not what I’m in to”.

  19. Save Parker says:

    Goes to show, you should never trust/listen to anyone who only listens to one kind of music.

  20. SolarFlareSuperior says:

    LOl I like both Title Fight and AA. 0 fucks given. However I’d love to smack this guy in the face for making such a big deal about music. Same goes for overzealous “traditional” hardcore and IMNS.

  21. anon says:

    the awkward moment when you were listening to AA while you read this

  22. Anonymous says:

    So he’s accusing them of only making music to earn money, and to back this up he states the fact that they SPEND more money than most bands.
    Good job.

  23. King Krakken says:

    Now obsessively following this dude.

  24. 7DRR says:

    I was wondering how long it would take for insurgent Earnest-Core vs. 3rd Wave Scenecore to take on the dynamics of “tr00 underground punk/indie rock” vs “soulless corporate rock”. Oh 1990′s. Just when I think I’m out….

  25. Manualdad says:

    Did anyone else notice this particular gem? — right-clicked, saved-as, “definitionoftr00earnestcore.gif”

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  27. Fate says:

    He says nothing about the music…what a troll. for what its worth, touche amore is light years better than title fags

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  29. Dick says:

    Yeah a rich band got into music for the money. From what i see they make the money to get fucked up and party. That shits okay in my book. Grow some fucking balls and actually be able to shoot sperm from your dick, be able to create music even close to theirs, and pull the fat fucking dick out of your mouth before you start typing stupid shit.

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