When you love deathcore and have never seen a black person before

“Black guy in a Suicide Silence mosh pit (Aired on Tosh.O)” The supposedly-funny part is at :53

In this video, there is a black guy watching Suicide Silence and trying not to spill his drink. If you watched the video, read that a couple of times, then scratched your head and asked yourself what was funny about it, then we are in the same boat. I’m not trying to be all PC patrol, I’m just saying that this doesn’t do much to support my case for hardcore not being “The Rich White Pussies Club.”

I guess this is like birdwatching for kids who live in the suburbs where there isn’t any actual wildlife, so they have to settle for spotting exotic brown people?? Granted, you don’t see a ton of black people at deathcore shows but there is literally nothing even slightly remarkable about this guy other than being black. I do the same thing as him all the time to avoid spilling the drink I just paid $6 for.

Perhaps the next video from this uploader will be the following frantic phone call:

“Yeah, is this 911? There’s a guy across the street, I don’t know what’s up with him but he has, like… dark brown skin. It almost looks like he’s made of chocolate or something, it’s kind of freaking me out, can you send someone over to check it out?? I think it might be a zombie.”

Have u ever seen a black guy IRL??? Were you half-excited, half-scared, your heart racing in anticipation while at the same time trying not to make any sudden moves that might provoke him????? What video will be next, “Asian guy speaks English without an accent,” “White guy buying Kool-Aid,” or “Mexican guy at a library”?

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41 Responses to When you love deathcore and have never seen a black person before

  1. Uncle Daddy says:

    Yeah i saw this a few weeks ago and was really confused, especially since there is another black kid at the beginning of the video. Back when death core was big a few years ago, my number 1 mosh buddy was a black guy

  2. Throbbing Cock of American Freedom says:

    All that separates my room from the rooms of both a black guy and a mexican dude is an inch thick piece of plywood that goes 3/4ths to the ceiling. I am all cultured and stuff. I have even been to the dark continent.

  3. Mustard Tiger says:

    Everything on tosh.o is eithrr completely homophobic or rascist the only reason the unfunny douche has a show is because chappelles show isnt on anymore

  4. jondabudz says:

    Tosh.o was funnier like 2 seasons ago. I see black dudes at shows all the time, some of the best musicians are black, Daniel Tosh needs better writers.

  5. cougar party says:

    This was aired on Tosh.O? They must be running out of internet videos, I guess? I understand that their are not many black people at dethcore shows, but there is nothing really remarkable or funny about this video/guy. Maybe if he totally got ran over in the pit and spilled his shit everywhere that might have been funny.

    • Sergeant D says:

      exactly. i kept waiting for the funny, but it never came.

      • glorious johnson says:

        I saw this the other night and thought the same thing, thats exactly what I do at shows when i got a drink. Not gonna lie though i was pretty baked and lol’d a bit when he started grabbin his nose cause people smell like shit.

  6. Mike C says:

    Terrance Hobbs is the man. I’d be pissed if I spilled my drink at warped though. That guy probably paid like 5 dollars for it.

  7. thetotalbro says:

    I’m from a small town in NC, so we have about 0 black people who will come to local shows. I don’t know why this vid was suppose to be funny, but I guess his facial expressions are kinda lulzy, and seeing as this is probably from warped, I can totally understand why he’s trying to save his 6 dollar medium coke.

  8. Save Parker says:

    Plenty of black people in our area at heavy shows, and plenty who generally play this kind of music. There’s even that guy from Oceano.

    And that guy from Tony Danza shreds too hard for his own good.

  9. VyceVictus says:

    Danza III was Hard.As.Fuck.

    Also I lold for 5 minutes at “ever seen a black guy IRL???”. Then I remembered meting guys who honest to god NEVER saw a black guy irl until they got to basic training.
    Ive mentioned this before, but its always an awkward feeling being at shows and kids asking me “are you security?” cuz they’re notsure if they can toke up in front of me.

  10. Anonymous John says:

    Looks like a black dude doing black dude stuff.

  11. Thomas says:

    LOL at “please stop jostling me.”

  12. O. says:

    I’m living in another country right now, so I have literally seen no black people in the past like 6 months.but back where I lived in the US there was tons of black people at shows,some of the best musicians(at instruments other than bass).

  13. brownbro says:

    Died @have you ever seen a black person irl.

  14. Isaac says:

    Fact: black ppl doing things is funnier than white ppl doing things

  15. Fred Durst says:

    Hardcore may not be for pussies, but deathcore is the ultimate branch of music for rich white pussies who are angry at their moms for not buying them the car that they wanted. You can be a deathcore rebel by wearing a hat in school and sagging your pants, or dying your hair black with a yellow stripe, and wearing a shirt with a controversial slogan in impact font on the back. Plus, you get to act tough in the hardcore dancing pits, but you never actually hit anybody. Deathcore has something for every struggling suburban youth!

  16. MasterSlave says:

    I thought that was funny, cos I was watching the OTHER black guy that you can actually see from the very start, then the REAL black guy (with corn rows and shit) appears and he’s like WTF is going on? Anyway, I’m from Australia where there are fuck all black people and even I’ve seen a black person at a hc show……

    • Wintermute says:

      Did you just say “fuck all black people”?!

      • Walker says:

        ‘Fuck all’ means ‘not very many’ or ‘none’. E.g. “I went to Target but they had fuck all socks left in my size.’

        But its a good thing that your PC filter caught something you thought was offensive because you didnt understand the slang.

        • VyceVictus says:

          I dont know if “PC Filter” is the same thing as “observing a racist statement”, though obviously (if he’s serious) this was a hilarious case of lost in translation.

          Today this UK guy I work with said “i love choclate hob-knobs”. We were stunned for a moment then laughed hysterically when we found out he meant a type of cookie, not blowing black guys.

        • MasterSlave says:

          I interpreted it as Wintermute being a funny cunt and lol’d before I saw your reply. Now he’s going to get pissed off because I called him a cunt ;)

          • Gauks says:

            I moved to canada for a while and learned pretty quickly that north americans dont take too kindly to being called “cunt”. lol

        • zipE says:

          go Aussie, shitloads of slang that fuck all ppl understand :|

    • Isaac says:

      There’s fuck all black people cuz you killed ‘em all brah! :D

  17. Nightshift says:

    I was born, raised and currently reside in New Orleans. I actually get uncomfortable if I don’t see black people for extended periods of time.

    I also like that the whole tuff gai brutal wigger hardcore crew scene and 3rd rate NYDM/hip-hop deathcore never really took off in the overwhelmingly blue collar and white New Orleans metal and punk scenes. Too much drugs/alcohol and too many real problems for that strident suburban angst, I think.

    • Anonymous says:

      I know this feel. I’m from Memphis, and whenever I’m on the road I’m like “wait… why do these hotwings tast like vinegar and balls?”

  18. Alex says:

    Hahaha Sergeant D you really need to find some “Mexican guy at the library” videos to post lol.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The funny part isn’t that there’s a black guy at a deathcore show, it’s that he looks like he has no idea what’s going on.

  20. floss says:

    I live in Portland. I think they annex the blacks near the same place that they do the homeless, out by the airport. thankfully, I am moving to Astoria next week. I’m friends with the two black guys there….

  21. Teh Rayciss says:

    groids suck. that is all.

  22. johnnyutah says:

    yeah, from looks of it, the joke is like he’s confuzzled of whats going on while trying to save his soda and dudes obviously over acting on purpose but i would also protect my expensive soda as if it were the holy grail

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