ATTN bros who are interested in gossip about old Orange County hardcore GTIFH

When it comes to late 90s/early 00s hardcore, in my opinion Southen California was running the show. Whether it’s bigger bands like 18 Visions, Throwdown, and Bleeding Through or more obscure but equally awesome bands like Wrench or Adamantium, OC = you’re fucking moshing!!


Knowing how much I love those bands, a bunch of people have asked me why I’ve never written about that scene/era. The answer is simple: although I crossed paths with a lot of those kids, I am not from Southern California so I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. I could maybe tell a few stories about seeing this band or that band or recount some third-hand rumor I heard in 1998, but that would be gay and there is already the B9 rumors and gossip thread for that.

LORDS OF SOUTH COUNTY, straight off the mean streets of Dana Point (ft D-level UFC fighter Rob Emerson). Best part is the horrifying incident in which these heartless criminals stole several rolls of toilet paper from a hotel!

Fortunately, some awesome dudes who ARE from Southern California had an awesome blog that is pretty much the bible of CHAINREACTIONCORE gossip/war stories and cover the subject much better than I ever could. They haven’t updated it in a long time, but if you’re into this shit you can spend a long time going through their archives. Some suggestions:

Now we just need someone to tell the story of VEGAN DEATH CREW!!!

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31 Responses to ATTN bros who are interested in gossip about old Orange County hardcore GTIFH

  1. AGHAST says:

    Oh man, Showcase. I miss Showcase.

  2. Jose says:

    hahahah oh man where to start…”I know a guy…”

  3. jake says:

    tendencies to “root for the kid who is being bullied” kicked in at 1:42. nothing would have made me happier than to see a cracked lens at ground level revealing a shoe going into the former camera-holder’s teeth. anyone who misses this era where the “crew” shit ran rampant is a doofus. only redeeming factor in 2001-2003 was the emergence of the scene slut and that one hope conspiracy record.

  4. dza says:

    indecision records put out some killer records then.
    even though i was never edge, the throwdown song “stay sick” was like the most b00talist HC song id ever heard.

  5. Austin Nutter says:

    *GTFIH, not GTIFH

  6. Thomas says:

    Just read “Grandma’s Boy vs. Throwdown vs. Reno.”

    BRB going to go thank jesus I was never in a hardcore band.

  7. bricktop23 says:

    even though its not considered the classic album “haymaker” beats them all
    all out war, hatebreed, throwdown
    the holy trinity of mosh

    throwdown needs to get their old song setlist tour to europe !!!

  8. Tim B says:

    Yea when i onrl really knew punk and early hardcore, first heard haymaker album and shit myself. older albums are sweet but i reckon its a classic

  9. T-Bone says:

    Showcase Theater is what got me into hardcore.

    Drove up from San Diego with a bunch of friends to see some band I’d never heard of called Throwdown play and it truly was a life changing experience. This was around ’98/’99 and the insanity of that show was one the coolest thing I’d ever seen at that time. While I was into some hardcore bands prior, I was fully invested after attending this show.

    Also proud to say I was at the last Adamantium show, which was also a shit show (in the best way possible)

  10. RJG says:

    Post needs more fights at Newport Del, scene night at Taco Loco, 17th St. Koo’s sketchiness (Mike Hood throwing a floor fan through the window at fgts not moshing is one of MY favorites), Steps, Salt Creek/T-Street chill seshs, Underoath getting beat up at a church in DP, NOISE NOISE NOISE/Vinyl Solution, Show of Hands and the As the Sun Sets comp.

  11. Wintermute says:

    Did I really just read a blog post about some dudes not cleaning up their pasta dishes? What the fuck. HARDCORE!

  12. Tom says:

    Can you make a thread that explains all of your abbreviations so I know da fuck you are saying?

  13. Nightshift says:

    I’d love to read some old Eyehategod stories from the early to mid 90s.

    • dza says:

      they did heroin. and were high.

      • Nightshift says:

        Their shows in New Orleans always seem tame compared to wht I’ve seen from their New York, LA, or European shows because they’re usually coming back here to be normal again. Real talk: I’m interested in how the NO don’t give a fuck scumbag thing goes in all those uptight northeastern cities and shit.

  14. Gohannabis says:

    Haha the vdc

  15. Gohannabis says:

    Haha the vdc!!! Fucking scary Larry!! Do you remember when some Santa Cruz kids tried to revive it ’00-01?

  16. dza says:

    jesus. dont mean to old/geographicfag too much but if we acted like these ‘crews’ in Det. around the same time we would’ve been monkey-stomped by 30 yr old Tuff Guys with old-english D face tattoos in crews people outside the region had heard of. the threat of that alone prevented my from being a suburban tryhard.

    • Sergeant D says:

      i only went to like 2 shows in Detroit, but one of them was Buried Alive, Earthmover and some Cold As Life spinoff band in like 98 or 99. It was hands down the scariest dance floor I have ever seen– when Buried Alive played “Kill Their Past” the entire fucking place was dancing terrifyingly hard

      • dza says:

        that sounds like a sweet show! the funny thing i remember about those days are the beat downs similar to the ones in the Lords news video. some little kid would start fucking with a guy who looked like he didnt belong, and when he retaliated hed get mobbed by like 30 dudes :(

        when i was 16-20 im sure i got kicked in the back super-hard acrossed the pit numerous times by giant tuff Guys blah blah blah. as long as u looked hc and went to shows though youd get picked up off the floor though rather that beaten.

        i heard some pretty crazy shit about a b4b/cold as life show… but never saw b4b

        still see old ctyc dudes dancing hard as fuck at punk/hc shows sometimes. they still look hard as fuck.

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