Do u use the “R WORD”???

When you’re in 3rd grade, you get a case of the giggles, and the teacher tells you not to laugh it’s basically a guarantee that you won’t be able to stop laughing. Every time someone says “Stop laughing!! That’s not funny!!!” whatever you were laughing at becomes 10 times more funny, because when people get angry it’s almost always hilarious. And if you are like me and you have the sense of humor of a 14 year-old boy, if you find out that you can make someone super angry by doing something completely harmless, you want to do it as often as possible!

LOL who says “chink” and “spic” in 2011?! Find some slurs that have actually been used in the last 35 years. When she says, “The r-word is the same as every other minority slur,” I don’t think she understands that will be interpreted as “the r-word is hilarious to say because it makes people like me really mad.” Also, I snickered when he said “It’s not acceptable to call me a fag.”

In this video, some liberal fggt discusses how he has defended NAMBLA’s right to free speech, but thinks it’s wrong to say “retard” and supports a law that would make it a crime to say “gay” (srs)

For example, does anything make you want to scream “YOU DUMB FUCKING RETARDS!!!” at the top of your lungs more than these embarrassing, misguided videos?? I mean, who calls an actual retarded person a retard?? Other than backward rednecks and black people, who ever uses “fag” to refer to an actual homosexual?? How do these over-educated dipshits not understand that when people call their friends a gay retarded faggot or whatever, it has nothing to do with whether you actually 69 with other guys, and when they get butthurt about it all they’re doing is making it really fun to use those words. Also, calling someone “intellectually disabled” like they do in these gay videos is like 500 times more insulting to me than “retarded.” [via being a condescending PC white person who thinks they are saving the world by using one phrase instead of the other]

As usual, South Park hits the nail on the head. “Well, what if a guy is gay, but also rides a Harley?” “Then he’s a gay fag. Is this really this hard?!” Definitely check out this entire episode, it’s one of the best ever!

This is kind of unrelated, but a few years ago I was getting wasted with some friends of mine on the roof of their apartment building. We were listening to music and I guess being pretty loud, because some black guy who lived in the next building over opened his window and asked us to be quiet. I apologized and said we would turn it down, but he kept going on and on and on about calling the cops and stuff and wouldn’t shut up. I said “Hey man, don’t look at me like that– I’m on your side dude, I voted for Obama!!” He just shook his head in disgust and closed his window. And no, of course I didn’t actually vote at all, I’m not gay.

Do you use the R-WORD? Have you ever used it to refer to an actual retarded person??? Why is it so much fun to use words that make liberal whites angry?? Do you get the giggles when the people in those videos say the racist slurs?

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  1. Autodidact says:

    Nobody loves a good racist joke more than I do and I’m Indonesian.

    Also I’m friends with two people with teh downs and they really DO find “intellectual disability” more condescending than “retarded.”

    Moral of the story: Liberal white people need to get some vagisil or switch to Johnson & Johnson.

    • Anonymous says:

      You sure they have downs? Downs is usually a pretty severe mental retardation, and it’s often very severe.

      • Autodidact says:

        They had mild cognitive impairment compared to other people with downs. They still needed their handlers while out and about tho, but at least they were capable of communicating.

    • Sergeant D says:

      A friend of mine lived in jakarta for a while, and tricked some of their muslim friends into unwittingly eating pork trolololol

      • stealmoneyfordrugs says:

        i used to work at this restaurant where ignorant and intolerable muslims would come to eat. they would order food that contained prosciutto and eat it before bothering to ask, “is this meat?” yes, dipshit, it’s meat. “what kind of meat?” this is prosciutto. “is that made from pig?” yes.
        they’d always get so pissed… “it doesn’t say that on the menu.” yes, actually it says so right here (pointing at the item description)… “you should have warned me. i am muslim” right, because every brown person with an accent is muslim? “this is against allah.” have fun going to muslim hell, you fucking retards.

  2. Post-Modern Warfare says:

    I don’t use it because I just don’t think it’s effective. Truth is, it’s not that it’s offensive that words like Retard and Fag are annoying to me, it’s because assholes use these words.

    It all comes down to the whole ‘You aren’t being PC, you are just being a cunt’ argument, where people will act as fucking despicable as possible and then hide behind the fact that they are being UN-PC and THE WHOLE WORLD IS TRYING TO CENSOR ME BECAUSE IM PUSHING BOUNDRIES.

    Mr. Garrison saying Retard Alert is funny because it’s part of his character. Some white 20something from the suburbs saying it isn’t because he’s just trying too hard to be edgy.

    By all means, if you find people calling other people Retards, more power to you. I’ve laughed at kids with Down Syndrome before, I’m not some high-and-mighty NFClubber, it’s just from social experience that most people who rely on using words like Fag and Retard aren’t really that clever and just fall back on being shocking in lieu of actual wit or a sense of real humor.

  3. someone was harassing me on tumblr about this a while ago, i wrote this back to them:

    retarded is actually a word, its not slang, people like to nitpick over words because it gives them an easy ego boost/cool points and a team to join. most of the, internet intellectuals use words like:

    Lame: means crippled, you are insulting disabled people.

    stupid: why is it ok to insult people born with low IQ’s? they cant help it anymore than someone born with downs syndrome.

    Dumb: same as above.

    if you go down that path you really can’t say anything, what are we going to do? start erasing words from the dictionary? its hilarious when people try so hard to be liberal that they become fascist. the definition of words change, so when you call someone a faggot, you are hurting the feelings of piles of sticks everywhere!

    good luck waging the war on rudeness, let me know how that works out for you.

    • Sergeant D says:

      If someone were to politely ask me not to say a certain word around them (as some of my pc friends have), of course i would oblige. Its when people get up on their high horse of self-righteousness that you just want to scream the naughty word in their face, you know?

    • cougar party says:

      “retarded is actually a word, its not slang, people like to nitpick over words because it gives them an easy ego boost/cool points and a team to join. ”

      I honestly believe this is the primary reason people go all PC about shit. It’s not about making sure retards/gays/whatever aren’t getting their feeling hurt, it’s about patting themselves on the back for being such a great person. Fucking annoying.

      My buddy and I started referring to behavior like this as “gaining liberal points”. Basically, I live in a city where PC culture as gone way fucking overboard and people are constantly trying outdo each other on the PC scale via gaining liberal points. Points are gained (but not limited to) the following activities:

      - Publicly denouncing people for using awesome words like ‘fag’.
      - Eating a ethnic restaurants and telling everyone about it.
      - Accumulating OTW friends
      - Accumulating gay friends
      - Not conforming to “gender stereotypes”
      - Hating anything that could be construed as even slightly American
      - Participating in Slutwalk

    • Anonymous says:

      and ‘dumb’ actually means people who are mute, so dumb: insulting people whose voiceboxes dont work

  4. Reverse Mental Tactics says:

    I’m usually hypersensitive to things like this, like I’m easily angered when people talk about “their black friend Dontrell”, but would never think twice to say “my white friend Harry”. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the word retard.

  5. Bring Me The Rageahol says:

    I just never understood why it really mattered. Last time I checked, “queer” was once a prerogative but was then embraced by LGBT culture. Point being, if a minority can “reclaim” a word, why can’t the majority do the same?

  6. DarthZedd says:

    I used to say shit like this on a daily basis. Now I have to be careful when hanging out with new people because I don’t know if they’re cool with that shit. It’s really a drag. I miss racial slurs. :/

  7. dza says:


  8. nustej says:

    NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. VyceVictus says:

    Damn, Sarge tackling the tough issues! This topic is too complicated for me to get into a long-winded and up-my-own-asshole comment about. However, If there’s one valuable thing I can contribute its this: If you gonna use any kinda derogatory word around people you don’t know, don’t be surprised when you get challenged. The inherent responsibility in freedom of speech is that if you talk shit to the wrong person, you are fully liable to get your shit rocked. I wouldn’t want to get punched by a guy with retard strength.

    Oh, and I can only imagine the kind of hijinks you get into with your Black friends, D. Totes jelly.

    • Sergeant D says:

      I have a black friend who is from the boonies of Ohio and moved to Cincinnati, where I also lived. At the time, downtown Cincinnati was the most dangerous zip code in the country and I worked in the middle of it. He had to take the bus down there for a job interview, and was telling me how nervous he was about it.

      I looked at him, gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder and said “Dude, you’re black, you have nothing to worry about.” He instantly got relieved and was like “Oh yeah, you’re right. Man, I feel much better now.”

  10. dza says:


    This is hilarious and should be a post in itself. lmao at an adult referring to HS kids as ‘queer’ and ‘butt hurt.’ i loled so hard when i read the questionnaire… i think it needs to be the header of this site!!

  11. anotherfakename says:

    Latino here. As a white person, I’ve couldn’t imagine being offended by the word spic. Btw, as a nonwhite, I hate it when whites start their opinion with as a white person. Fags.

  12. racebannon says:

    Notice the only people offended by the word retard, are not actually mentally retarded, but are retards?

    • Sergeant D says:

      Usually the people most upset by any language are liberal whites crusading on behalf of a minority group who presumably is doomed without their help/liberal arts degrees

      • Martin Regnen says:

        Yeah, I’ve been told at work to stop making racist jokes because our Western European bosses might get mad. Not any of the people I actually say racist things about, just the Western Europeans. That sums it up. LOL.

  13. Philbasa says:

    I said kike in Oakland and got sucker punched. No joke:/

    • Brah says:

      Well it’s a shitty word. Probably my least favorite racial slur just based on “jew” used disparagingly being one of the best.

  14. Philbasa says:

    Ya just gotta know your audience, bros.

  15. Bronson says:

    It’s all about context. A lot of the hubaloo over certain naughty words comes from this overly liberal/academic idea that certain words carry inherent implications no matter when and where they are said, but there’s obviously a clear difference in context between somebody calling an obnoxious dickhead a fag, and somebody holding a sign that reads “God hates fags” in front of a gay person’s funeral. I agree that you shouldn’t expect people you don’t know to assume you don’t have some actual issues with (insert minority group here) when you use certain words around them, but amongst friends? Let the retarded spear-chucking faggot jokes roll!

  16. dudebro says:

    It’s tough. I actually try to avoid the word “fag” because I know it bothers people that I know who are gay, even if it isn’t in front of them. But I wind out switching it out with “homo”, which, really doesn’t change a single fucking thing, but its just reflex ha.

    “He just shook his head in disgust and closed his window. And no, of course I didn’t actually vote at all, I’m not gay.” – Made me LOL.

  17. surewhynot says:

    People are too sensitive. Simple as that.

  18. Throbbing Cock says:

    I like to go overboard with being PC. I removed the word black from my vocabulary. I dont have black and blue pens, I have african american and blue pens. The night sky is not black, it is african american. I dont black out, I african american out. Things arent stupid, they are intellectually disabled. I also say that anyone living in africa is an african american because saying just african is racist.

  19. WHITE LIBERAL FGGTS = the lulziest white ppl! They never fail to reduce me to tears from their retardation (srs)

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have only ever heard fellow retards call each other retards.
    From what I understand most people with a small group of segregated retards in their high school should know something of this behavior.
    They use it to keep the less popular retards in check at retard dances and such so they can have the A grade retard pussy to themselves.
    I think to a normal retard who at least has some sense of humour, they find calling each other retards funny and ironic and fully realize that they are retarded themselves and that’s why it’s so funny.

  21. Throbbing Cock says:

    So the whole point of the PC people is that they dont like the words that are currently used, so use these words that mean the same thing, but are ok because the PC police invented them. If they mean the same thing wouldn’t it be just as offensive then?

  22. Lewis Cox says:

    I think it is okay to say the word as long as you yourself are not using it in a derogatory way or with general hatred for the ‘retarded’ or ‘gay’ person. For example calling someone a faggot and actually meaning it in a nasty way because you actually believe being gay is a disgusting thing is where is becomes bad. I appreciate gay people and have gay friends, and I have done voluntary work helping disabled people in the past, but sometimes I do call people ‘faggots’ or ‘lame’ or ‘retards’ but obviously it doesn’t mean that I despise them and their respected communities? People may disagree with me but in a way it is kind of prejudice to not make a joke or at least mention them, just because they are certain people. It’s not giving them enough credit to know their situation and be able to take some fun from it and even laugh about it. We all make fun of our own cultures and beliefs sometimes and we also make fun of other people (in a jokey way) and it sucks when you can’t have a laugh about something because you get accused of being prejudice. Like I have a friend who has Autism and now and then we can talk about and have jokes about it and he doesn’t mind and he finds it funny because he lives with it everyday and although he does struggle he can relate to certain funny aspects of what he has. And when people say “well hey that’s prejudice, that guy has autism” well, he knows that, but what makes you think he can’t take some fun out of it? Of course it is possible that some people take things more literally than others and may get offended by something easier, but that is their choice and if they do not like you mentioning it, I’m sure they will tell you.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I remember once calling a person “nigga” and she got really upset because she was jewish.

  24. Walker says:

    Hm, I say retard and fag a bunch, but I generally only ever call my friends and brother retard or fag. I think that most people have the common sense not to use words other people may find offensive around strangers. I guess this all just ties in with your abilityto gauge appropriateness.

    In my experience the only people who get offended by stuff like that are white knights, but i don’t really have anything in common with these people so I dont have much experience dealing with diatribes.

  25. Chinny chin chins says:

    As a straight, middle-class, white male I can truly feel for the minorities and I don’t condone the use of these words. Homosexuals and African Americans are not advanced enough to know you are joking and may become truly upset. Please, guys, words hurt.

  26. Mr u Suk says:

    halp im trapped in my final year at a dumb white liberal douchers college. I can’t say shit for fear of having all of the white people swarm me so I bottle it up during the day then come home and call my roommate every offensive and racist word I know.

    I think it’s seriously in these peoples DNA to suck the fun out of any situation. I’d not even that happy I’m graduating because I’m most likely moving to a city for work where its only gonna be 2-3x as bad

  27. Mustard Tiger says:

    “you dont call retards retarded, you call your friends retarded when they are being retarded” – Michael Scott

  28. Anonymous says:

    What if we swap round the slurs and the ppl in that first video? Call the kike a fag, the nigger a spic, and the retard a chink. Would that be ok?

  29. steff dogg says:

    i’m just gonna leave this here:

    “political correctness is a fictional concept to deride people who treat marginalized groups as human beings.”

  30. Cain says:

    What gets me is that when you make the argument that a word like ‘gay’ used to have a different meaning before homosexuals took it over, they’ll then make the argument “but words can change meaning over time!” Thanks, you just proved my point.

    But srsly, the South Park clip is spot on.

    • Sergeant D says:

      let me be clear: if you call a retarded person a retard or a gay person a fag, you’re an asshole and should get your ass kicked. but who actually does that other than the aforementioned assholes??

      • Cain says:

        Exactly, and chances are, they’re not gonna give a shit if some rich white guy on tv tells them it’s wrong. They’re set in their beliefs.

        There’s no shortage of those assholes in the world, and they’re not going away. People just need to learn to deal with it. I know I sure as hell had to.

      • Clar says:

        Full support till you used the word aforementioned. Said word is pretentious as fuark, Sarge!

  31. sdorman says:

    Honestly, I think it is the White Liberals getting angry, not the actual people you are stereotyping by the word. Rappers, blck,wht,azn or whatever, use the dreaded “N Word” and no one seems offended unless it is the whitest person in the world (looking at you Vanilla Ice) using it.

    Do retards or people who directly work with them really feel bad about that word? Doubt it. Seriously, my mom is a Special Education teacher and has been one for years, and she calls me retarded when I do stupid things.

    Honestly, unless it is genuinely used in a hate filled manner, I don’t see a problem. I will be called a Gay Cracker/Honkey. You will be called a Retarded Nigger. We will laugh and high five, go stagedive and I’ll buy you a drink for being cool. Get over it and just live a friggin’ life.

  32. jeh says:

    Do people forget that idiot and moron were used in the same context retard is currently used in?

  33. jake says:

    i don’t condone the word “retard,” personally. mainly because the phrases”water-head” and “penny-eater” are way funnier to use.

    am i butthurt in saying that the thing that annoys the shit out of me the most in these PSAs is the fact that they cast awful lesbian comics to champion these movements? not because i necessarily care that they’re hypocrites, but because they’re actually getting work.

  34. Mike C says:

    I have an Italian friend that uses the word spic like it isn’t a slur. It’s the funniest thing ever.

    • stealmoneyfordrugs says:

      i know a lot of people who say “nigger,” like it isn’t a slur, and others who use it as a verb or adjective in addition to the conventional noun usages. i find all of this butthurt outrage to be funny.

  35. Anonymous says:

    the reason white liberals try to enforce PC language is so that they can control you. via feeling important and changing the world. if you can get a person to change their vocabulary you can get them to change other things they otherwise wouldn’t. these people need to be destroyed (politically)

  36. Anso DF says:

    The campaign’s heart is in the right place. But I bet Lynch would rather have the message be “use loaded language like retard and fag in select company” but that would be tricky.

    Let discretion and self-interest guide us. E.g. I avoid calling someone a pussy in the vicinity of an actual pussy. Doing so makes one dry right the fuck up. Then i am just victimizing myself :(

  37. HERMAN says:

    the liberalviewer guy who analyzed the colbert clip is almost too perfect to be real. he sounds like the generic voice someone would use to make fun of liberals, a la “black comic doing white dude voice.” his little chuckles and the use of the words “ironic” and “juxtaposition” while explaining colbert’s joke is a fucking humor vacuum.

    btw, i use the r-word and g-word all the time, except i kinda feel bad about it sometimes, so instead i say ‘tarded and g.h.e.y. even some of my most PC friends support the use of “g.h.e.y.”

  38. Dental_Damnation says:

    Theres a lot of TL;DR going on here, clearly some of you retards are getting too srs about slurs.

  39. Negrodamus says:

    Uuuggghhh, I remember when they had some bullshit campaign for this when I was in high school. These dumb fucks came up to me and my friends during lunch and tried to explain why we should sign a petition against “the r word”. I just looked her straight in the eye and said, “That’s the most retarded fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Get the fuck out of here faggots.” They were so butthurt, it was beautiful.

    What exactly are we supposed to call retards if we can’t say retard? Start saying old timey words like “mongoloid” again? Cuz that’s actually a pretty awesome word.

    • Negrodamus says:

      By the way, they were all straight, white, upper class kids with no disabilities whatsoever. I guess they felt they need to campaign about something so ridiculous to assuage their white guilt. That shit pisses me off so hard.

  40. Anonymous says:

    i live in a small college town in ca so naturally i am surrounded by a “strong queer friendly community” and “progressive liberal movements”, so of course i’ve bugged many angry lesbians with my liberal(lol) use of the english language. no fucks given though, i’ve pretty much come to a point where if the way i talk bothers someone, i don’t want to be their friend and they don’t want to me mine.

    btw sarge, on a somewhat related note have you ever noticed the “queer” community on tumblr? it’s full of lulz, just search for “hairy pits” and you’ll find tons gross bitches who think they’re changing the world by neglecting to shave their armpits.

  41. Save Parker says:

    Politically correct white people always piss me off in new and interesting ways. This is the most true statement I have ever read on this site:
    “I mean, who calls an actual retarded person a retard?? Other than backward rednecks and black people, who ever uses “fag” to refer to an actual homosexual?? How do these over-educated dipshits not understand that when people call their friends a gay retarded faggot or whatever, it has nothing to do with whether you actually 69 with other guys, and when they get butthurt about it all they’re doing is making it really fun to use those words.”

  42. Dubs says:

    This blog needs moar anti-p.c./anti-moral-police/political discussion. Untapped markets brah!

  43. JB says:

    One of the most awkward moments of my life: in high school, my friend and I were hanging out at some girl’s house. They were all blah blah blahing while me and my friend were talking about whatever teenage boys talk about (probably wanting to bang the aforementioned girls). At one point, I called him a retard and the room got eerily silent. All the girls looked at me, and the girl who lived there said, “We don’t use that word in this house.” All of a sudden, I noticed family pictures on the wall with the girl’s retarded sister. Def awkward.

  44. Keka says:

    To be srs for a minute; I try my hardest never to use words like the ones brought up in here. Ever. While you’ve written off these words as not actual contemporary insults, the fact is, you’re wrong. I’ve heard gay people called fags or faggots with genuine malice all the time. I’ve seen people call people with downs and other such afflictions “retards”. Hell, I know people who’ve had the shit beaten out of them, to the point of being put in hospital, and the entire time their attackers were calling them “faggot”, and every time someone uses “fag” or “faggot near him, he’s reminded of that. Do you sincerely think bullying like this doesn’t happen?

    Words have weight, and words can genuinely be used to hurt. You can playfully throw around a racist slur or whatever with someone you’re close to, with no hate whatsoever, but you don’t know what baggage that has had attached to it in their mind. There’s a reason gay teens kill themselves at an astonishing rate. Words can trigger trauma, and words can leave sincere, lasting marks, whether you mean them to or not. We don’t get to tell someone how they SHOULD react to something we said, like invalidates their own emotional response.

    So yeah. There are plenty of words that I would never, ever use, because I don’t want to potentially hurt people.

    (I am going to get so much shit for this, but IDGAF)

    • Sergeant D says:


      but srs, we know these things…

    • Negrodamus says:

      Hey man, I totally respect them and all but retarded people can be pretty mean too. In high school, me and some friends were talking in the courtyard and this “special” kid rolled up to us in his wheelchair and said, “You guys are a bunch of scene faggots!” I may have laughed for a good 20 minutes after he said that, but his words left scars that will last a lifetime…:’(

  45. Walker says:

    What I think i even worse than the uptight PC liberal asshole is the uptight PC libertarian asshole. Where it sort of makes sense to think you are the vanguard for the oppressed of the world if you are a young, idealistic liberal, when you are the over the top privileged atheist loudmouthed douchebag that thinks the entire world belongs to you and wants to control what everyone else says i just want to kick them out of a window.

    Another annoying version of the ‘opinionated asshole’ is the anti-PC guy who thinks its ok to say slurs nonchalantly. When people around them get offended they take it over the top and let out a tirade of hate speech to ‘teach them a lesson.’

    All of these types of people just makes me wish I was Darth Vader so I could crush throats with my mind.

  46. Clar says:

    True story…when I was in high school, I used to buy alcohol from a store owned by Southeast Asian immigrants. My friends and I ironically referred to the store as The Gook Store because of course we think ironic racism is amusing. But as I got older, I kind of stopped with that line of lulz for fear of being misunderstood.

    Fastforward several years…my bro and I are hanging with our current girlfriends, and for shits he plays some old videos of bullshit we used to do back in the day…of course there is footage of us referring to The Gook Store. Our current girlfriends seemed hella uncomfortable with it, fucking crickets at The Gook Store parts.

    Moral: if you stop being an ironic racist, old videos of joking ironic racism can taste a little like ignorant non-ironic racism. Protip: either never stop being an ironic racist (if our girls were used to it it would have been obvious we were joking), or, alternatively, never allow your ironic racism to be recorded.

    • Walker says:

      “never allow your ironic racism to be recorded.”

      Boom! Never put that shit on facebook/youtube with your name on it.

    • stealmoneyfordrugs says:

      there was a store in Houston that my friend and i would buy alcohol from when we were underage. we called it “The Gook Store” too. are you my long lost friend?

  47. Isaac says:
    This post, including an old picture of me with groce long hair, helps explain why I will never have a problem with saying “retard”.

  48. Alex_P says:

    I’m actually non-neurotypical (via Asperger’s syndrome… it’s a bitch) and I have no problem whatsoever with this word. Then again, my retardation isn’t the obvious kind and you actually need to know me for several months/enter into a relationship with me/get me really drunk at a party with loud music of the sort I don’t enjoy before you’d notice it (via learning how to dress properly when I was 17). I dunno. I definitely would have a problem in any context where it’s used with malice, but if my friends call me a retard I don’t get offended.

    • Walker says:

      I used to work with a guy with pretty severe asperger’s syndrome- he didn’t ever seem to care about people making jokes about him, which we did a fair amount. He didn’t have a sense of smell and never washed his clothes or bathed because of it and therefore smelled terrible all of the time.

      • Alex_P says:

        I’m the opposite way: I’ve got really acute senses and I need to feel clean and presentable. I won’t wear a shirt if there’s even a small stain on it, I’ll be uncomfortable all day if I realize I’ve forgotten to wear deodorant, and I’m one of the rare dudes who managed to grow his hair out long without it getting all gross and greasy, because I was so methodical about washing it (got a lot of compliments). Now that I’m keeping it short, I’m cutting it religiously once a month without ever altering the style.

        It’s a good style which attracts women, so I’m probably doing alright on that end.

    • Fred Durst says:

      “I’m actually non-neurotypical (via Asperger’s syndrome… it’s a bitch)” Same here, and the few times when finds out, I have no problem with being made fun of for it as long as it’s just friends. Even if somebody called me retarted with the intent of offending me, I’d probably just laugh it off and go on with my life. Plus, aspergers doesn’t cause actual retardation… So it just makes the person trying to insult me look like a retard.

  49. BOOM says:

    Eh, i mean the words retard and fag CAN be effective, but whenever I hear someone use those words, theyre usually an idiot like the person in the following clip:

  50. Cheese says:

    I am or was pretty lib mainly because most elected republicans are legitimately retarded but at least thy know how to party and blow shit up. My main comment on this is prohibition never ever works and you can’t legislate morals. On the real though I’ll still be calling people faggoty when I’m 85 crapping my pants in a rocking chair.

  51. Ada says:

    I don’t use the word retard but I do use the word fucktard.

  52. Barry Von Breetalstein says:

    This is some of the gayest shit i’ve ever read.

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