I just listened to HUNDRETH and they are kinda shitty


I always identified strongly with that one Crown Of Thornz song that goes “please let there be a next time,” because I am constantly doing stupid shit that ends badly even know I know better. For example, I kept seeing stupid Tumblr girls and tr00 pop-punk kids reblogging pictures of some band called HUNDRETH. I should have known better, but my curiosity got the best of me so I watched one of their videos.

Random white trash driving by on their way to Barstow to score some meth: “Why are those fags jumping up and down in the desert??”

This song is even more boring than the first one, and the video is half a shittier version of ADTR “I’m Made Of Wax” (the baseball stuff) and half a shitty version of The Ghost Inside “Unspoken” (the pool hijinks)


  • Their name is only 2 letters different than HUNDREDS, I should have known they were overrated crap for little kids who don’t know any better
  • Holy TGI copycats! Was the concept for this band, “Let’s sound like all the songs that The Ghost Inside decided weren’t good enough to use”?
  • MY GOD THIS EARNESTNESS. Singerbro is “screaming every word like it’s his last bc they have all these feelings inside and just have to get them out” and the rest of the band are “playing their hearts out bc music means everything to them”
  • LOL @ the singer’s gay little scene girl cheek piercing. What did the girl at Claire’s say when she gave it to you brah?
  • Wearing all black and playing oldfag guitars like Telecasters = we might play generic breakdowns and have a desert video but we r srs hardcore not some scene band!! BRB starting an americana side project.

Am I missing something, or is this just super boring/generic SRSCORE?? Do these bros love THE GHOST INSIDE or what??? Why do Tumblrsluts love this band so much?

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72 Responses to I just listened to HUNDRETH and they are kinda shitty

  1. Derp says:

    I remember the first time I heard this band, wtf they have no talent. Really bad breakdowns and their melodic sections aren’t even that catchy. Also, not mirin’ your tele hate, <3 telecasters

  2. HERMAN says:

    i saw these dudes last night with TUI! the whole time i kept thinking about how they would be perfect for a CROWD SINGING ALONG WTIH MEANIGFUL HARDCORE BAND tumblr.

    some younger kids were feeling it and a bro in hornrimmed glasses looked like he was gonna cream his pants the whole time, but they had the weakest pit of any band, and a lot of people just stayed outside. they were ok, just a little too earnest for my tastes. could not see myself squatting to this music.

  3. Jon says:

    Hatin on teles for ? :( Was gonna buy one but I don’t wanna be an oldfag.

  4. chewbakka says:

    Wtf I actually like this band. Not butthurt though.

  5. Lorenzo says:

    lol actually vigil from TGI does guest vocals on that first song

  6. That one guy says:

    I like them, but I couldn’t tell you why everyone else is so on their dicks all the time. Some of the guys in the band are friends of mine, but tbh I’m really surprised they moved beyond the status of local band here.

  7. Watt Par says:

    Seeing them with Backtrack and Trapped Under Ice in a few weeks. I don’t plan on liking their music, I just want a pit that goes hammer so I can lose my shit and look hella rough and tumble for the ladies.

  8. KeepinitCurrant says:

    I like them alot, but I’m not mad. I’m probably one of those kids that are guilty of constantly reblogging pictures of them too haha. They come around my town constantly and its always a blast when they play a show. I’m definitely not one of those kids who’s all, “OMG THESE LYRICS SPEAK TO MY SOUL!” but I can’t lie and say I don’t get pretty into when they start playing. There are actually pretty funny, “sooper emotional crying/singing crowd” shots with me in them, but whatever, I had fun, no fucks given.

  9. pl says:

    This fisrt song was pretty good apart from the clean vocals.

  10. Keka says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard this band, but I actually kinda like them. I personally really like a lot of massively sincere, overly melodic post-hardcore. These guys are a bit “heard it all before” for me to properly rep them, but I certainly didn’t dislike that second song. The first song WAS crap.

    • KeepinitCurrant says:

      to me, Hundredth isn’t one of those bands that get you hooked on the first listen, but if you take the time to listen to the first 5-6 songs on their first album you’ll like them alot

  11. Save Parker says:

    According to iTunes I played their record once like a month ago. I don’t remember it, but I got all the way through, so I guess it wasn’t bad enough to turn off but nothing to get excited about ever.

  12. Brah says:

    Whenever I talk about The Ghost Inside or Hundreth I have to remind myself that they are different bands. Not that they’re terrible, just that I see them as basically the same vehicle for the same emotions for the same fans. Dat Terror/Defeater-core.

  13. suchjosh says:

    I saw these guys live before I had ever heard of them. I thought they were really good live, but I was a little disappointed when I listened to their cd. They are def ripping TGI, but also Misery Signals pretty fucking hard.

  14. DarthZedd says:

    Yeah I saw these guys too. I was there for Backtrack and TUI, so I just kinda crossed my arms and nodded my head to their breakdowns. They’re not my thing.

  15. Hypefreecollin says:

    didn’t miss a beat, these guys are a srscore equivalent of a recycling bin

    HYPE FREE. next

  16. cgrind says:

    i dig these guys and saw them with TUI, Backtrack, Betrayal, yadda yadda. they were awesome IMO, but hey, whatever floats ya boat

  17. thetotalbro says:

    These guys used to play shows at a christian coffee shop where i lived before they got signed and I remember them being way more fun and just being kind of a TDWP ripoff. I guess The Ghost Inside changed their life, man.

  18. Manualdad says:

    I kinda-sorta dig this in exactly the same way i kinda sorta dig TGI, (new) Liferuiner, Defeater and all dat earnest-core: If I actually start listening (and not have it running in the background while i do other activities that require about 80% of my concentration i.e. work) I get pissed off about how boring it is. If it’s just background soundtrack to my daily data-crunching it works perf. That way I can remain blissfully ignorant of their (prolly stupid and ‘sincere’) lyrics and ‘aesthetic’ and won’t have to give even a single fuck.

    “hundreth mediafire” -> “click here to download” -> unrar -> add to “upbeat work” playlist.

  19. Thomas says:

    I feel like as a teenager the super earnest and sincere hardcore that sounded really important was almost all I listened to, but as I’ve gotten older I can’t listen to that shit anymore and just want to listen to bands that bring the mosh or rap.

  20. Thomas says:

    As a teenager the super earnest and sincere hardcore that sounded really important was the best thing ever, but as I’ve gotten older I can’t listen to that shit anymore and now just want to listen to bands that bring the mosh or some rap music.

  21. Alex_P says:

    In that still the singer looks like Matt Damon. That is all.

  22. Wintermute says:

    Soft vocals like that always make me think they worship jeebus.

  23. dudebro says:

    This shit sounds exactly like the stuff that was big around NY and the east coast back when I was in high school around 04. Had I heard them without knowing, I would be 100% certain that they broke up at least 4 years ago and are now starting dubstep/indie projects. Having said that, I’m big on nostalgiacore and am feeling it a little. I’ll give it a shot and DL the album. Thanx for the heads up.

    Also LOL @ fernandes guitars. Didnt even know they still made those and anyone used them. I love teles tho :(

  24. ge5undhe17 says:

    Sounds like Touche Amore. Dig that Post-apoc atmosphere they’re doin, nobody survived the ecological disaster except these guys. They’re not the 99% they’re the hundredth

  25. Isaac says:


  26. SolarFlareSuperior says:

    Hey sarge You should do a piece on this band(Recognize). They have the lolziest moshcore lyrics ever: http://www.myspace.com/recognizehardcore/blog/518638119

  27. Neverender says:

    Those lyrics… wut

  28. BSMitchell says:

    I’m going to be seeing them with TUI in about a week and a half from now. Are they so bad that I should skip their set entirely or are they worth watching?

  29. Too fat to be Bro says:

    Anyone else realize that second video is one huge (and very, very shitty) refrence to the movie The Sandlot?
    I was thinking “Why the fuck is that nutsack wearing pedo glasses?” then it hit me.
    Really terrible band. Bro needs to lay off the vocal reverb.

  30. c. says:

    singer totez looks like matt damon if ben”alpha as fuk” affleck didnt take him good will hunting…

  31. The Don NJ says:

    Watched part of this band’s set waiting for Sick Of It All in Philly. I liked some of their guitar melodies but they were boring as hell. Wasn’t impressed at all.

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