SYWH GIFT IDEAS: for the bish who has everything

The detail is incredible– you can’t see it in this picture, but if you pull her hair aside she has sick 2″ gauges. And when you press the button on her back, she pulls down her leggings to show your webcam the Blessthefall lyrics tattooed above her pussy!

Get yours here

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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29 Responses to SYWH GIFT IDEAS: for the bish who has everything

  1. Save Parker says:

    “Not like every other girl” is the tag line printed on the mass produced boxes.

  2. Chainsaw Majini says:

    Purse comes equipped with an iphone and a pack of marlboro lights.

  3. nustej says:

    Is that “Whole Foods Barbie”?

  4. nustej says:

    My bad, “I work @ Trader Joes Barbie”. Easy mistake.

  5. Wintermute says:

    Ugh, stop reblogging so many desaturated photos of nature and beat up Vans and just show us your boobs.

  6. Autodidact says:

    So is this also the first Barbie with a giant bush?

  7. nustej says:

    “Herpes Barbie”?

  8. nustej says:

    “Lickin’ Pepsi off ur Greg Barbie”?

  9. Save Parker says:

    Can’t wait til they release Metalcore Ken.

  10. Alex_P says:

    Pros: it’s real.
    Cons: it’s just a “tattoo” barbie.

  11. Shawnyouwillhate says:

    Has been a featured Official Band Slut on numerous occasions.

  12. Bill S. Preston, Esq. says:

    When did Jem and the Holograms become a deathcore band?

  13. Ted Theodore Logan says:

    truly outrageous! i think shes one of the misfits, though

  14. Fred Durst says:

    There is a serious lack of cats here. No cat, not a tumblrslut.

  15. xStizzy says:

    My ex is a tumblrslut now, she wears that kind of sweaters in every pic and reblogs things with nature and anchors and pop punk/hardcore lyrics.

    I found this youtube compilation video of scene girls from this Norwegian “MySpace Light” sort of page, I saw here there and lol’d, so I sent her the video on facebook and she got pissed hahaha

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