There’s a metalcore song called “COME AT ME BRO”

I really, really wanted to like this. Scratch that, I wanted to LOVE IT WITH THE FURY OF 1000 VIRGINS. Maybe it’s my fault for getting super excited because lettuce be reel how fucking awesome is the idea of a metalcore song called “Come At Me Bro”?? It’s like everything I love, rolled into one!

Or at least, it should be, but unfortunately the execution isn’t as good as the concept. The video is pretty sweet, and I definitely feel like I could bro down with the dude in the New Era, but the song is just OK– not feeling the clean vocals or 2005 Killswitch/AtTheGatesCore parts. It’s 2011 brahs, get djenty, that’s what’s up! Or maybe go nu-metal like Emmure or whatever, I don’t know, but the Maiden riffs have to go.

Regardless, here are my favorite bits of the video:

  • The barfing at 3:12- I definitely encourage barf footage of any kind in music videos!
  • 3:35 where he dumps his beer on some 6.5. I love that she agreed to do that part, “but just for a joke”
  • Breakdown at 4:00 is pretty sweet, reminds me of Upon A Burning Body
  • lol @ the commercial for the director at the end, especially love the fat homo singing the synth pop song at the state fair

It might not be perfect, but I still feel like this band deserves your support, because I like where they are headed with this concept! Hit these brahs up on Facebook and tell them to keep up the good work- I will be stoked to see what they come up with next!

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42 Responses to There’s a metalcore song called “COME AT ME BRO”

  1. jm6g90 says:

    BC13 also had a new song called ‘u mad bro?’ or something. Too obvious for those guys if you ask me

  2. grymboner says:

    5.75 at best imo

  3. Tim says:

    I think the fact that the guy was wearing a Darkest Hour tee summed this song up pretty well.

  4. Hugh says:

    “I wanted to LOVE IT WITH THE FURY OF 1000 VIRGINS”


  5. anotherfakename says:

    I hope that Upon a Burning Body style of partycore catches on

  6. Not The Singer Of Dashboard Confessional says:

    Aleister Crowley on the ipad? LOLin at them not with!

  7. Lou says:

    Sarge, a band I played with is putting out an EP titled “Come at Me Bro” next week. Maybe you will like it? Good guys who have fun so 0 fucks given about their love of tr00 pop punk

  8. Save Parker says:

    Wish it was an ignorant beatdown hardcore song with a fight video.

  9. Boob says:

    Sarge, what’s your opinion on djent? We need djent article.

  10. Boob says:

    Please respond.

  11. ScurvyDave says:

    Mirin’ the Like a G6 cover in the beginning

  12. Brah says:

    Loling at the keyboard parts, feels when people listened to Dark Tranquility bro.

  13. Anonymous says:

    i like that dani filth/trevor strnad scream at 2:50 haha

  14. uppercut613 says:

    i like these. the 2005 metalcore riffs are very dated, yes (tbh basically none of the bands i listen to these days use those riffs… save maybe some old parkway drive if i’m in the mood) but they don’t abuse them. the part at 0:50 is groovy as fuck. and their cover of like a g6 is AMAZING.

  15. nustej says:

    I was willing to give these kids a chance, up until the 42 sec. mark when the one froot BRUSHES HIS FUCKING HAIR OUT OF HIS FUCKING EYES.

    A.C. on ur iPad? Maaaan these lames are straight XI┬░degree Thelemites.

    Probably Chilean too.

  16. BrayseLaygz says:

    obvious clipping is obvious.

  17. i just realized I’ve never actually seen anyone who looks/dresses like this in real life.

    i think they were trying to be djenty but couldn’t really do it so they just cut out a tiny clip of audio in pro tools in that main riff.

  18. o. srsly says:

    in b4 The Devil Wears Prada does a song called Please Respond

  19. Bring Me The Rageahol says:

    Killswitchcore? AtTheGatescore? LMAO these are so much better than the bullshit post-dubstep shit music nerds come up with!

  20. Anonymous says:

    GET DJENTY! in Impact font. Can u imagine?

  21. inb4everthesickestkids says:

    such a (great) song name completely wasted.

  22. XheartburnX says:

    How is this over 5 minutes. I got 1 minute in. Did I miss anything?

  23. suchjosh says:

    “Get djenty, that’s what’s up.”

    Dear god, please inform the masses!!

  24. Pixy says:

    wat are sum good djenty-partycore?

  25. LAIFF says:

    I would prefer a bottle of Jager. The music doesn’t cut it. FAIL!

  26. J.A.Shearman says:

    If you like vomiting in music vids then you need Regorge In The Morgue – Vomitory in your life.

    Video is honestly hopeless (the “actor’s” horribly fake screams at the start just kill it) but once they get into the song you forget about it and just enjoy the vomit.
    also, dat bass groove.

  27. Manualdad says:

    Besides for clean vocals, I’m giving this a 7.5. Definitely feeling throwback, and the non-djenty riffs reminds me lending cd’s at the local library [via socialist eurofag country] that had cool covers and jamming to the just-to-slow-to-get-my-real-slam-on riffs. Perfect.

    Definitely going on friday afternoon playlist. Wishing for more beatdown, with the cool title tho. Feelsmediocreman.rar

  28. Da fuck . . . I hate the term “metalcore”. Everytime I hear or read that term, it’s like someone pissed in my stout. I hate the way these fucks tack “core” on to everything these days. You bastards ain’t “core”! You’re pseudo-metalheads (much love to real metalheads — even with all of that hair) who steal riffs written by Swedish longhairs (actual metalheads) 15 or so years ago. I remember back in ’87 or ’88 I first heard the term “metalcore” referring to Carnivore’s “Retaliation” album (R.I.P. Pete). The ad said “Metalcore for urban guerrillas”.

    • Manualdad says:

      “Metalcore for urban guerrillas”. Honestly the best genre-name I’ve ever heard. My boys in God Forbid would surely dig that.

  29. Ashley Ryan says:

    I’m the aforementioned “6.5″ that got a beer dumped on her. I did this for the band because they’re all friends of mine and asked me to. Like the video or not, these boys work their dicks off for the music they make. Needless to say, I’m very proud of my friends for what they have indeed accomplished in such a short time span.

    I like seeing reviews such as this one that shows support and encourages people to check them out. They definitely deserve it, although they can’t please everyone… Just like everyone else.


    • John says:

      They make it very evident that they have no dicks.
      Also, I doubt they work at all making their music. All of the riffs are from 2003, the breakdowns are from 2007, and even the call out WE’LL TEAR THIS PLACE APART has been used in like 7 other songs. Just because they can throw together some riffs doesn’t mean they “work their dicks off.”

      I’m not trying to sound like some IMN either. I’ve been in a touring band and there is absolutely no work involved. You write music you like, throw in something that makes it sound kind of like the popular metal, and then hope people like it. Hardly fucking work.

      Also, they all look like rich kids. I can tell they’re rich kids because they have iPads and iPhones.

      “Hey guys go out and buy our new album and some merch! That’s how we eat! We make almost no money doing this!” (Updated from my Verizon Apple iPhone 4S)

    • Brah says:

      Glad you came by! Tell them they should release more covers because I dig that shit. I need partycore covers to follow up Throwdown’s Baby Got Back masterpiece in my playlist.

  30. Ashley Ryan says:

    No offense to you, John, but they’re not “rich kids” in the least bit. They do indeed works their dicks off. That’s just one of those assumptions you cannot make if you do not know them.

  31. Hayley says:

    not my thing. maybe if i was 14. this sounds like every other 2003 “metal-core” band out there.

  32. bill says:

    Jon is obviously a fucking loser.


  34. click here says:

    Really no matter if someone doesn’t know then its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it occurs.

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