At least it draws attention away from the fact that you’re a ginger…

  1. LOL @ ‘credits.’ “If you are the retarded asshole responsible for this imbecile’s appearance, let me know!!”
  2. His tattoos are somehow even worse than his ‘mods.’ The shit on his forearm looks like something I would have seen on a tweaked out raver girl in 1996.
  3. Possibly the most enraging thing about this whole thing is his face on the left, like “As you can see from my zany facial expression, every single aspect of my life revolves around attracting attention to how unconventional I am!!!”

Thanks to Mazzocchi for the link!

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60 Responses to At least it draws attention away from the fact that you’re a ginger…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mods! Huh! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing!

  2. hankmccain says:

    I’m gonna need to be hospitalized for rageahol poisoning.

  3. Justice R. Ta Life, Scene Supreme Court says:

    Is this what people would look like if “emotionnal scars” were visible?

    Anyway, wasn’t this featured in some gauge compilation post earlier?

  4. Christastrophe says:

    Why is it that white people most often feel the need to “express themselves” this way? Am I wrong? Or does it seem like minorities tend to just play sports or focus on school while white people are out trying to see how many things they can shove through their face. I’m speaking about middle and upper class people of course. Poor people all seem to act the same regardless of ethnicisity.

    • cougar party says:

      That’s a good point. I rarely see OTWs walking around with career killing mods and tattoos. Definitely seems like a upper/middle class white thing.

    • The Ghost of Keith Hernandez says:

      Because they can get away with it, duh…

    • stealmoneyfordrugs says:

      totally not true. i have a black roommate who looks exactly like this. same big, dumb gauges. same multi-colored contacts that get switched out on a daily basis. same shitty tattoos. same stupid expression constantly plastered to his face.

    • RJG says:

      Real talk. It’s because white American kids have no REAL culture of their own to identify with unlike any and every minority group that lives here. Since “having an identity” really only becomes a concern in your teenage years these kids (myself included) RUSH to latch on to something that differentiates you from “everyone else” as opposed to someone who has grown-up with a cultural identity since birth. If you’re a a first-generation Cambodian living here you don’t NEED to throw it in anyone’s face because by the time you hit high-school you’ve already accepted who you are (for the most part/speaking in generalizations.)

  5. Bronson says:

    Sarge, I think you are just mad that this guy gets to truly express himself and not care what society thinks, while you are trapped in your prison of relative wealth and social mobility. ENJOY YOUR BIG MAC FRAPACHINO iPOD, SLAVE!!!

  6. BSMitchell1 says:

    How much neglect is neccessary for someone to crave attention this much? I’m guessing parents forgot every birthday ages 8-17.

  7. He’s a walking eye abortion!

  8. ILIKECATZ666 says:

    Maybe this was his expression on his face when his parents decided to cut him off…

  9. Alex_P says:

    This guy is almost certainly extremely dull and boring.

  10. Buck says:

    This guy has probably had sex and that’s gross.

  11. Lear says:

    Aw, man! Someone took my yellow eye idea…

    • Optician says:

      What?! We have to stop listening to Christmas music after Christmas is over?! I didn’t get that memo…I try to stectrh it out until at least March…then I take a break for a while and crack it out again in August. I’m such a dork.

  12. inb4skillz says:

    Why yellow? I didn’t realize that “I have hepatitis and my liver is failing” was a fashion statement.

  13. Charlie Brown says:

    Want to commit homicide/10. Facial expression is the worst part. People like this remind me of the feminist/vegan conundrum as such: “There are no stereotypes against my current white male status so I better look as offensive as possible and complain about how people discriminate against my on purpose jackass look.”

  14. Christastrophe says:

    Wow that actually makes a lot of sense.

  15. Save Parker says:

    If this guy time traveled he would be killed so quickly.

  16. Void Eater says:

    If body mods and tats continue to increase in popularity, then this guy should have a good shot at being president in 2040, when requirements for all employment is based on how sick your gauges and tats are. I fear for the future.

  17. lolwut says:

    “Why is it that white people most often feel the need to “express themselves” this way? ”
    OTW’s love neck and facial tattoos tho’. like, you’ll forgo getting your first one on your arm for somebodys name on your neck.

  18. Christopher says:

    I kinda hate that the term “ginger” is gaining popularity in the US. I’m pretty sure it’s originally a British thing, and our forefathers died so we wouldn’t have to use goofy Euro-slang.

  19. lolwut says:

    i never heard it growing up. i actually rarely heard it until the south park ginger kids episode blew up.

  20. ge5undhe17 says:

    He looks like a generic badguy in BloodRayne 2. No, Final Fight

    It takes like 5 punches to knock this guy out.

  21. jorbams says:

    Fuck you, mom and dad.

  22. BOOM says:

    holy shit, i hate the look on his face on the left more than anything. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  23. zipE says:

    in Aus they are called ‘Rangas’ as in orangutan
    but hep is still called hep

  24. Allie says:

    Why does it matter to you what he looks like? Obviously he likes it/ it makes him feel good. Maybe he did have a horrid upbringing, this now makes him happy. Lots of people do far worse things to themselves and/ or others due to their emotional scarring.

    The guy in the pic is also a nice person. It doesn’t exactly hinder him in finding work as he runs his own piercing, mod and tattoo parlour. He’s helped thousands of people with their tattoos, piercings, etc making sure that idiots don’t get dodgy backyard jobs, scarring or infections due to shitty maintenance advice or lack thereof.

    Do you hate him because he’s a better person than you, or because your mummy and daddy didn’t fulfill your childhood quota of affection?
    Have a nice day :D

    • VyceVictus says:

      No one hates anyone, and im sure he is a cool dude and has done good things. The fact that you took the time to defend him is a testament to his character, seriously.

      But he still looks like a goddamn fool.
      Please be safe.

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