Feminist slam poet gets butthurt about posting her video

LOL @ “how dare you react strongly to that video I put on the internet for the sole purpose of provoking strong reactions!!” Also, her whole video was about whether she is “pretty” or not, so isn’t that exactly the subject she is asking to discuss? “How dare you discuss the subject I was discussing, but not agree with me!!”

The video in question. See if you can get through the whole thin; I couldn’t.

LOL @ “Alright. Tear me to pieces.” This is essentially the same as the “DEFEND POP PUNK!! Not sure against what, but I’m mad and I’ll defend it!” dorks– people whose identity revolves around being part of some oppressed minority group suffering from some imaginary persecution.

Nobody wants to “tear her to pieces,” quite the opposite. I’m sure she is a very nice girl who means well. When I post videos of teenagers saying dumb things, it’s because I wish I had someone in my ear when I was that age to softly whisper “Bro… you’re being a dipshit in public. Might be best to shut up now… trust me on this one.”

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89 Responses to Feminist slam poet gets butthurt about posting her video

  1. Obsequium Mindris says:

    it’s always the disgroceting ones that complain about society’s views on beauty.

  2. Jonda says:

    I think its hilarious how every time you post a video, the person always feels the need to write you and justify themselves. hahaha All its good for is another sweet post. I love this website lol by the looks of it this girls probly hipster trash anyway. I can tell by all the random shit in the background.

  3. I Know What You Did Last Indian Summer says:

    I made it about 21 seconds in, ugh. STFU

  4. Luke says:

    Not sure if this makes it better or worse, but would smash.

  5. KeepinitCurrant says:

    Slam Poetry is laaammmmeeee.

  6. XheartburnX says:

    Slam poetry is the worst kind of slam. Also the worst form of expression ever. I didn’t listen to the OG video you posted, and I am glad I didn’t. Disregard Slam Poetry, Acquire 19th Century French Poetry… or something.

  7. Dannibal says:

    Now we get to look forward to a hairy puss poem? Thanks a lot Serge! You can be a real bastard sometimes. lol

  8. steff dogg says:

    feminism is “dumb” now lol ok

    • Sergeant D says:

      this is what i meant by imaginary persecution– exactly who is saying that women shouldn’t be treated as equals??? they are getting angry about something that does not exist

      • steff dogg says:

        lmfao ok if that is seriously how you think then it’s not even worth trying to reason with u. namaste

        • Buck Russell says:

          new sywh meme

        • Keka says:

          Oh my god, if you’re going to bitch and moan, at least be able to it when not preaching to the choir. Get out of your quilting circle and actually learn to get your point across. Fuckin’ amateurs.

          Right, this is how you do it. D, only 9% of US property is owned by women. Women are still widely considered to be responsible for housework by default. 1/4 college age women report being the victim of sexual assault, and people still frequently try and come up with reasons why it was the victim’s fault (clothing, sluttiness, etc).

          No-one’s actively saying “let’s treat women like shit”, and it’s childish to suggest that that’s the only criteria by which we can say sexism is happening, but there is still massive institutionalised sexism. It’s pervasive enough that a lot of people don’t think to question it, and men – who still control the lion’s share of power in society – never experience or actively perpetuate the subtle side of it themselves, so they sincerely assume there is no sexism, as you have.

          And a big part of the problem is most feminists are way too happy being insular and rhetorical, which is why, in absence of their voices, people get to paint them as man-hating lesbian feminazis (fyi: the aforementioned make up less of the overall feminist movement than you’d think outside of college, but more than the feminists would like you to think.)

        • RoryRed says:

          OTW 2011 REPRESENT!

  9. The great Charles says:

    Hopefully her vagina lips fall off.

  10. Satan's Wormy Holiday says:

    You made her super rage.

  11. drew heifetz says:

    she’s angry because she didn’t get the reaction she wanted.

  12. Inb4letterlie says:

    Now this bitch GUARANTEED has a bush that would suffocate

  13. Jayson says:

    I made it through this, because I am hard as coffin nail. But seriously. I hate when people say they don’t give a shit about a thing, then go ahead and like write a poetry about it and put it on Youtube. If you don’t give a shit, then embrace the healing power of not giving a shit and go do whatever it is that you do give a shit about.

    Sarge, I am glad you still give a shit about making us laugh.

  14. Buck Russell says:

    i made it up to “i have my own definition of prettyth; it differth quite a bit from thothietieth”

  15. nimplysaked says:

    Fucking hell, I could only manage 10 seconds of that video!

  16. dudebro says:

    Sarge, I greatly appreciate your talent for always being able to articulate every feeling I have towards the idiots you post about but am always too shocked, frustrated, annoyed, and lack the cleverness to conjure up myself so fucking flawlessly.

    The hatebush is strong with this one.

  17. Keka says:

    I kinda want what I thought “slam poetry” was before I found out.

    Nuanced verse on torture and murder, with overly verbose medical-sounding titles? Broken english about “sluts ingesting for make my hunger”? Count me in!

    • concernedphilosopher says:

      lol I was just thinking how funny “slam” poetry would be. I should probably try making some some time or whatever.

  18. OBEY1019 says:

    I get through 30 seconds and by then I am just laughing and can’t watch anymore.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everything she said, but watching that was painful.

  20. nahrhead says:

    You’re like a scumbag angel on these dummies shoulders

  21. Nightshift says:

    Jesus Shanna, take a fucking break for safety.

  22. SirCaresALot says:

    Look at it this way sarge, youre her muse now!

  23. jaded says:

    I immediately thought of this particular piece of ‘waaa, guys won’t chase me because they always go for the easy sluts’ shit:


    Also: LOL @ when she bitches about being made to buy make-up. Did someone have a gun to your head when you put on all that mascara and shit?

    • Anonymous says:

      If she didn’t buy make-up you’d say she was a stupid bitch for looking like shit.
      You know it’s true.

      • VyceVictus says:

        looking like shit is not the same as no make up.
        Over applied pastel facepaint does not equal purty wmnz

      • jaded says:

        Maybe, maybe not. I’m female, and if I feel like it, I wear make-up, if I don’t feel like it, I just don’t. I don’t spend every morning at the mirror bitching and moaning about society forcing me to hide how sleep-deprived I look (via being at university).

        I just can’t believe feminists who honestly think they look better without make-up. It’s used to accentuate your best facial features, which naturally makes you look better if it’s done right.

      • MasterSlave says:

        Make up is silly, I’d rather girls didn’t bother

      • Isaac says:

        Er… no? A lot of girls I know actually look pretty shitty with makeup, and hot without.

  24. toast says:

    maaan those angry feminist types are so irritating. they need to chill the fuck out. just because one time some guy said she had nice tits or something doesn’t mean she needs to make up angry poems and hate an entire gender of people. ok so you’re a lesbian….so what? it’s the 21st century and even though there might be a lot of ignorance in the world, most people don’t give a shit what gender/sexual orientation you are. basically anyone that’s worth your time won’t care.

    it’s ironic really; because by making such a big deal out of shit like this, they are just keeping the issue alive and making it seem like it’s this huge problem that divides the world or some crap. (hint: it’s not)

  25. nightwork says:

    LOLing @ Colonel Sanders peering over her shoulder while she rants about shit. Also, PIKACHU?

  26. lolwut says:

    took me 27 seconds before i had to say namaste to that video. cool thing is tho, chick will probably grow up to be pretty cool. i knew a few of these types around my college days, and every single one of them did shit like this and really laugh at it now. its like the former ARA member knows the most offensive jokes, the former vegan makes the best BBQ, and the former edge dude is the most fun to blow lines with.

  27. Every time I see one of these girls irl or on the internet, I am suddenly reminded of the stench of sweaty pubes.

  28. ge5undhe17 says:

    is Shana trying to channel Missy Elliot

  29. Anonymous says:

    I love how people assume Sarge is against feminism and other shit. Bros, chill out, he’s just making fun of those feminists that bitch about how “ugly society is” when they don’t even bother to look good. Think that’s a bad thing? That society is cruel for “forcing” people to look decent and presentable? Okay, have fun not taking a shower and being your tr00 individual!!

    • Sergeant D says:

      Im 100% pro-woman (srs). Im just anti-dummy

    • Inb4skin says:

      Let me guess, you’re one of those “men” in college, who enjoys drinking beer, whistling at girls, and making sexist comments along the way, ehh? And you think that “white” is the only way to be, and that George Bush is fucking great, and that fishing with dynomite is okay too, huh?I think I’d be overjoyed if we could use people like you for slaves, instead of letting you sit around the house, leeching off of welfare, and stroking your nice, hairy beer guts.

      Of course, your post about your upcoming hit movie “big bush” told her all that stuff about you. Pretty accurate description hey Sarge?

  30. Jason says:

    This bish could use a road trip with one of the dudes from Alpha Alpha Alpha.

  31. MasterSlave says:

    Don’t forget to post her poem about not shaving :)

  32. Long Socks says:

    The one question I ask any feminist is: “Do you know how to change a tire?” Any feminist who intends to combat household stereotypes should do so on both ends. A feminist who complains about things such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc shouldn’t do so unless she is ready to do yardwork, fix toilets/household appliances, and change a tire. Feminists lose so much integrity because the subtext of their message is generally – “women cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry is wrong. However, a man changing tires and doing yardwork is ok.” If you want to combat stereotypes, be accountable on your end as well.

    • Jason says:

      In my household I do all the cooking and cleaning. My wife does the appliance fixing and shit like that. She’s happy cause her husband does traditionally feminine housework and thinks he is progressive. I’m happy cause I’ve duped her into that and I get away with doing the easy work.

  33. MrClever says:

    I can’t believe i stopped Paradise City by GNR to look at this future tumblrslut’s rant on “beauty”…

  34. Inb4letterlie says:

    Whats up with all these novels. Heres a fact: 100% of the time pointless internet debates on feminism are pointless.

  35. Anonymous says:

    wow this is hilarious. i still think she’s kinda cute though. that coy smile at the end of the video could awaken the worst kind of white knight in me…luckily i don’t know her in real life.

  36. vegan jules says:

    All I ask is that she does her reply as a slam poem and posts it directly on here.

  37. Six Strings That Drew Blood says:

    Is this wigger slam poetry?

  38. cougar party says:

    I think a lot of these entry-level feminist forget that a lot of these “terrible social norms” they bitch about are actually perpetuated by other women. Do you the guys give a fuck what brand of clothing you wear? Or whether your purse is worth $500? Or expensive jewelry? or as the girls states in the video, shoes? What guy gives a fuck about shoes, jeans, or any of that shit?

    • Sergeant D says:

      this is actually an excellent point, never thought about it that way– although i’m sure their response will be “SOCIETY CONDITIONED US TO THINK LIKE THAT!!” to which i would respond, “i see, so you are powerless empty vessels for whatever thought patterns ‘society’ imprints into your brains, and incapable of thinking for yourselves?”

      • cougar party says:

        Yeah, that’s usually what they do say. Something about playing with Barbie when they were younger so they can’t help there desire to buy $300 pairs of shoes.

        No hard feelings against the womens. Without them keeping us in check from time to time us males would probably devolve into complete degenerates morons. Just don’t blame us for things we don’t care about.

  39. MetalStew says:

    Pika, Pika!

  40. Kotkotkot says:

    Shanna, you seem to have tons of haters…please be safe!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I like how the caption on the video challenges us to see if we can get through the whole “thin.” A freudian slip? LOL

  42. lucifersmile says:

    every time i try to aquire new Slamming Br00tality information i always stumble on Slam poetry, it’s only good when pissed off black dudes do it.

  43. lucifersmile says:

    w00d smash

  44. Thomas says:

    LOL at all of this.

  45. vegan jules says:

    Yeah seriously. If this was done by a girl who wasn’t pretty then it might mean something.

  46. DAT FILM NERD says:

    Okay, I’ll admit that I consider myself to be a feminist, but slam poetry in general seems to be more anti-subtlety than pro-equality.

  47. vard says:

    i made it to 48 seconds! i’m proud.

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