New HARMS WAY = you’re moshing!!

I love it when a band who was pretty good for years turns the corner and becomes FUCKING AWESOME overnight. Sorta like how The Acacia Strain were always good, but Wormwood is where they really perfected their sound and got super moshable. You can add HARM’S WAY to the “we just got really fucking good” club, because their latest record is blowing my mind right now in a way that their old shit never did. I know it came out a while ago, but I kinda slept on it so it’s new to me.

This song = Entombedcore meets Hatebreed, so fucking good! I think it sounds like if you accidentally played Nails at 33 when it was supposed to be 45 (side note, I did this with Man Is The Bastard for like a month because I couldn’t tell which one was the correct speed). 2:30 DAT MISANTHROPIC BREAKDOWN!!

Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

In love with that filthy bass tone, reminds me of Napalm Death “Scum,” only with pissed off bros in camo shorts instead of smelly vegan punx. BRB MUST DEADLIFT NOW.

How did I manage to sleep on this crushing masterpiece??? Am I the only one who thinks it is 10x better than their older shit? U moshing?? Do you even lift, bro?

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66 Responses to New HARMS WAY = you’re moshing!!

  1. KeepinitCurrant says:

    Harm’s Way? Don’t you mean Arm’s Way?

    ….please respond

  2. Jose says:

    Required listening for the gym, bummed I’ve missed these guys every time they come to nor cal. wish they’d play Reno! They love lifting there, and SxE, and camo! #moshin

  3. xALLGLOOMx says:

    first time hearing this…very heavy.

  4. I might have asked you about their thoughts on them on tumblr before? Forget.

    Anyway, HOLY LIVING FUCK YOU ARE MOSHING. I’ve been blasting Isolation for months now; so fucking good. I love that “Satanic Straight Edge” image they’ve got, too. So fucking heavy the other day opening for Terror/Acacia. One of the most moshable bands I’ve seen live. And DAT SINGER, MIRIN’ THOSE GAINS!!

  5. Dr. Unk says:

    i’d seent you post their name on here before so i thought u knew brah! bummed you had to sleep on this for like… 2 months

  6. bombonthebus says:

    Fuck yes. we used to speed up Noothgrush and slow down Disrupt. PLEASE RESPOND

  7. Void Eater says:

    To answer the question-Yes, I am fucking moshing, straight up Russian basketball court style.

  8. GoingDeaf? says:

    Love this album… I was pissed that they played at fuckin’ 7:30 at the God Damn tour so I missed them. My (sort of) review:

  9. Brah says:

    I went super gay for this album when it came out and posted it all over fucking everywhere. It completely destroys, and I get stoked every time someone else likes it too because it makes me realize I am not 4ever alone and maybe other well-adjusted people dig the shit I like.

    Got that fly-ass Jordan wigger-steez shirt at their show.

    Side note: their bassist is John Caution, the vox of Weekend Nachos and a really nice guy. I tried to tip him when he played the worst venue in town and he kept trying to give me other merch for my money. I had to literally force him to take a tip.

  10. Meatface says:

    These guys fucking crush. Saw em on the God Damn tour. Even Vincent (tas) was going on about how HW was the heaviest band on the lineup.

  11. jb says:


  12. DarthZedd says:

    I love this band, but I do have to admit they sound a lot like Napalm Death. That’s not really a bad thing IMO.

  13. VyceVictus says:

    Talk about “BEAST MODE: ACTIVATED”. This band is delivering a triple threat:
    1) Tasty ignorant mosh jams that transcend criticism
    2) Ideal gym audio fuel will help you get strong enough to smash down fortress wallz
    3) Another addition to the list of white musicians who I would not to fuck with.

    Why isn’t all music like this??

  14. Christian Otte says:

    Not on Spotify :( #whitepeopleproblems

  15. Telly says:


    I fucking love this band.

  16. inb4everthesickestkids says:


  17. JS says:

    dont just take his word for it, this album made Todd Jones’s top 10 of albums of the year over at metalsucks…

    also i love that they are playing poland on new years eve

  18. JFC Carbomb says:

    Harms way killed it when they came with TAS. and I was never able to get into their old stuff only because the production quality was shit (sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom)but there new album is exactly as you describe it. agree on all counts…

    …but what do you mean The Acacia Strain didn’t get good until wormwood, what about JFC, Kraken, Dr. Doom? Continent is what really got me into TAS.

    My opinion is different from yours = you’re wrong, sorry

    • Early stuff = eh, too metal
      Dead Walk = nice, some good slams, but lacking
      Continent = like 3 good songs. Rest is meh.

      • JFC Carbomb says:

        You know after thinking about it I though continent was my favorite album but all the songs that I like I realized really are on Wormwood… I guess I just can’t get enuff of that JFC

  19. Anonymous says:

    Siked for Danny Worsnop getting as beast as Harm’s Way’s vocalist (via The Warrior Show) (not srs)

  20. inb4everthesickestkids says:

    ^ elOHel at that, just pictured asking Alexandria like that.

    yes, GROSE

  21. fred says:

    What the heck is a misanthropic breakdown?
    could everyone in the f**** hc-scene stop pretending to be a misanthrope?

  22. herinderpin says:

    guys this sounds like Napalm Death’s Smear Campaign.
    the vox are identical to new- Napalm.
    its just Napalm Death. I love them so no complainin’.

    • Nightshift says:

      I was going to say it’s like Napalm Death with a vocalist who looks the way Barney Greenway SHOULD look.

      • idontevencare says:

        yap,but can the guy behind the mick into harm’s way even DANCE TA DANCE O’ DEATH like Barney? I dont think so!

        Give me Napalm Death’s “Harmony Corruption” anyday….

        • bert says:

          True dat. Lil’ nigga jockin’ Barney hard. The poor man’s Napalm. However I haven’t seen such spectacular swole since McConaughey in Reign of Fire.

  23. Nightshift says:

    I’m a 30 year old metal guy who hates hardcore kids but this band is fucking awesome. Best psych up music for a 225lb. overhead press. One of the few brutal bands, hardcore or otherwise where the vocalist looks as brutal as he sounds.

  24. Scrilla Tree says:

    Once the cartilage in my sternum heals up, I will testing this one out with some iron.

  25. kottermole says:

    they wrecked the whole place with the acacia strain. they’re local for me so i knew about them but i never really cared. after this last show i care. A LOT.

    i’m def moshing.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Dude has the kind of arms that could really make a fella feel safe, ya know?

  27. DudeBro says:

    Should we call this genre “alpha crust’?

  28. BOOM says:

    OH FUCK YEAH. Saw HW at a show with Xibalba in fuckin RIVERSIDE CA. They were good then, and this is even better.

  29. dza says:


  30. Travis says:

    If I had been born fifteen years later, these tracks might be my go-to straight edge drunk mosh songs instead of EC’s “Gomorrah’s Season Ends” and “Firestorm”

  31. That one guy says:

    One of the best hxc bands arouund imo. Everything after their first 2 EPs is golden. The intro to Scrambled is perfect for that part at shows where the moshbros throw themselves into the crowd before ignorant moshing happens. tl;dr – I have a hard-on for this band.

  32. That one guy says:

    Also, speaking as a guitarist: DAT TONE on the new record.

  33. jake says:

    seriously cannot get enough of this fucking band.

  34. idontevencare says:


    not really my thing (more into old school tr00 hxc and whtvr) but the last records is solid.


  35. SirCaresAlot says:

    Who doesnt love sprinkles of “Entombedcore”!? Glad thats a thing. I will check this band out more in depth.

  36. bardok says:

    TAS is my favorite heavy band of all time, but I’ve got to respectfully disagree with you. Wormwood was the single biggest musical letdown I’ve ever experienced. I got so pumped when I heard Jonestown, but when I listened to the rest of the songs, it all melted into one long chug. I can see how it would be fun to hear them play the album live, but listening alone, trying to concentrate on the music, it just can’t be done.

  37. Jonny B Good says:


  38. Anonymous says:

    oh god dat biceps!

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  40. Anonymous says:

    this shit sucks. like terribly fucking bad. its like someone took a shit in my ears. The singer sucks ass, its just some shitty core band that thinks they are good. No musical talent here whatsoever. Fuck you guys. Harms Way sucks dick.

  41. Man, this post changed my life. Luv u SYWH.

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