Peep the new MINUS songs

I definitely think it looks cool to wear a nylon jacket like that on stage but holy fuck he must get hot! He should take a cue from the guitarist in Soulfly and just wear a backpack with no shirt.

Just wanted everyone to know there are two new tracks from one of my favorite newer hardcore bands, MINUS. If you liked “Hard Feelings” you will definitely be moshing to these new songs- the production is also a zillion times better. I took the liberty of uploading them to Youtube for yall:

I’m a huge sucker for songs that go together (like those two Wrong Side songs I can’t remember the names of). This is “Have”…

and this is “Have Not.” Both are sweet but I think I like this one best.

Hit these bros up on their Bookface!

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9 Responses to Peep the new MINUS songs

  1. Alex_P says:

    First time listening to these guys, and I gotta say…

    backed hard.

  2. J_N says:

    Minus from Iceland >

  3. Lear says:

    Only one Soulfly joke? Why so “srs”?

  4. jeh says:

    is anyone here listening to music that was popular in the time you first got into music even if you didn’t like them?

  5. Jonda says:

    do a post on twitching tongues. their shit is so bad its funny

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hope these bros are playing Rain Fest this year. I’d get nutty to this shit.

  7. Wintermute says:

    Good stuff.

  8. Alexander says:

    both songs fucking rip

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