The new ATTACK ATTACK song is srsdjent

I was wondering that AA would sound like after Johnny left since he was the primary songwriter and the novelty of crabcore/trancecore wore off at least 18 months ago. Would they just start barfing out weak, uninspired versions of their old songs and become one of those bands who essentially turn into a cover version of themselves? Or would they do a 180 and completely change their style, as many bands do after the departure of a key member?

Turns out, a little from column A and a little from column B, if this new song is any indication. There are basically 3 different parts: the intro, which is pretty much straight entry-level djent; the verse, which is entry-level srscore (dem open strings ringing out; and the “electronica” chorus which honestly sounds like it could be from an unpopular Hoobastank or Hinder single. I guess I don’t hate it, but their old stuff was a lot more fun and I miss that. Then again, fun is quickly becoming uncool again, so perhaps this was a brilliant marketing decision, I don’t know.

Does Jesus like polyrhythms? Did Joey Sturgiss get tired of writing open-string breakdowns?? Do you miss the old Attack Attack???

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33 Responses to The new ATTACK ATTACK song is srsdjent

  1. Shiv The Impaler says:

    What happened to the tuff grunty vocals fromt he self-titled?

    • Post-Modern Warfare says:

      Caleb took up clean/heavy vocal duties for this new album and the bonus tracks on the reissue of the self-titled and apparently did some training with the ‘Zen Of Screaming’ lady, so his heavy vox sound more screamy than they used to. I miss the t0ugh br00tal sound t00, but this is good as well I guess.

      Also phun phact: Caleb produced this new album as well. Kind of impressive considering dude is pretty young and he is already making shit that sounds this nice.

  2. dope says:

    what’s with the creed like vocals in the pre chorus? scott stapp is gonna be pissed

  3. jm6g90 says:

    The punchline is that they’ve ditched the fringes and gotten grown-up haircuts haha

  4. SexHaver1987 says:

    Dude on the left seriously has the worst neck tattoo ever. Either go all in or don’t.

  5. Inb4letterlie says:

    Hahahaha this band will never NOT do anything that is trending its way out… I LOVE IT. Next album: srspopdjentpunk

  6. John says:

    Is it just me or does the album cover have a couple of dicks on it?

  7. Anonymous says:

    jerks in pilot uniforms?

  8. nahrhead says:

    That album cover looks like it has two big ol dicks on it

  9. LC says:

    I’ll bet they totally use the term electronica

  10. Save Parker says:

    To answer your last question, hopefully.

  11. outofcardio says:

    where are the dubstep parts,lol (?)

  12. nustej says:

    This shit has no substance or depth. Do you think they have any passion for this stuff any more, or are they just going through the motions, trying desperately to stay relevant so they don’t have to get lame jobs? Do they really even have any clearly defined personal aesthetics of their own?
    A few years ago I made a conscious decision not to buy music any more, it was because of bands like this.

  13. ge5undhe17 says:



    Also, that album cover looks like it contains two dicks (?)

  14. John says:

    The votes have been tallied. Album cover is two big old dicks.

  15. shawnyouwillhate says:

    it’s really growing on me…but yes I miss the 2008 post-austin pre-s/t album era AA

  16. Post-Modern Warfare says:

    Yeah I know I’ve posted like a million things about AA before, but I probably take this band waaay more srsly than I should. Someday Came Suddenly was such a ‘WOAH’ album for me, taking what Enter Shikari had done and elaborated on it and made it super cheesy and awesome.

    s/t was generic Joey Sturgis metalcore but it also had SAACK djenty bits, dubsteppins, a whole fucking track that sounded like Cobra Starship, a one and a half minute breakdown masquerading as an actual song, and an RNB ballad! It was one of the most insane, thematically aimless albums I’ve ever heard and I love it like a son.

    I love Attack Attack for the reason all the NFClubbers hate em; because they do literally EVERYTHING to sound as trendy as possible, and it sounds like a mess, and it will be outdated the week after the song is released.

    This song sounds alright. It’s better than the extra tracks they released for the re-release of s/t (though that has more to do with my hatred for John Feldmanns’ production). Hopefully the full album is as schizophrenic as s/t and has a little more programming. Also MOAR dubstepz. I’m gonna miss all the pseudo-Xtian lyrics that Johnny brought to the table.

  17. Nathan says:

    I like this song

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  19. sauceyouwillhate says:

    lol at the one dude with air force stripes on his chest.

  20. vacantplanets says:

    I admit that their single, “Stick Stickly” was decent, but everything else has been shit and I meant that one seriously; that is the only one in their whole discography that was sub-par to me. They’re trying hard to be relevant in the music in every album, by adding metalcore with electronica, now they’re doing with Djent? What the fuck is wrong with this situation? Everything is wrong with it. Attack Attack are not bands who are Djent and perform it well, for example Periphery, Animals as Leaders, Born of Osiris, Meshuggah (founders of the genre apparently), and maybe–I’ll throw in Uneven Structures. This isn’t 2006 anymore, it’s 2011, just end the band and stay six feet under and get the fuck out of the music business/industry all for good.

    I’ll admit that with their new picture in 2011, Attack Attack look grown up and professional, but not their 2006 counterparts; they may look grown up, but the music is still shit and unworthy to listen to at any period–this being said: the music didn’t evolve sadly… THEY [Attack Attack] need to get the fuck out of the Djent realm, and perform something that is relevant to themselves and only themselves. Why would a band like this one, for example: ruin a good genre like Djent? These guys cannot play metalcore correctly nor electronica. Fuck! Kurt Cobain could do a better job from the grave, and at least, Nirvana’s music was an average rating on everyone of their albums combine.

    But to end this comment on here, before I get into a long rant about repeating the same words over and over in my mind, I think this is shit. Attack Attack, you as a band and as well a whole need to stop being trendy fuckers in the music business. Make your own style yours, don’t follow the Djent movement. That being said, I think you should follow this advice personally.

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