Why does the new ATTACK ATTACK album have two uncircumcised dicks on the cover?

I know I’m not the first person to point this out, but I just wanted to make sure everybody was aware of it. I’m not racist against gay people so I am totally cool with it, but I’m just a little taken aback! I guess this is their way of saying “we are a Christian band, not a Jewish band! See, we even have foreskins!”?

90s childcore legends Sockeye tackle the issue of circumcision: “With all this coolness / it’s hard to believe / that on our dicks / there are no sleeves”

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26 Responses to Why does the new ATTACK ATTACK album have two uncircumcised dicks on the cover?

  1. steff dogg says:

    foreskins are great, that’s why

  2. Dental_Damnation says:

    Hahaha wow. Not the best start for their transition to srscore.

  3. BSMitchell says:

    I see that they’re arms after someone pointed it out but, its a really really bad cover.

    • Sergeant D says:

      That awkward moment when you have to say the phrase “those arent cocks, actually”

      • BSMitchell says:

        They could’ve solved the problem by giving him sleeves that went past his elbows. Extra few minutes of drawing = not having to explain mysterious dicks for rest of career.

        • Nathan says:

          The number of people who let this slide is probably fairly embarrassing. Nobody made the model wear a different color shirt so he wouldn’t blend in with the background, or by changing the background color to grey or some shit…

          and even right then in the studio, right after they snapped the picture and were looking at the tiny thumbnail on the digital camera, no one noticed the two white flesh-poles sticking out at a 45 degree angle right in the MIDDLE OF THE FRAME, WHERE EVERYONE’S EYES WILL NATURALLY GRAVITATE TOWARDS and thought, “huh, something about this looks off.”

          and then all the marketing ppl, and the head of the record label, and the unpaid intern, and AA’s manager, and the band themselves, all looked at this cover and said, “yes, we want two arms that resemble cocks to be on the front of our new album.”


    • ge5undhe17 says:

      and then Of Mice & Men’s spokesperson Austinator would say “OH YEAH? WELL IN OUR NEXT ALBUM COVER WE’LL PUT IN REAL COX! NOT JUST TWO, BUT THREE!



      /frenemy drama

  4. Eurodouche says:

    They look kinda grotty too, like both dudes have just been banging some girl on the last day of her period. Or treated each other to some mild anal perforation.

  5. SirCaresALot says:

    Maybe its an antisemetic statment. Like. Those balls are chained up…

  6. chewbakka says:

    I only see the one on the left, the right not so much.

  7. beholdthesharktopus says:

    The dicks in chains represents their willingness to give up the groupies to play srscore.

  8. DarthZedd says:

    What has been seen…

  9. Deeestroy says:

    I can never unsee this now.

  10. Six Strings That Drew Blood says:

    To quote Egon Spengler: “Don’t cross the streams”.

  11. Void Eater says:

    I don’t see any cocks.

  12. Brah says:

    died laughing @ racist against gay people & Christian dick proof

  13. abraham says:

    is that not a guy sitting with his hands chained behind the chair?

  14. no4h says:

    sockeye’s the shit, i always wondered if you listened to them

  15. ge5undhe17 says:

    It’s the continuation of their boner joke in one of the song titles in their self titled album

    “Renob, Nevada”

  16. Nelly says:

    Racist against gay people… really? Really?

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