BRING ME THE HORIZON want to be a post-rock band now

SYWH reader Lincoln awared us to this facepalm-y story on NME:

Bring Me The Horizon have said that post-rock bands like Explosions In The Sky and This Will Destroy You are set to be a big influence on their fourth studio album.

The band are soon set to begin work on the follow-up to ‘There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret’ and are likely to be back in the studio by summer 2012, with guitarist Jona Weinhofen revealing that he and guitarist Lee Malia have been getting inspired by post-rock for their new material.

Weinhofen told Alternative Press: “Lee and I are listening to a lot of post-rock lately. It might sound strange, but we listen to this laid-back, epic music and think ‘If this was heavy – if we made metal out of this kind of music – it would be exactly what we want to sound like”.

The guitarist also said that the band have “really big aspirations” for their fourth album, but they haven’t got much written for the record as yet.

If this isn’t proof that 2012 will be all about the No Fun Club, I don’t know what is. On the bright side, it will be really funny to see Tumblrsluts and former scenebros continue their transformation into hipster fggts.

In b4 live photos of Sunn O)) with “WUMMMMMMMMMMM” on top in varsity font and BMTH approach Crazy Town-like levels of trolling by doing an ISIS cover.

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84 Responses to BRING ME THE HORIZON want to be a post-rock band now

  1. Manuwar says:

    Bring Me The Horizon will now be accepted by IMNs EVERYWHERE

    • neonjesus says:

      nah, IMNs still think they are a generic deathcore band. It’ll take at least 2-3 more albums before they actually gain acceptance. IMNs are hard to convince of things. Try telling them that Mastodon were better before all the singing. The butthurt is awe inspiring.

      • Shiv The Impaler says:

        JFAC has been a straight-up Decapitated clone and breakdown-free for like 4-5 years, and IMNs STILL associate them with pig squeals and deathcore. BMTH is forever cursed no matter how they change, unless they change their name and look.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am a fairly big IMN and I think Mastodon were better before all the singing.

  2. postrockftw says:

    emmanuel by august burns red is the best post metal ever
    if they keep sludge out of it ill be down for it 100%
    keep me posted!

  3. totestoro says:

    I’m so glad someone will FINALLY make heavy, mostly instrumental, “epic” music. That’s never been done before.

    And not only that, a band as talented as BMTH will be at the helm!

  4. Socialism Ergalla says:

    So, wait. They’re basically just going to rip off Deafheaven?

  5. deth_from_above says:

    Move over Neurosis, BMTH is here

  6. Nils says:

    They should go back to beeing deatcore pronto!

  7. cgrind says:

    I know I’m probably beating off a dead horse here, but Count Your Blessings>>>>>>>>

  8. protofail says:


  9. John says:

    I love post shit like Amia Venera Landscape and all that. Also, Suiside Season is the best BMTH album, by far. DAT GITAR TONE

  10. BSMitchell says:

    They announced on their Facebook a day or two ago that “the chill out record has been cancelled due to label issues”

    • Sergeant D says:

      “Fuck, I’m so bummed!!!” – nobody

      • BSMitchell says:

        Looks guys, it’s great that you want to try new things, but you got famous off open A chugging, that’s where your strength is, just stick with it. Now go out there and sell some more hoodies so we can eat.
        -The Management

        • Sergeant D says:

          consultant: “But sir, our research indicates that sales of neon are down 40% this quarter. I’m not saying we have to go full hipster, but clearly SOMETHING must be done!!”

          • Inb4skin says:

            We need to up the “Oli Sykes Ratio” on our merch by at least 50%. If Austin Carlisle can sell incredibly gay shirts with his face on it, WE CAN TOO!
            *applause from everyone at the brainstorming sesh*

    • Shiv The Impaler says:

      I think this is referring to the remix album slated for release on New Year’s. Either way I’m still interested in what BMTH sounds like trying to write 10 minute songs

  11. roger_camden says:

    I really like Pelican a lot, you guys.

    Maybe this won’t be so bad.

  12. logdeezy says:

    Scale the Summit?

  13. Six Strings That Drew Blood says:

    Post-cascadian tumblrcore?

  14. Save Parker says:

    Gotta mention that This Will Destroy You and Explosions in the Sky are the most entry-level basic post-rock bands. BMTH will probably hype up their album as totally post-rock to lure in hipsters, have like two post rocky outros and an interlude, and then just sound exactly like their last album.

    • neonjesus says:

      Which wouldn’t really bother me that much. As long as it makes me want to headbang while listening to it NFG.

  15. DarthZedd says:

    I don’t know what all this “post” shit means, but at least they aren’t trying to go true hardcore.

    • FuzzyPickles says:

      they already did that

    • Anonymous says:

      Post-rock is “rock instrumentation without the rock aspect” so basically just “intricate and nuanced music.” Now I dig it when I want to chill but it most certainly is NOT fun music and you want to avoid it when getting drunk. Boring ass shit.

  16. Ethan says:

    Its cool that the kids have a band that’s willing to change into hipsters with them. I had to do it alone

    • BSMitchell says:

      From what I’ve seen its a pretty even split. When There is a hell… released most of the girls at my school thought it was “omg sooooo deep and introspective” and most of the guys were saying “I liked them better when they played real metal”. As a casual listener I found both groups pretty lulzy.

  17. inb4everthesickestkids says:

    U ONLY LIVE ONCE SO GO FVCK A DOG…. my bad, wrong band….

  18. Adam says:

    “In b4 live photos of Sunn O)) with “WUMMMMMMMMMMM” on top in varsity font and BMTH approach Crazy Town-like levels of trolling by doing an ISIS cover.”

    Lost my shit at this one. And when they said something about post-rock but metal.. Fucking post-metal, man.

  19. FuzzyPickles says:

    i think itll work. Its not like theyre gonna be a full on post rock band. Next step for srscore

  20. Walker says:

    IMO it wouldnt be that huge of a curveball if hardcore went all post metal in the next few years. Isis released Oceanic 10 years ago, and that is when post-metal became a ‘real’ subgenre of metal. According to the law of hardcore ripping off metal that came out 10 years ago, we are right on time. Looking forward to Suicide Silence’s new concept album about the totalitarian police state as told through a clumsy metaphor.

    Also, there is no way that any deathcore band would be acceptable by IMN standards before 2020. It takes at least 10 years for a once-hated band to become acceptable to like.

    • Nightshift says:

      What? Most of those “post-metal” bands are a bunch of ex-straightedge hardcore guys gone hipster, aping Neurosis and Mogwai but managing to be even more pretentious. Isis was called metalcore when that Poison Eggs ep came out. Not a new thing at all.

  21. Butthurt IMN says:

    I swear to god, if they cover isis…

  22. O.G says:

    Moving mountains already plays post rock geared towards tumblrsluts.

  23. outofcardio says:

    i liked them best when they were tbdm/atg-core xD

  24. Nathan says:

    Honestly, I saw this coming with the last album. Listen to Crucify Me, listen to the melodic break in It Never Ends (“if we make it through the night… if we make it out alive…”)

    and honestly, I welcome this change. It’s natural to get old and want to start making more “mature” and “serious” music because, honestly, what musician wants to be playing their teenage/early 20s angst shit into their 30s and 40s? (inb4johnathandavis)

  25. chewbakka says:

    I actually like Explosions In the Sky…now I’m gonna have to worry about tumblrsluts ruining that for me.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I was never into the band but HOLY SHIT, this is both fucking hilarious and depressing. Depressing because I’ll never get to go to a show full of tumblrsluts to try and have some fun with (they’ll all be srs and “deep” now) and hilarious because…LOL! Man, I don’t even know how to react.

    Also, lol @ another post-rock band. There’s like so fucking many already on bandcamp.

  27. ge5undhe17 says:

    And yet another band follows Thursday’s footsteps and get themselves 10/10 ratings on forums. The said band members pull off beardo looks on photo ops.

  28. outofcardio says:

    Srsly though,here’s what I get from their entire discography:
    2004-”This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For” – OMG U GUISE,HAVE YOU HEARD NORMA JEAN!!!?!??!?!
    2007-”Count your blessings”-OMG U GUISE HAVE YOU HEARD TBDM!??!?!??!?!?!?!(on a side note,there are some decent breakdowns here and there)
    2010-”Suicide Season”(and i may be wrong here,but still)-OMG U GUISE HAVE YOU HEARD EMMURE?!!?!? (srsly though,listen to Goodbye to the gallows before Suicide Season;no fucks given tho,since ss is their best album so far-the breakdowns are sweet!)
    2011-”Тhere’s a hell..bla bla bal” omg you guise we’re srs muzishuns nao…(lol at Oli for namedropping Pink Floyd as an influence on this album;tbh i haven’t listen to it in it’s entirety- i pretty much gave up when i saw Sykes floating around with his douchestache)

    And while I’m on the britishcore subject,WTF HAPPENED WITH AOAA?!?!?
    “Pig squeals are in this year”(2007) => “We’re so gonna come out as srs death metal on the next album,just you wait”(2008) => “lol,told ya”(2010) => “guise,hello,partycore…..anyone?”

  29. Bobby says:

    see: Sioum

  30. Fazz says:

    inb4 Oli Sykes grows a beard and gets fat to fit in with his new scene.

    I like bmth though, so I’ll probably buy this.

  31. Paul! says:

    Like, as if Devil Sold His Soul never done anything like that. Without bothering giants like Isis, Pelican or even Neurosis, DSHS are a fairly recent band that completely got the ”dreamy/epic post-rock + pissed off metal” vibe. And they’re english, like BMTH. On a side note, they also must be same age. Oli, you and the bunch are dreadfully late. P.s. Check DSHS 2010 opus! It’s good!

  32. In that article they state they if they could just make that sound heavy. They would get what they want. Apparently these guys are not dwelling too deep into post rock at all because they are citing the two most well known post rock bands (still very good bands mind you.) But do they not realize that Post rock already has a metal counter part. Way better than however these guys probably plan to fuck it up. For instance.

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