Comedians You Need To Know, Vol. 1

Attempting stand-up comedy is one of the most counter-productive things a person can ever do.  Not only do you have to develop original material, you’re also expected to learn this material and then perform it in front of people, all without the guarantee that anyone’s going to think it’s funny.  And, if you do “kill,” guess what?  Your cock probably isn’t going to get diddled for it (unless you are Dane Cook or Wanda Sykes.)


Being a dude who’s been at it for a little under a year, performing “amateur” stand-up is basically the equivalent of playing bass in a slam band: after a show, you might get two or three people telling you how much they enjoyed your performance, and 100% of that ratio is guys.  However, if there’s a strong comedy scene in your area, there’s not a more perfect date to take your girl than to an open mic or a B-level show.  Or, if you’re forever alone, it’s a great place to go with your brahs to have a good time!  That being said, it’s my goal to introduce you to some of these very funny B-level comics that you may not have heard of, in hopes you will support their asses if they should come to your town.


Sean Rouse

Nothing is funnier than someone who seems like his day-to-day life is just awful, and Sean Rouse’s delivery and tone hints at it.  Search out his bit about how retards can’t get into heaven if you want some further LULZ.  Honestly one of my favorite comics that I haven’t seen live yet.


Nate Bargatze


Definitely one of the more cleaner comics that I’m into.  I got to open for Nate a couple of months back, and it was one of those shows that didn’t get promoted very well, so not a lot of people got to see this guy destroy.  Plenty of stuff on the internet if you like this bit, I really have not heard anything from him that I didn’t like.


Joe Derosa


I can’t find a lot of his better stuff online, mostly because Youtube is saturated with clips of him on Opie & Anthony (where he had a fucking HISTORIC rant on women) and Bill Burr’s podcasts.  This particular one is pretty funny, though, and his act is definitely worth checking out.  He’s starting to tour a lot, too, so go fucking see him!  I am really running out of positive synonyms (as I am a terrible writer), so sorry if it’s seeing like less and less hype.


Tig Notaro


“OH A FEMALE COMIC *SCROLL SCROLL SCROLL PAST*”  Nah bros!  If you’re into awkward humor, she’s a goddamn genius at it.  You probably recognize her from the Sarah Silverman Show or (insert Jim Carrey film reference here.)  Am expecting “Tig is a hipster comic” responses, but no fucks given, as thus far she’s in my top 3 favorite live comedy shows I’ve ever seen.   Worth checking out.


Rory Scovel


This was one of the comics that you might have heard about on Conan who did his act simultaneously with another comic side-by-side.  Online clips aren’t really going to do him justice, because the best part of his act is when he’s riffing off the top of his head.



So give these a shot, and if you like some of the stuff you hear, go support them when they come into town!  Or, don’t!


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23 Responses to Comedians You Need To Know, Vol. 1

  1. ATTN SGT D says:

    Something is messed up with the rss feed, at least in google reader.

    The feed is now called “Personal Loans blah blah” and hasn’t been updated since the Strugish appreesh entry. Seems like it got hacked somehow. Not sure if i’m the only one that has this problem but thought i’d let you know.

  2. protofail says:

    Awesome article! I have been listening to a lot of stand up via spotify and its nice to see some more off the radar stuff.

  3. Sauce says:

    I listen to derosa when I play COD constantly. He may be b level now, but that will definitely change in the next year.

  4. chewbakka says:

    Haha you put Nate on here. His college joke on the laugh factory YouTube channel is by far one of my favorites.

  5. Alt.Ctl. says:

    My God, American comedians are shit!

    • I’d toyed with the idea of including Jim Jeffries in this, but he’s about to be a “name” within the next couple of months. Sorry man! Not a whole lot of knowledge on non-U.S. comics.

      • Alt.Ctl. says:

        Ahh i might check him out, see what he’s like. I’ve never really liked the style of American comedians and the American style of comedy. I’m form England and there are loads of comedians that are amazing, would like to hook you up!!

        • Inb4skin says:

          Jim Jeffries is Australian, but he lived in the UK for ages and now the US. He’s the rudest motherfucker ever, like proper Aussie filth. So funny.

  6. XheartburnX says:

    Stand up comedians are the worst.

  7. Steve says:

    that Derosa bit was ripping off Bill Hicks a fair fucking bit. delivery and even identical material.

  8. Superfist McDeathpunch says:

    I was wondering where I had seen Tig Notaro before and suddenly it dawned on me…she was the bartender on the Mixology Certification episode of Community!

  9. Wintermute says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Rory Scovel.

  10. VyceVictus says:

    Is this SYWH “Expanding its format”?
    …cuz Im diggin it! Thanks.

    Also, regarding website format; sarge could you bring back the “recent comments” sidebar indicator? It was pretty useful.

  11. Post-modern Warfare says:

    Love Tig Notaro. My personal favorite ‘awkward’ comic is Harris Wittels, dude knows how to tell a shit joke and make it the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.

  12. Walker says:

    I did some standup last year…it was pretty abysmal. I just told a bunch of wank jokes. I REALLY hope that no one was filming it.

    I went and saw a local thing in Chicago last year, no one who was big, and it was fucking hilarious. If you live in that area you should really check out the small gigs if you can

    • I hear Chicago has a pretty good scene! One of our locals is moving (back) to Peoria and I assume will be performing in Chicago relatively soon, so if you catch word of a guy named Ed Burmila, definitely check him out. Really funny.

  13. Thomas says:

    Awesome post, I liked a lot of these.

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