Girls that look like Skrillex

brb my penis has PTSD now

There are so many enraging things about girls in their early 20s that it’s hard to single out any one thing as the most irritating. Among the worst is when they get into their “dressing to impress other girls” phase, which means that they turn into disgusting hipster trash: high-waisted denim shorts, tit curtains, those stupid black glasses, Lady Gaga shoes, etc. I’m sure their equally-groce friends think they look really cool and take turns flattering each other with insincere compliments, but my penis wants to run away screaming.

The most recent example of this is Girls That Look Like Skrillex, a Tumblr that has an alarming number of girls who, uh, look like Skrillex. There are like 75 pages, but my penis begged me not to look through more than five, so I’ll let you find the most offensive examples.

For now, I will just leave this for any of you brahs are unfortunate enough to have a girlfriend who is going thru a grose hipster trash phase. Please tap them on the shoulder, show this to them, and shrug as if to say “I’m just saying… Uggs or GTFO.”



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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Among the worst is when they get into their “dressing to impress other girls” phase, which means that they turn into disgusting hipster trash: high-waisted denim shorts, tit curtains, those stupid black glasses, Lady Gaga shoes, etc”

    You just described Lil Debbie.

  2. Boner Patrol says:

    No lie was just on this tumblr, or whatever it is. My dick went flaccid immediately. It should be noted that I do not constantly have a semi, but I was just browsing some porn. The joys of having a home office.

    • Boner Patrol says:

      Also who who would want to look like an acne scared Corey Feldman? It also boggles my mind how much pussy this nerd gets. Jesus, time to reevaluate my life.

    • thetotalbro says:

      Srs question: why would you click on a link that said “girls that look like skrillex” whilst erect? That’s just asking for impotency.

      • Boner Patrol says:

        Post porn internet surfing brother. You still got a slight chub going and have nothing better to do while it subsides. Now I have a means for quickly eradicating any boner if need be, so I guess this tumblr is good for that? Not sure when I will actually need to use it… maybe when a client comes over?

  3. RJG says:

    Sarge, can we talk about how LULZY it is to see the tattoo progression on girls? It’s like a permanent Facebook timeline for poor life choices/embarrassing sub-cultures. Stars -> Leopard print -> something done in bad new-school style (via your first “real” tattoo artist)-> Meaningful script tattoo (somehow tied into an ex-bf) -> something food related via being a skinny-fat (cupcakes, cake, ice cream) -> tr00 old school tattoos by a 12th generation Bert Grimm rip-off artist that you “dated” (sailor, roses, antiques w/meaningful quotes.)

  4. “dressing to impress other girls”

    So true. No self-respecting male would ever compliment that shitstain of a hair style. And the sad thing is most of these girls would be beyond smashable if they could alter those haircut/piercing/glasses/clothes goals.

  5. DarthZedd says:

    This is basically the new “emo” combover.
    This haircut w/ glasses easily turns a 10 into a 4.

  6. Save Parker says:

    ^one girl in there it didn’t ruin.

  7. Jon says:

    Expected to click the link and be like, “Meh, they’re not so bad.”


    Also, idea for a post, “Do 10s really exist, or is 9 the highest a girl can be ?”

  8. BootyWarrior says:

    brah all the scene bishes from bak in the myspace dais are becoming this!!! instant boner death

  9. Six Strings That Drew Blood says:

    So getting a haircut like the dude from Krallice is newest trend for tumblrsluts?

  10. ElyOfIce says:

    I cannot really agree or disagree to this as I am straight female.

  11. lolwut says:

    dont care, would hit it the one smoking. ZFG.

  12. protofail says:

    Fake tits look fake

  13. Anonymous says:

    I went to a Skrillex concert (yes I know blah blah blah) and there was some chick with the haircut but instead shaved the word Skrillex into her head in a sort of comic sans font.

    Highlight of the night, seeing her get kicked out for trying to grope Skrillex while he’s doing his set.

  14. beholdthesharktopus says:


  15. Alex_P says:

    Gonna disagree on tit-curtains, brah. Really don’t see what’s so offensive about this. Otherwise, I concur with this post.

    • Bronson says:

      But they make every woman who wears them look pregnant. I mean, it’s cool if your into that kind of thing, but personally, tit curtains, along with these Skrillex cuts, are instant boner DDT.

      • Alex_P says:

        Fucked a pregnant bitch and told my friends I had a threesome?

        I dunno, mebbe it’s just that they aren’t what I associate with groce girls.

  16. BSMitchell says:

    One of my best friends looks exactly like Skrillex (different hair but exactly the same face and dresses the same way) but he’s a dude so it’s not nearly as bad.

  17. Jose says:

    CTRL F “voi vod” not found
    CTRL F “Jason Newsted” not found

  18. Wintermute says:

    I love that they have Corey Feldman thrown in there every couple of pages.

  19. Walker says:

    The ‘dressing to impress other girls’ thing is sad, but in reality it is all that really matters via complicated female social hierarchies. 9/10 times the dudes at the party arent going to give a shit what they look like as long as they are somewhat passable, and 9/10 times the dudes who want to bang them will thing that their zany nonsense makes them a ‘free spirit’.

  20. Jamz Armhole says:

    Mmm, im a girl & had this hair in the early 90s (due to living in aberdeen, wa) and thought I was great until my brother told me I looked like a crummy elf

  21. cstmrsvc says:

    lil debbie’s eyebrows seem to be getting larger in direct proportion to her decline in internet popularity.

  22. stay-nega says:

    I’d fuck the shit out of the 1s ex.
    Not the last ex. tho

  23. chewbakka says:

    at least get a taper fade on the shaved part. Hahaha

  24. Post-modern Warfare says:

    I went to a lesbian club once (long story but through some miracle got laid??) and every second girl looked like this. It’s not so much annoying as it is a perfect way to sort out annoying girls I wouldn’t want to talk to anyway. There’s one girl I know who looks like this and I want to smash her pretty bad but she only fuqs DJs :(

  25. zipE says:

    haha acne scared… scared of acne

  26. zipE says:

    what if your haircut is pre-Skrillex, and you don’t even know who the feck Skrillex is (or care)? is this why i get hit on by teenage boys all the time? (groce, they could be my kid, ‘cept for their shit dress sense, musical (dis)taste and that i don’t have/want kids) i’m rocking my fourth decade, am buff, i got tatts i don’t regret, and weird hair, en-eff-gee. my only problem is dudes my ages are fat, balding and have teenage kids that try to chat me up. oh, and did i mention enn-eff-gee?
    ugh, sorry. i though this was the Dear WhiteKnight advice group. apologeez

  27. Anonymous says:

    Post picz plz

  28. Bre Coles says:

    Follow me on tumblr ! At !
    All of my stuff is DOPE anf LEGIT

  29. Keat says:

    hahahahhahahahahahahahahha. ded.

  30. Anima says:

    I don’t get it man. It’s not cute to look like you just got out of the hospital from a brain tumor removal.

  31. am158 says:

    I’m so glad you shallow meatheads have find a little place on the internet to complain when any girl dresses not slutty enough for you to jerk off to. I don’t blame the lesbian girls for not wanting to get with people like this

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