Some Canadian womynist started a blog called Girls Don’t Like Metal

Just found this in my referrer logs and LOLed myself half to death. Apparently some Canadian girl started a column “inspired” by my “PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Girls Don’t Like Metal!” post on Metal Sucks a while back:

The inspiration for this column came from the title of an article published on Metalsucks in October of 2011: “Public Service Announcement: Girls Do Not Like Metal!” The article, written by Sergeant D of the infamous Stuff You Will Hate site and intended as a piece of satire, posited the idea that women don’t actually enjoy heavy metal, but rather pretend to in order to attract male attention. While it was framed as a piece of satire, the tone of the article contained a snarling meanness that made me wonder if this opinion is something that the author genuinely believes (not to mention the slut-shaming). But even more disturbing than the article were the comments that followed. It was clear that many of the readers actually shared the (debatable) satirical opinion of the article in a very real and distressing way.

I love it that she thinks my “girls don’t like metal” post was satire!!


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I was like yeah ok whatever
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  1. grymboner says:

    And the first interview is with “TREAT ME SPECIAL BECAUSE I’M A GIRL IN THE METAL SCENE” Kim Kelly, holy fuck…I’m chugging rageahol.

    • cougar party says:

      I have nothing against Kim Kelly, but it IS funny that whenever someone takes it upon themselves to show that there are “girls who actually like metal” she is sort of the go-to opinion leader/example. Which really shows how few girls there are that actually like metal.

      This is obviously the joke of the whole matter, but how does this writer not understand that finding that 1% of girls who actually like metal doesn’t make it a commonality? The fact is most girls repping metal (or sports for that matter) usually do it for nerdbaiting purposes.

    • dickshit says:

      i met kim kelly at a show once
      she came up to me and asked me why i was hiding in a corner
      said “no reason”
      then she just walks away
      can someone assess the situation as it was very confusing for me

  2. Watt Par says:

    Does she have a mullet on purpose?

  3. imfeelingcunty says:

    dudes she is gross as fuck..

  4. getxstoked says:

    I hate the term “slut shaming” so much.

  5. ezwider says:

    I love how they use “slut-shaming” as a bad term, as if low class females who use their vaginas as tools to gain what they want deserve praise. Fucking 4 different dudes in the same night on the same night isn’t “expressing yourself sexuality”, it’s being a nasty skeez. Sluts r groce, brah

  6. LeandroS says:

    Lets see how many dudes will whiteknight this.

  7. Nightshift says:

    Embarassingly pretentious.

  8. Sergeant D says:

    I just wanted to clarify, the girl at the top isnt her, its just some random whale i found on tumblr to represent yucky metal hags. Sorry, i guess that is a little confusing.

  9. Anso DF says:

    “snarling meanness”?

  10. Feathered_Derpent says:

    her blog is long, boring and has no pictures.

    *goes back to watching porn*

  11. jm6g90 says:

    Great, another internet outlet for “Girlz who like Metal” where all the posts will inevitably boil down to “WE ARE GIRLZ WHO LIKE METAL, PROBLEM??” we sure needed another one of those. I can’t wait to hear more exciting stories who girls who both are girls AND like metal.

  12. Canadian Girlz Don't Like Metulz says:

    Well, Sarge, at least you can wear it like a badge on your chest that some butthurt Canadian (ha!) took you seriously enough for a moment to get all indignant and huffy. No matter what, her column will always owe its success directly to you. It’s the Pink Lego of metal columns.

  13. Trey Azagthoth's Quake III Clan says:

    Mirin dat slut-shaming brah

  14. Canadian Girlz Don't Like Metulz says:

    @jm6g90 – nailed it. It’s such a fucking NON-issue. Yep, some girls sure like metal and most non-girls who like metal could not honestly give a shit. I thought it was about being into metal and that’s it.

  15. Alt.Ctl. says:

    Fucking stupid bish doesn’t even know what Satire is!!!

  16. PMA DAD says:

    Bloody hell! You’ve made a lass cry as well? You neer do wells are blimey rotten chavs!

  17. crucailbro says:

    That’s not even a girl… That is a pig with lipstick.

  18. M.BISON says:

    She has a MA in creative studies and looks like this

    is anyone surprised? did she fall below your expectations?

    • M.BISON says:

      what’s more unemployable?

      [ ] ma in creative studies
      [ ] pink hair
      [ ] side of head shaved
      [ ] middle name is ‘zina’

      • Six Strings That Drew Blood says:

        E: All of the above.

      • Trey Azagthoth's Quake III Clan says:

        “Thumbscrews is a poetic engagement with the aesthetics of sadomasochism and consensual pain. It employs the techniques of mannerist poetry to constrain language as ropes, cuffs, or shackles that might be used to constrain the body. Each poem can be taken as a miniature sadomasochistic encounter where language is tied up, beaten, and twisted into submission. This book abuses language; language begs for it.

        Thumbscrews engages with the sexual subculture of BDSM in content as well as in form. It explores the erotic ’scene’ and the prevalence of role-playing in the kinky bedroom, examines various settings as ‘pervertable’ locations, and chronicles a series of embarrassing trips to the emergency room. Poems are shaped from the hobbled language of email, visual representations of pain, and odes to various implements. Thumbscrews is a dirty-minded, sticky-fingered book.”

        ummmmm yeah ok

        • Natalie Zed says:

          It won the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry, too. I have a new book, about supvervillains, coming out in the spring.

          • Brah says:

            That’s great and I’m glad you have an audience, however this most certainly is not it. Unless your innovative poetry involves writing haikus about ugly celebrities, I would advise you not to mention it here.

          • Isaac says:

            neither Harold and Kumar movie won any awards but they were both better than The Help or Crash.
            Awards don’t mean shit to people who actually enjoy a given medium.

          • Inb4skin says:

            You won the Robert Crotch award for writing a pretentious piece of shit instead of getting a real job. And you’re bragging about it. Nobody even knows what that Robert Scrotum award is, why brag about winning some minor, gay award?

          • Anonymous says:

            Basically, it won an award nobody has heard of and few people care about. Very impressive!

        • Brah says:

          Real talk, the fuck is up with ugly/overweight women writing about romance/love/sex? Practically every fanfic author, erotic hypnotist, romance author, etc. is socially awkward, a whale, or intolerably ugly. I know they’d like to think that fat/ugly/awkward girls are deep, meaningful, and really have a lot to say, but I think it’s just sexual repression and a feeling of general unattractiveness. Maybe that’s what drives them into the “scenes” of various subcultures aka metal, theater, hypnosis, bdsm, etc?

          • Sergeant D says:

            a bish who is normally a 4.5 becomes a 9 when she’s the only female in a sea of mouthbreathers with cheeto dust coating their fingers… and thus nerdbaiting was born!

            • Inb4skin says:

              Is that really all you had to say about it?? Isn’t the rest of Brah’s comment offensive and misogynistic and cisgendered and fat-shaming and disgraceful and indicative of all of the great social problems induced by penises the world over? Don’t you have some excessively strong opinion on that??

              Please respond.

            • freftd says:

              OMG dying, that’s it comedy is over we’ve gone as far as it goes, see ya.

    • Keka says:

      Y’see I never get why the people who are the MOST infuriated by female dis-empowerment insist on taking nonsense courses like “creative studies” and other useless liberal arts courses like that. If you want to redress the power disparity between genders, GET MORE WOMEN STUDYING REAL SUBJECTS THAT WILL PUT THEM IN POSITIONS OF POWER AND AUTHORITY. Sciences, math, engineering, the more respectable humanities subjects, shit like that. Sure, there’s “hard subjects are for boys, soft subjects are for girls” conditioning out there, but it’s easy to redress with a little ambition and decent parenting. Instead, we have some of the foremost advocates of a complex and important political position having “history of art” on their resumes and it just makes the whole thing look like the refuge of people who don’t actually matter or have any authority.

      And this is from SYWH!’s resident liberal feminist type.

  19. Panic says:

    Can someone set me up an email alert for when there’s an actual flame-worthy comment here? So far I just see tired, tired, tired. KTHNXBYE.

  20. Anonymous says:

    who told that count she could leave the kitchen?

  21. Natalie Zed says:

    “Some Canadian Girl” reporting in here! Anyone who would like to engage in a real, actual discussion about metal and feminism is welcome to come and talk to me.

    My website:
    Twitter: @NatalieZed

    That is not a picture of me, btw — I wear prescription glasses and therefore can’t wear aviators, to my chagrin.×281.jpg

  22. jeh says:

    im reading anger, where does this spontaneous butt-hurt come from?

  23. Cain says:

    As I posted on the thread, I thought it was hilarious that the chick she interviewed claimed she wasn’t a groupie, and then multiple people came along and posted about how she was fired as a band’s merch d00d for being skanky.

    • jm6g90 says:

      Those comments have no been deleted…on request of Kim Kelly

      • Ogre says:

        I thought that too!
        Why not defend yourself instead of just removing the insulting comment. All you’re doing is making yourself look guilty.
        So people are only allowed to comment if their opinion aligns with the author’s?

        • Brah says:

          Black metal lifestyle = totally banging hot dudes.

          Sounds about right to me, they’re away from their women and you don’t have much competition. I guess you just gotta be ok with dudes who haven’t caught a shower in a week and you’re set.

    • cougar party says:

      “she was fired as a band’s merch d00d for being skanky.”

      This seems like the absolute worst reason to fire your merch girl.

  24. Serious Machine says:

    What self respecting woman would like metal?

  25. Pako says:

    waiting for a video of slam poetry about the strugles of girls who like metal

  26. dave texas says:

    YAR! i’m so butthurt about women who express their opinions! when will they just SHUT UP?! amirite, bros?

  27. Nightshift says:

    So someone posted that interview on Facebook and I made a comment pretty similar to the one here, and I’ll be goddamned if she didn’t post a butt-hurt reply to it.

  28. VyceVictus says:

    …Miss you, Reign In Blonde :(

  29. JB says:

    i’ve never met a girl that likes metal. they’re always there because of a guy.

    • Martin Regnen says:

      I know one, I know one! There’s s a 19-year-old chick who plays guitar in one of my pop covers bands. She likes Sunn O))) and Electric Wizard and Tool and other bands I’ve never heard. I don’t get it at all, but as long as she’s willing to play “Danza Kuduro” who gives a shit?

  30. Void Eater says:

    I am appalled by all of the sexism here. All of you white straight cisgender males have no idea how challenging it is to be a women in a mans world, where you can’t walk outside your own house without somebody calling you a slut. I have the utmost respect for these lovely women for expressing their controversial opinions.

  31. Nightshift says:

    I think what bothered me the most was that being sexually assaulted apparently is on par with having her metal cred questioned.

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  33. andy k says:

    i know this site is about shit you hate but wow, is it ever telling how much you hate women and especially call themselves feminists.

    obviously you have some pretty deluded ideas about women who have sex, express themselves, explore whatever desires they have, and have complex personalities. (see: constant use of, “slut,” “bitch,” “cunt” or uh, “count” – whatever that means.) this post and its comments are rife with straight-up misogyny, so i’m not all that surprised.

    don’t like the column? fine. perhaps you should talk about why that is without personally attacking the writer and resorting to immature and petty attacks on her assumed appearance. (nice comments about the woman above, by the way. real classy.) i read your “what this site is about” section and find it fairly amusing that one of your points is “don’t be mean” and that’s exactly what this post is: mean.

    but i guess not being mean only refers to you and your loyal commenters right?

    or perhaps it’s all you have to say because you’re unable to come up with real, compelling criticism. pretty standard for hateful dudes.

    this website is the same boring drivel i could read on any bullshit “men’s rights activists” site that distorts facts and serves as a playing ground for insecure men who can’t handle confident women who dare to “step out of line.” may it fade into asshole obscurity.

    • Brah says:

      “I don’t understand things, I cannot read, I am upset.”

      I would point out how wrong you are, but I really can’t be fucked. :( Sry, wish I could help!

    • shivbeatus says:

      Liking music isn’t an accomplishment, ever. No matter who you are. Thinking you’re special for it, or any factor relating to it, is stupid. There’s your criticism. Also you obviously don’t get what this site is about if you think “it’s about what you hate.” I hope this response finds you well, and please…be safe<3

    • Nightshift says:

      I wrote what I didn’t like right above you, douchebag.

    • Sergeant D says:

      brb getting stangry

    • jm6g90 says:

      >Insult a single women, you are insulting ALL WOMEN

      LOL@ first year uni students and their feeble grasp of logic

      • SaveTheSkunkApes says:

        I always laugh when I encounter dudes like this who dismiss anything that doesn’t read like a sociology student’s dissertation at places like a video game forum or a blog where we have a laugh at shit like Attack Attack’s new album cover looking like two dicks.

        Yeah, sorry dude. We’re not submitting shit to be published in some sociology or social psychology journal that no one reads except college students who had to take a women’s studies course or some other shit to meet a “social or world views” requirement (aka your university forcing everyone to take at least one sociology or humanities course because otherwise those departments would bleed too much money to stay open) whose professors insisted they cite at least one journal they found on EBSCOhost in hopes that one of them will read the professor’s own article that not even his mom actually read.

    • Inb4skin says:

      Our purpose here is clearly defined, I don’t understand how you can’t see what we don’t like about this? It’s clear that you’ve read all the comments, but you didn’t actually understand them. You should probably get your parents to pay for an “Introduction to English” course or something to better help you in your Women’s Studies course at your community college.

      Ps. Mirin’ your logic: dislike 1 idiot woman = hateful misogyny

    • Anonymous says:

      Get out of here Kim.

    • ge5undhe17 says:

      whoa whoa whoa WHOA.

      Calm down.

    • MasterSlave says:

      Lol at this site being anything like a men’s right activists site

      • Keka says:

        Men’s rights types are fuckin’ gross betas who are so insecure in their masculinity that they think any redressing of male privilege reduces it (via thinking masculinity is external, as opposed to, y’know, internal confidence and capability). We resent that comparison.

    • Nahrhead says:

      Read more than one article and then make up a wide generalization bruh bruh

    • obvious answer man says:

      shut up, count.

    • Isaac says:

      I like how this is the first comment after the pingback. Y U SO QUICK 2 DEFEND SHIT BLOGGERS BRAH???

  34. Brah says:

    This is pretty complex and meaningful.

  35. D. Jericho says:

    I don’t get it. I’ a girl who listens to metal and I don’t expect special treatment. And sleeping with the dudes is a good thing!

    Also, lol at the girl being interviewed thinking any girl who listens to underground black metal/war metal/bestial black metal is a rarity. They one of the more female populated subgenres! I’ve seen waaaay more girls at an Inquisition show than say Severe Torture, Helstar, Dream Theater. Fuck, even more than the last time I saw ’80s glam metallers Faster Pussycat. Would be more impressed if she was really into slam or prog thrash metal.

    Finally, I just want to say that not all girls who listen to metal are fat, like the one being interviewed. Neither do we look like dykes, like the Canadian girl.

  36. Martin Regnen says:

    Girls who listen to metal? Meh. Give me girls who like Michel Teló.

    • Pako says:

      Hate this song, but bishes love it!!!

    • Briggzy says:

      how is this so popular……. it has more veiws then anything

      • Hernia says:

        here in Spain it’s fucking popular, via Real Madrid players liking that song and all the CR7 wannabes listenning it

        • Martin Regnen says:

          Last time I checked the biggest section in Michel Teló’s Wikipedia page was a listing of footballers who did this dance in goal celebrations. So, that probably has something to do with it.

          The song’s catchy, happy and about picking up hot chicks which is something everyone cares about, plus for a Brazilian song the lyrics are very easy for just about any foreigner to pronounce.

    • Leandro S. says:

      I live just 30min from there the fucking dude was born. Fucking hate the song, we brazilians, cant believe that it somehow went worldwide. fuck!

  37. refusetodie says:

    Making a big deal out of being a girl who listens to metal is annoying (it’s called being a special snowflake) but so is making shitty sexist comments based on assumptions.

  38. Boner Patrol says:

    I thought only 13 year olds define themselves by what music they listen to. Who the fuck cares if you are a girl listening to metal? Take off the Bathory shirt and dress presentable, you are an adult.

    I am blasting Champion in my office and I could care less if people found out. For all I know my clients probably think I don’t even listen to music. I like to keep it that way.

    • cougar party says:

      “I am blasting Champion in my office and I could care less if people found out. For all I know my clients probably think I don’t even listen to music. I like to keep it that way.”

      Replace Champion with DevilDriver and this is exactly how I feel.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m just loling at the idea of a guy wearing a suit in an office calling himself “Boner Patrol” online.

  39. Mynameismud says:

    You know what they say about men who paint things with a wide brush: Overcompensating much? And anyway, who gives a flying fuckturd what music anyone listens to? Let live. Unless someone is throwing Beiber in your face, good fuck, bro, let live and case-by-case basis the things in questions. Poseurs of either gender who are in it for something other than the music will float to the surface every time without any help from you. Not like they’re hard to spot. A camwhore by any other name.

  40. Dental_Damnation says:

    Drunk at a metal show, WOOD SMASH!! I luv metal too so we are meant to be. Please respond and don’t make come up there!

  41. fuzz says:

    Holy fuck, is this bitch pretentious. “GUISE HERE IS ALL THIS SHIT YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF. AM I TRVE NOW??”

  42. Turkey says:

    If I met a girl who liked Pig Destroyer and wasn’t a land monster, well… I would still avoid at all costs because she’s probably completely insane.


  43. Thomas says:

    I like what is going on in this comment section. People jumping in with, “I am just visiting this site for the first time, but assume it is seething with 100% serious racist and sexist comments and you should all me ashamed of yourself,” is always exciting.

  44. Anonymous says:

    At first I thought she called herself grim Kelly Kelly.

  45. Save Parker says:

    Epic comment section is epic. Like what you want to like because you want to like it ladies, no one should care.

    And slut-shaming is a topic me and annoying feminists definitely agree on. Sluts rule. Not allowing some girls to fuck as much as they want is all on the parents.

  46. pointless_fest_raper says:

    y u gotta b such a snarling meanie, sarge??

  47. Anonymous says:

    Miss Natalie Zed: bringing relevant social justice by crusading against Metal Sucks internet articles since 2k12. I’m sure your work will be on par with the advancements MLK did!

  48. ge5undhe17 says:

    “snarling meanness”


  49. Open Window Maniac says:

    Wow, tommyxvx and his girl, pmakid’s dad, and angry wymyn have all shifted their butthurt attention to SYWH. I wouldn’t be surprised if we all got subpoenas to show up at Tuff Luck Deli for trial by scene. I hear that the charge for hurting butts is to get the rough side of a tongue for each count.

  50. Walker says:

    I really only have two problems with this thing. First, there is no way that blog isnt just going to devolve into the author/interviewees covering ground that has already been tread FOR DECADES, e.g. “songs called stripped, raped and strangled have misogynistic lyrics” or “lots of people find the word faggot offensive” or “I’m glad that shows are a lot more accepting towards women these days”. Further, there is is no way that this blog isn’t also going to degenerate into a gossipfest about “guy from band x said or did y” or “the author/interviewee is full of shit”, as evidenced by the comments that have already been put up and taken down on that blog.

    Second, the interviewee in that post is an idiot. No one I know who who listens to metal who isn’t a Neanderthal/teenager or has the lowest self esteem in the entire world or is a complete poser does all that goofy “metal up your ass!” and “thank Satan” bullshit, and I find people who do REALLY FUCKING EMBARASSING. If you really want to accomplish the Sisyphean task of trying to make people who listen to metal sound interesting and articulate, please, for the love of god, dont get them to say stuff like “throwing the horns” because it makes me want to throw myself on a sword in embarassment.

    • Brononymous says:

      THIS. Well said.

    • Alex_P says:

      I’ll occasionally say “thank Satan”, kind of as a joke. Also got my ex to start saying it too, but more because she thought it was funny. She doesn’t listen to metal.

      • Brononymous says:

        I don’t think there is any problem with it in that context. In fact, saying those phrases as a joke is probably the only time that it’s acceptable. When you use those phrases in an effort to show how tr00 you are, I get the impulse to gargle drano.

    • cougar party says:

      As a longtime metaller, I back your second paragraph hard!

    • Richard Brunelle says:

      People who say stuff like throwing the horns are either narcs or youth pastors. Usually both.

  51. Brononymous says:

    “Some heretical amalgamation of scribe, entrepreneur, road warrior, merry blasphemer, masochist, blue-eyed devil woman, mercenary and firebrand, if I were one to wax poetic.” = PURE FUCKING RAGE.

    Translation: “I’m an insecure unattractive woman who isn’t good looking enough to attract normal men. In light of this unfortunate fact, I will nerdbait insecure unattractive men by using every metal cliche, namedrop obscure metal bands, and say things like ‘Hail death.’”

  52. CONtroller says:

    What *I* wanna know is whether or not I was the only one who laughed heartily at dat .gif file at the end of the post. It’s like someone animated me while watching me sit by a computer.

  53. Isaac says:

    I went through a period of having shitty long hair and wearing Emperor and Death shirts around all the time. Then I turned 16 and realized that having your identity revolve around music in a pathetic effort to stand out is gay. Like, really gay. If I could get my head out of my ass, these retard twentysomethings surely can as well.

    • Alex_P says:

      Bro, having long hair and wearing Death shirts is totally cool, as long as you’re a chill bro about it. I’m keeping mine short for the time being, but I’ll almost certainly have it long again by age 30. Sounds like you were doing it wrong.

    • Brah says:

      hahahaha this 4 sureskis.

      You’re old enough to vote and drink, good god have some dignity.

    • darth spader says:

      lol you turned 16, felt gay and blamed it on long air and band tshirts. attitude > fashion

    • Erfer says:

      Yeah, I used to hate people who don’t listen to metal and roam the city searching for t-shirts of obscure bands and wore them everywhere thinking I was standing up to what music I listen to. Then I turned 17 and realized that nobody cares that the scourge of Amalek is upon them, metal became just a genre of music and I stopped wearing metal t-shirts in public. Bitches be mirin’ my plaid flannels! [no homo] [no hipster]

  54. Mustard tiger says:

    * tyga voice* Yuck city bitch yuck yuck city bitch got a dumb tatoo and nasty ass tittys bitch

  55. Leandro S. says:

    man, they are so many comments, most of them I couldnt understand hahaha this is awesome

  56. Obsequium Mindris says:

    You like metal? Cool, but don’t start waving your interests around.

    You’re also a girl? That’s fine too. But don’t start asking for equality in a place where you KNOW is male dominant; and don’t contradict yourself and start saying you are special because you are a girl that listens to metal and that women should unite and stand out (but still want to be treated the same. stupid women smh) in this sub culture.

    Oh, and when you say “hail satan” or any other stupid “metal sayings”, your little credibility flies right out the window.

  57. jaded says:

    Alright, gimme a sec here: if I’ve got this right, the point of this chick’s blog is to prove that women can like metal as equally as men can, yeah?

    Yet by writing a blog solely about women, she’s saying that women who like metal deserve to be hoisted into the spotlight and worshipped by all (or some shit, I couldn’t take reading the pretentious wanking any longer). Whiiiiich really just helps spread the idea that women who like metal are DIFFERENT to men who like metal (so basically, seems to be following Sarge’s original idea). Congrats Sarge, it seems like she’s closer to supporting you instead of proving you wrong.

    Also, whenever I come across a woman who expects special treatment for liking something ‘different’, I feel the need to ask them if they would like a fucking medal for it. But, of course, isn’t that sexist? Why should only women get medals for liking metal, just because they have a vagina? Why don’t the men get medals too? Good job fighting sexism by using more sexism, genius.

    • Sergeant D says:

      SLOW FUCKING CLAP. I could not possibly put it better than this bro.
      See also:
      “Look at me, I’m a girl!! Why are you treating me differently just because I’m a girl you cockman oppresser??!”

      • Gohannabis says:

        Shush dudes! Your logical statements will make these metal special snowflakes melt with rage!

        • XheartburnX says:

          Seriously. Where’s my fucking medal? I’ll dig up my varsity letter, buy a HxC youth crew Varsity jacket with leather fucking sleeves and fucking pin it on.

  58. Chuckles says:

    So when the hell can we just blast some P-Funk and get all the womynists together with all the other typical frat and moshbros and throw the kegger of the century. Throw Jeremy Piven in there for the hell of it, he knows how to party

    Also, somebody point me in the direction of the bishes that love Manowar. And don’t tell me they’re just the ghosts of D&D nerds

  59. 40ozfreddy says:

    saw this when it first went up yesterday and it just screamed butthurt potential. today, 202 comments. thanks for making my morning SYWH

  60. Manualdad says:

    Ofcourse the post about something related to metal is the most internet aggro comment section we’ve had in a long time :(

    metal why u do this to my internet?!?

  61. Gohannabis says:

    Dudes you’re not getting it!!!! Unless you agree with these revolutionary, breaker downers of walls, metal women then you simply need to accept and embrace the fact you’re a evil evil evil woman hating penis having hairy ape-man. This is a with us or against us issue for these dames…. As the 203 replies have proven! Get with the shitty haircut/hairy armpit times! Nameste you guys

  62. Latinoheat! says:

    Wood smash grim kim n stab her guts on principle (via me having white fever lolz) yet i cant help but wonder if the special snowflake attitude is worth it… :-I eh.. She looks like a lil spicy hot Sauce so im down to hear her babble n band namedropping n chit… no fux given =]

  63. Inb4letterlie says:

    Wow, you guys are ignant. I love it. Namaste, but also please be safe… Or i`ll have to come up there

  64. Inb4skin says:

    Guise, I hate to say this, but I’m fairly sure that this post is going to be one of those annoying posts that keeps getting hits LONG AFTER we stop giving a shit about it. (Exhibit A:

    Basically, for many months to come, dumb feminazis who “like metal” will read that stupid blog, see the link to SYWH, get massively butthurt and come here, hoping to invade our lives with their uptight opinions, telling us how we should think, and feel really really smug and satisfied when nobody replies (because we all stopped caring).

    Dear future feminist metal heads who are here to yell at us:
    Sorry, we can’t take your call right now, we’re all out having fun, and probably smashing your far more attractive sisters, cousins, coworkers, and/or enemies. Your retarded opinions will be filed under “boring shit that nobody ever cared about”. Please, be safe.

    • Sergeant D says:

      I love it! I personally never cared about this (or stretched ears) in the first place, so i love this pro-active approach to buttfrustration.

    • Manualdad says:

      hahaahahah, missed the comment thread for siqq gauges post. These two threads are the fucking diamonds in the already beautiful crown of SYWH.

      Thx each and everyone who have contributed so far to either of these threads (non-ironically).

  65. Void Eater says:

    You know what the best part about this is? Serg totally acknowledges that some girls do like metal, not just pretending to for attention whoring purposes.

    “Please note that there are some girls who actually like metal, but they are very, very few and far between. Also, they don’t make a big deal out of it because they’re usually introverted and awkward just like guys who are into metal.”


  66. Six Strings That Drew Blood says:

    It just dawned on me, Sarge; this Canadian bish would be perfect as the lead womynist in “Big Bush”. Perfect casting IMHO

  67. Honestabebread says:

    I work with a 40 year old single mom that’s upper middle class, wears Uggz, etc. and she knows who Aborted is.

    Good luck feeling special with your bullet belt, you fucking pice of shit.

    • Void Eater says:

      It’s silly for people to think that they’re special snowflakes for listening to metal, but it’s flat out dumb to think that people are pieces of shit because they know about a certain band.

      • Honestabebread says:

        wat u talkin bout brah?

        I was more or less calling Grim Kim a piece of shit. What I meant in my post is that a super normal looking 40 year old woman likes Aborted just like Grim Kim. Except the chick I work with is super cool and chill and doesn’t expect to be treated special because she knows about certain bands.

  68. freftd says:

    my friends mom actually is some 50 year old northern irish woman, occupational therapist who genuinely jocks the warriors, also atreyu immortal technique and fall out boy. he will never ever bring it up though. im glad the world is strange some times.

  69. MotherfuckerJones says:

    Why do people hate sluts? Probably because they don’t want to taste 40 other guys dicks when the are making/eating out. Also who the fuck is Kim Kelly? Why don’t people cite women in bands as women who like metal? Chances are they like the music if they’re making it.

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