When I make fun of nerds using Final Fantasy references

Is anyone who reads SYWH old and weird enough to know why this reminded me of Zork?? For the sake of all our readers, I hope not :(

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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21 Responses to When I make fun of nerds using Final Fantasy references

  1. Hutty says:

    Haha, a grue was the first thing I thought of. FML

  2. Leandro S. says:

    i thought of pokemon

  3. saywhat says:

    I wasted so much time trying to figure out the right turn of phrase to make things work in these games

    > walk up stairs

    I don’t understand what that means.

    > walk stairs

    I don’t understand what that means.

    > go stairs

    I don’t understand what that means.


    I don’t understand what that means.

    (time passes)

    > climb stairs

    You climb the stairs.

  4. Lucifersmile says:

    LOL or Oregon Trail

  5. Perry Stalsis says:


  6. noaltchx says:

    Mentioning Zork led me to googling all the chicks from Leisure Suit Larry 6. feelsforeveraloneman.pdf

  7. Thug Waffle says:


  8. Ian says:

    oh wow…i used to play Zork on my friend’s Mac circa 1986

  9. TWO STACKS says:

    wow sargent d is a rpg guy we really would be top top bros

  10. TWO STACKS says:

    really butchered the word Sergeant

  11. SirCaresALot says:

    lol old ppl.

  12. beholdthesharktopus says:

    Literally lol’ed at this.

  13. jorbams says:

    Did anyone ever get down with MUDs? Legend of the Red Dragon was my jam. Hey, where did all the women go?

  14. J_hunter says:

    Actually it reminded me of Saints Row Three, because in 2012 we still make text based levels for ps3.

  15. ge5undhe17 says:

    Roll initiative for fortitude save against no fun metal nerd

  16. Matt says:

    if you run into a post-metal nerd, make sure you bring plenty of phoenix down’s

  17. Latinoheat!!! says:

    those lame ass text games reminds me of those stupid ass pick your own adventure books i used to read back in elementary/middle school …

    will you take the forest pathway or go back home?

    i will take the forest pathway…

    … you got killed by a bunch of trolls in the dangerous forbidden forest… you are a fucken moron and a failure in life.

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