BREAKING NEWS: Non-metalcore band has grassy field video!!

With the music industry more crowded than ever, and consumers’ attention spans at an all-time low, it’s never been harder for bands to make it. IMO the most important thing for an up-and-coming band is to make sure that people know how to categorize them, because who wants to go to the trouble of listening to a band they might not like?? It’s kind of like when you go to buy some jeans, and they have everything from classic super skinny to easy relaxed fit to slim tailored straight leg, and you are just like “2 much work 4 me. Fuck it, I’ll just keep wearing these.”

For example, I was spending the day looking for generic grassy field metalcore videos to make fun of as I often do, and came across this confusing specimen by VICTORY SWEET VICTORY. Watch it with the sound off and guess their genre based on the visual elements: Orange amps in a grassy field, oldfag guitars, wiggerish drummer in a Rebel 8 shirt, and a giant helping of scruffy beards?? To my surprise they’re not troo pop punk/Risecore/srscore, but Disneypunk!

I started out writing this post as a joke, but then I saw this comment on the video and realized I was kinda right. Self-trolled??

Bros, don’t you know it’s just going to confuse people when you don’t rigidly adhere to the aesthetic conventions of your genre?? Whats next, dubstep producers with names like DJ VERB THE NOUN, pop punk bands in puffy vests, and slam bands in neon shuttershades???

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74 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Non-metalcore band has grassy field video!!

  1. logdeezy says:

    Grassy field videos are just the default when they can’t think of anything to actually make a video about.

  2. ANALBLASTER says:

    Definitely found the new image for my new slamz band “Encuntificationment”!!!

  3. darth spader says:

    what comes first, the fashion or the music?

  4. refusetodie says:


    Seriously, that bouncy part at 2:50 was such a breakdown tease.

  5. YD! says:

    if the band does not dress like me ….im not gunna like them plain and simple!

  6. thetotalbro says:

    Totally love this song. No fucks given. ( lol at the fact that they’ve already got a music video even though they only have two songs recorded.)

  7. tony montana says:

    the best band name ever is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. never listened to them, but it should be a slam band name but I kno its not, band names mean nothing these days (if they ever did) … except emmure.

  8. Brah says:

    “Whats next, dubstep producers with names like DJ VERB THE NOUN, pop punk bands in puffy vests, and slam bands in neon shuttershades???”

    You dream of a glorious future.

  9. Kvlt times Kvlt measvres says:

    Actually Heath Deadger is the best band name ever.

  10. darth spader says:

    no comment on the kum amps?

  11. Euro S says:

    Waiting for that akward moment when they get signed with Vicotry Records and after a while start whining and sue Tony like every other band on Victory. Then they’re really going to rock that name!

    Anyways, this song was actually pretty sweet and disneypunk > tr00 poppunk/srscore/Risecore.

  12. Save Parker says:

    The Samuel Jackson Five is the best band name ever.

  13. Beeriod says:

    The last para had me momentarily confused, because every time I read “dubstep” on this site, my brain automatically subs in the m word.

  14. CallPastorJerkface says:

    Just glad I could be here to witness the birth of Tr00 Disney Punk.

    • Watt Par says:

      Exactly what I thought while listening to it. I’m down with this song, but the chorus is a bit too srs for me. Need a little more sugaryness and they will be perfect.

  15. DanIstheBastard says:

    I applaud this band’s decision to go with the Angry Birds font. Inspires me to actually get moving on my Bejeweled themed screamo project.

  16. YouLostTheGame says:

    Probably they saw other bands that look like them on youtube, but their soundcard was broken and they have no idea what those bands sound like. They just guessed which music they’re supposed to make. life is hard when your soundcard is broken and everything will get better when someone donates a USB headset to them. PLEASE RESPOND

  17. whatevs says:

    Fucking Canadians NEVER understand styles/genres.

  18. Matthew Dunn says:

    So confused… Disneycore?

  19. Latinoheat! says:

    phggtz gonna be phagz…..

    but tro0o0 disneypunk > tro0o0o pop-punk

  20. Chop It Up says:

    This song can be be properly categorized as Vaginacore.

  21. Void Eater says:

    I non ironically love how both the previous post and the succeeding post are about Emmure merch for females!

  22. pat says:

    this website is shit, and this article is disgusting. you dont know this band, their music or anything about them so stop labeling people, because of a “grassy field” and go do something better with your time. your just jealous they have a good band. they played at Warped tour, opened for abandon all ships, woe is me, etc etc. like grow the fk up

  23. Musicneversleeps says:

    So now we can all see why so many people feel discouraged about starting bands, cause assholes like you think it’s your birth right to bash music you don’t like. Everyone is different and will like different styles of music. For you to sit there and bash people who are doing what they love that’s just sad. You clearly havent accomplished much if you need to hide behind a computer screen to make fun of a band for doing a grassy video. Get a life. Music is something to be cherished and loved. That’s how it was always intended to be. But people like you and all the other “followers” you may have are ruining the image for music , music used to be about expressin yourself. Some people have musical talent and others just don’t. But to bash somebody for expressing themselves that’s an all time low. It’s people like you who ruin the good things in life. Well karmas a bitch so you will one day get yours but for now all I have to say is go fuck yourself.

    • Sergeant D says:

      strong butthurt. Were you raeging too hard to notice the part where we all said the song was really good?

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      Sorry for ruining all the good things in your whole life bro!
      Also sorry that this one blog is the sole reason why some insecure betas are scared to start a band and express themselves :( makes me feel bad.
      Proceeding to go fuck myself right now, like you asked.

      Please.. Be safe!

  24. LOLYODA says:

    These guys are the biggest fags in Canada.

    As a Canadian, I say this in full confidence.

  25. Jake says:

    For starters disney punk or bubblegum punk is a term for pop punk bands because punk shouldn’t poppy. And for someone to come on here and make fun of ones style and music choice is hypocritical, like I think these guys suck but I’m not going to make a rant about it on some shitty website. I’m a pretty diverse person when it music, when you rip on these guys you’re just as bad as the people who rip on your lifestyle and music. Now I’m a punk so it doesn’t give me much room to speak cause I really dislike pop punk bands or whatever those pussies call themselves because punk or hardcore has true meaning instead of looking cool and being famous. If this was a real punk band they wouldn’t be focused on being famous they would be concerned about playing for themselves and no one else. The biggest punk of them all Joe Strummer stopped playing stadiums and huge tours because the clash was to famous. Now these guys could be trying to get famous or they’re doing it for just the music either way don’t rip bands when you don’t know shit.

  26. Dirty says:

    Looks like the guys in this band found your site. Real punks don’t use computers they are to busy looking for waffle bottoms and jean jackets with the sleeves cut off

  27. Casey Jones says:

    Hey man, I’d fucking love to have my band on Disney label. Wear a purity ring and act Christian on stage and on interviews, attract a billion females to me and fuck them left right and center behind the scene. And then have 2 billion haters while being a rich hater, that’s what it’s all about

  28. Lawrence says:

    Go to the actual YouTube there’s more views than people you’ll ever see sitting behind this dirty blog of yours , you don’t know shit lmao this blog goes with the URL adress tho , this blog is something people will hate

  29. Dan says:

    This song sounds incredibly uninspired… Do the guys even like the tunes they’re writing or is it just a flat recording…? There isn’t an ounce
    Of originality in this song and it comes off as superficial… They look quite young so it’s fair to say perhaps stronger songwriting skills will
    Come as they do it more. Where are the dynamics and why should I listen to this band over the 10 000 other blink 182 stalkers?

  30. Lawrence says:

    yet this site is still so unproductive. Troll.

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      Thats the best you could come up with? Your gay little rant got destroyed by simple figures and your comeback is to call him a troll???

      Good luck with your Convincing people they suck goals in 2012

  31. Dirty says:

    YouTube increaser most likely. Let’s get dem plays up doods

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