Can you a fix a dubstep?? Click here!!

BRB going back to college*
(* is not accredited)

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26 Responses to Can you a fix a dubstep?? Click here!!

  1. Void Eater says:

    I’m doing very well in my profession as a crabcore dance choreographer, thank you very much.


    needs a corresponding want ad fronting for ID theft to complete the circle
    Primary duties include: assisting lead DUB STEP TECH I in original production, remixes and running decks
    Qualifications: Must have at least 5 years experience in each of the following: drops, builds, beats, stabs, melodies, and grooves.
    and somebody from full compass will step up and offer to pay to work for them

  3. Feathered_Derpent says:

    Yeeeeah, see your problem here is that your drop is just not going hard enough.

  4. SaveTheSkunkApes says:

    Obama wants moms to go back to school so they can learn about drops rather than just drop welfare babies.

  5. XD says:

    Every one must have a toatal of 355 wubs and 395 wobs by Thursday class dissmissed!

  6. Latinoheat! says:

    My class requires a 10 page paper on the Abraham Lincoln of dubsteb: skrillex! MLA style w/ abstract bibliography plz. And don’t forget to turn in Your wubs n wobs pro-tools mp3s by Thursday plz. I expect each n every one of you to bring your iMac notebook by valentines day as we have a very special dj tutorial by big chocolate n dj armin van tiesto dyke to see if any one of you want to eventually move on to the more advance degree of DJ-ing trance/house/electronic music and being producers n such… Okay class dismissed… Now go out there and play other peoples music!

  7. beholdthesharktopus says:

    Been thinking about majoring in Dubstep with a minor in Opening Up This Fucking Pit.

  8. darth spader says:

    i failed the entrance exam, air button mashing.

  9. beholdthesharktopus says:

    And sorta related……..
    This is a real thing. I laughed when they had this. This is like if they made guitar amps that only did Joey Sturgis tones.

  10. ge5undhe17 says:

    If you fix dubstep, it becomes……I dunno, The Chemical Brothers?

  11. SalviBro says:

    That ad has to be the biggest troll attempt ever. Who was the asshole that thought Dubstep actually takes talent and skill? Let alone go to school for it? rofl

  12. Godeye says:

    For when your dub just doesn’t step.

  13. wlfblnkt says:

    Yeah I was going to Wubba Wubba State for this, but I wasn’t learning anything I already knew, so I left to move back in with my parents and work at Applebee’s.

  14. cbone says:

    funniest comment section in SYWH history.

  15. Yd! says:

    Today’s lesson plan shall include the art and history of the wub wub and also the new technique of pressing play on your iTunes while prettenting to push buttons and twist nobs In front of a thousand douche bags on E

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