Grassy field video confronts the issue of HOMELESSNESS #makingadifference

FYI this band is European and they have different attitudes there so technically the guy in the capri pants does not ‘look gay’

If you are a superficial, impatient jerk who is probably also racist but tries to hide it, you will see the Orange amps in a grassy field at sunset, Telecasters, and drummer in a streetwear shirt and be like “Oh another pop-punk band singing about how they are friendzoned.” Well FYI you would be not only be wrong but also showing your true colors as a narrowminded bigot, because at the half-minute mark they reveal that this isn’t the shallow, angsty fluff that so many of today’s bands shove down your throat, but an unflinching look at an issue we should all feel very guilty about: HOMELESSNESS.

This video tells the inspirational, uplifting story of a filthy drifter who is drinking alone in a tunnel because something bad happened to him a long time ago and it really hurt him inside. Then he is out on some country road and is messing around with a bike in the weeds, and apparently something spiritual happens while he’s looking at the muddy tires tyres because he stands up and looks out across the countryside like “even though I have been through a lot of s*** I am not giving up brb choosing my own destiny.”

Then he runs through the weeds with the bike (not sure why since he is not using it, its probably a symbol for something from an Eastern religion) and *spoiler alert* comes face to face with the band standing there with their guitars!! Then there is a long shot where him and the singer are staring at each other. I can’t tell what is supposed to be happening but it seems like they want you to be overwhelmed with emotion so I am assuming that the alcoholic drifter is either the singer’s father or the singer himself, IDK. It could also be a metaphor that is supposed to make you think about something. Either way I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was a very powerful depiction of whatever it was they were trying to show!! Wow!

(if you want to learn more about this issue, listen to BBC because you can’t trust any of the corrupt American media. You can tell if your radio is tuned to the right station because they will have English accents.)

I bet this will be quite a story once you finally escape from your emotional turmoil. Please try to think happy thoughts, if you can. Bye for now.

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66 Responses to Grassy field video confronts the issue of HOMELESSNESS #makingadifference

  1. dope says:

    angty homeless-core

  2. Zoloft says:

    Capri pants are considered gay in europe too

  3. saywhat says:

    mirin’ that homeless dude’s Weezer sign

  4. jm6g90 says:

    first and last sentences are leaving me a bit confused…

  5. “Either way I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was a very powerful depiction of whatever it was they were trying to show!! Wow!”


  6. Void Eater says:

    Your story telling abilities put my Attack Attack story to shame. Fucking lol at “A very powerful depiction of whatever it was they were trying to show us”

  7. JFC Carbomb says:

    Wait a second did I see that right? I thought I saw a guy ride by on a bike and then BAM the homeless guy has a bike? Seems to me like that homeless guy probably deserves what he gets if he’s going to being stealing bikes from people like that

  8. Save Parker says:

    These guys know the homeless have the ability. Homeless are good and lovely. They love homeless.

  9. nonameisfinetoo says:

    Cleanest Hobo Ever.

  10. logdeezy says:

    lol’d hard at “brb choosing my own destiny”

  11. Maverick says:

    Homeless tunnel mosh A+++

  12. Isaac says:

    man i wish i could have a meaningful, fulfilling life like that homeless person instead of a terrible six-figure future like my dad wants

  13. junjunweet says:

    this reminds me of that stone sour video where stone sour is homeless but then they get rich somehow but they see past the lifestyles of the rich + the famous and decide to go back to being homeless.

  14. daniel says:

    lol at them not being able to recruit anyone to be the homeless man so they last resort to putting a wig on the singer. and lol at the band not even having/knowing someone who has a better bike than a saracen!

  15. Anonymous says:

    It’s like “Take This To Your Grave” era Fall Out Boy, only not nearly as fun or catchy.

  16. Da scorn says:

    obviously very fake….we only use girlbikes in the old world!

  17. Perry Stalsis says:

    Wow… They’re so aware, my head is nearly exploding at the sight of the outfit of Capri guy, he just looks like a straight up cunt

  18. Brononymous says:

    This video is just too deep for me to comprehend. When will it be my turn for enlightenment and self realization?

    • Sergeant D says:

      trying browsing the world religions section at barnes and noble. no need to buy anything, just browse and find a few titles that sound deep. then get a tattoo that is “inspired by” one of them.

      that should do the trick.

  19. Brah says:

    brb choosing my own destiny

  20. Godeye says:

    The real twist ending is that they have two different guitarists!!!

  21. Latinoheat!!! says:

    shits lame…. somebody gimme a camcorder so we can have this bum go at it with another hobo for a hogie!!!!!!


    • ANALBLASTER says:

      Except they’d be fighting for a crossiant, via being euros

      • Sergeant D says:

        In b4 a strike over croissant freshness grinds EU bumfights to a halt

        • ANALBLASTER says:

          HEADLINES: Bums’ Labor Union declares walk-off, down tools and forms a cardboard-box city in front of Michel’s Patisserie. Bakers are reportedly too scared to cross the picket line. French Army declines to intervene, via being cowards. More news at 6.

          • Anonymous says:

            Wait wut, what kind of world is it where the French actually have an army? I thought they just recruited a bunch of young art college students or something whenever the times called for it. I mean srsly, how else can you explain so many military defeats?

  22. dankmathuss says:

    a homeless man called me a rich fagget as I walked out of cost cutters this week. i bet he hates pop punk and friendship.

  23. derekpants says:

    Apparently when you’re homeless your hair immediately turns gray and wiggy. Even if you’re 26.

  24. chuck says:

    I do believe that drummer is wearing a DEEZ NUTS shirt, which is for sure a redeeming quality.

  25. Jimmy says:

    If they were really trying to raise awareness they would mention that a HUGE percentage of homeless are mentally ill, and this fact is revolting.

    If they were really trying to raise awareness they would actually do something for somebody, instead of just parading a fake homeless story around as if that means they care.

    If you care about something, you don’t care who sees you doing it.

    Let these actors have their praise, in 10 minutes we’ll have forgotten them and we can all go back to enjoying real music, no gimmicks required.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Jimmy no offense but u don’t know any of the people in this video or what they have been thru!!! i know for a FACT that they are very passionate about their music and yeah maybe they aren’t actually homeless people, but i feel like if ur passionate about ur art u can connect with people thru it and isn’t that what we are all here for????

      try to THINK before u post, have u heard of that????

    • RJG says:

      Can you point me to the “real music” genre? I searched for “real music + mediafire” on google blogsearch but nothing came up. :-/ HALP!

    • ANALBLASTER says:

      Jimmy this is just straight up MEAN. God blessed these young men with musical gifts and blessed their buddy with filming / editing skills. If you’ve been given gifts like these, it’s your responsibility to use them for the greater good!!! They’re bringing hard hitting visual realisations to the young and impressionable, the future world changers of our generation. They’re opening people’s eyes to the harsh realities of life under a European bridge and if they don’t do it, who will?

      Maybe they’re not cut out for direct action, and working on the streets with the homeless etc, but that doesn’t mean you should bring down their efforts to use their talents to open our eyes to this sickening problem!!!


    • Ray Sist says:

      hahahahahahahaha Jimmy you’re such a funny cunt

  26. suchjosh says:

    Strong Fall Out Boy vibe. This post is A+, TBS approved VERY FUNNY.

  27. cockpushup1 says:

    homeless guys a babe, if this doesnt promote homeless people getting laid i dont know what will

  28. swaggerslut says:

    I believe the singer of this band is actually a homeless man in real life! Ive heard you can find him on the mean streets of Brimingham UK. If i find him god help him, he’s an absolute babe!!

  29. skettysket says:

    im homeless and i would fuck the lot of them.

  30. black_Dick_Barry says:

    to be honest i think that your all a bunch of faggots , and u Americans are idiots , they all take it up the arse obvs look at them !!! proper queens !!

    tbh class band quality stuff top notch !!

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