I am fascinated by this photo of ENDWORLD #scumsluts

You may remember ENDWORLD as the lulzy Australian band who made that “YOU ARE A SCUM SLUT” video. They have a new video that’s mildly amusing, but I didn’t finish watching it because I am completely mesmerized by this incredibly awkward, weird photo of them.

A few thoughts, from left to right:

  • Grey shirt guy’s left arm looks all gimpy, like he just has a stump with a little flipper and some vienna sausages dangling off of it. Strong cerebral palsy pose, too.
  • Bro in the tank top caught in mid-derp, as though he is looking at a Youtube tutorial on how to make a W with your hands. “Wait, show me the middle part again?”
  • Guy in the middle pulling on his Lil Wayne shirt so you can see the graphic better. He is standing really stiff and has a super intense, focused look on his face like “So fucking stoked. This is my moment. My Weezy shirt is going to blow their minds.”
  • Why does the guy in the plain black shirt have massive hands that are twice as big as his face??? And is the guy to the right shooped in, or is he a fucking giant?? It’s not the perspective or lens, because the background isn’t warped, and the guy on the far left isn’t distorted.
  • Are they standing in a carport? It looks like the floor, walls and ceiling are all made of stucco. A stucco floor would be really weird. Do they have stucco floors in Australia??? So confused.

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55 Responses to I am fascinated by this photo of ENDWORLD #scumsluts

  1. Void Eater says:

    Probs not that he’s giant, but that everybody else in the band is skinny as fuck. Also, love the “wiggerish arm movements” tab.

  2. OBSCURE says:

    Anyone else think lil Wayne shirt bro looks EXACTLY like oli Sykes? It

  3. jm6g90 says:

    I just love how nervous they look making ironic gang poses, as if the NWA is gonna bust through the door any moment and put a cap in their cracker asses for disrepecting the hood

  4. cosk says:

    The dude in the black shirt bothers me. Holy shit his hands are GIANT. I know you pointed it out already and I’m not making a witty/funny comment about it (too tired), but holy shit.

  5. jm6g90 says:

    just noticed the oz bros in camo shorts: ur doing it wrong!

  6. Save Parker says:

    Notice the slight tilt to create uneasiness, but also the inclusion of the two big background lights to create symmetry. Seemingly clashing ideas that really serve to leave a feeling of imbalance while drawing attention towards Weezy bro as a centerpiece. Works to draw attention away to the bros who do not fit in on the outside, even tho you’re gonna notice how much they don’t fit in when analyzing the picture.

  7. King Krakken says:

    So.. which ones have ‘scumbag life goals’ and which one is going for the swimming scholarship to University of Melbourne??

    • Sergeant D says:

      lil weezy bro will be a lifelong burnout who always has some new band/works at a bar; guys on the far left and right will be done with music by 24 and be salesmen at a BMW dealership or something

      • Jonnyfilth says:

        It’ll be a few years before he’s working in a bar. Pretty sure he’s edge right now so once that fad passes, 99% certain that your guess will come true

    • VyceVictus says:

      GiantBro looks like he may have a future in the Australian Rugby Union

  8. Anonymous says:

    What happened to OTW nyquil addled drummer? Looks like he has been replaced with the Aryan Knight/Dolph Lungren clone.

  9. Dr. Unk says:

    Dolph Lundgren was my first thought too. And i think the rest of the bros forgot to show him how to sign the ‘W’ in this one and he panicked to try and mimic the rest of the band real quick.

  10. hankmccain says:

    I think my mind would be blown if I heard these bros talking in Australian accents.

  11. Jonnyfilth says:

    The answer to the most important question of all:
    No, Australian carports do not have stucco floors. Lol.

  12. Charlie Brown says:

    The pittsburgh pirates haven’t worn that hat since about 1998. I can’t believe any one still has one of those red pirate hats. Dude must be a die hard or just got super lucky at a thrift store. I am honestly really curious to hear about that via being a pirate die hard.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Played with this band in some dodgy venue, they sat inside the bar with each other basically the entire time up until their set, looked down on my friend for wearing a Judge rip off tee, all wore Endworld merch and then eventually when they played their Guitarist broke a strap and sat down most of their set and their bassist broke a string so just went and sat down in the crowd and watched. Oh yeah and like 10 people showed up, worst show ever.

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      I know that feel bro.
      I played a show with them and they took it super srs, and got mad as fuck that nobody was moshing for them so they called everyone cunts and went on a rant about how people shouldn’t even bother going to shows at all if they’re not going to mosh. Then two of their friends started spinkicking the shit out of the 15 year old kids standing around the sides. Also they sounded like they’d never actually practised any of their songs.

    • cougar party says:

      “when they played their Guitarist broke a strap and sat down most of their set and their bassist broke a string so just went and sat down in the crowd and watched.”

      Strong preparation.

      • Sergeant D says:

        “The show must go on! Without me, though. Can’t really ask to borrow a strap from one of the other bands since we called them all fake-ass faggots a minute ago.”

      • Harry says:

        Scherzi a parte, gli Armstrong? sono davvero iinderibcli, non vedo l’ora di vederli dal vivo, anche per trovare le piccole differenze tra i due gemellini (che non me ne abbiano a male!)..

  14. yonder says:

    Is it me, or are those two identical pairs of camo shorts that I see there? Also, weezy bro’s stiff pose makes him look like one of those stand-up cardboard cutouts.

  15. Godeye says:

    Mirin that new logo.

  16. ge5undhe17 says:

    Those naruto hand signs read:

    E W E W O O (lol pulling shirt) E W EW

    EW=End World

    Pulling jutsus

  17. J_hunter says:

    Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight…etc

  18. Latinoheat!! says:

    fucken foto reminds me of those magic eye/wheres waldo books n shit….

    the retardness of looking for something a photo…. mind=blown!!!

    • eurotrash says:

      Matching camo shorts bros must be real brothers or even twins IMO. They have the same pair of 10$ H&M loafers. Can’t be a coincidence.
      As a side note: is having identical twins in a band the sure-fire way to hot threesomes with scene chicks? Is it going to be a trend? Twincore is a thing?

  19. Lo-Rez says:

    pretty sure they tried to fight a whole bunch of people at some venue in some kind of misguided firestorm? Then everyone bagged the fuck out of them and they got even more butthurt so perhaps they got dolph lungren in the band so when they try to front on people someone might actually be scared.

    confirm/deny Jonnyfilth?

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      I’ve heard of them doing lots of stupid shit like that. Don’t know the exact situation you’re referring to but I would not be surprised if that’s true.
      This tumblr has a perfect macro on it, scroll down and you’ll see:


      Describes them perfectly. Also, super lulzy site for anyone who lives around Brisbane / knows anyone from the Brisbane scene. Lots of my bros are on there, lol

      • Lo-Rez says:

        haha I notice some shit about this band popped up with some of my brisbane mates.

      • Jeffrey says:

        I’m fine with the idiots who throw away their money on buinyg shitty music chalk it up to a matter of personal preference and the never ending quest to look cool and hopefully get laid but I do take issue when tax payers dollars are involved and wrist slaps are postponed for dental reasons? Boo. Has the court not seen that blinged out grill? E-bay that to pay for his incarceration!

  20. MagitBuzz says:

    They came to my town and basically did the same thing that’s been said on other comments. A show which started with 50 people dropped to ten by the time their second song had finished and they got mega butthurt about it and started abusing everyone. Before they were even on the singer had brought a knife into the moshpit and was trying to fight people and after their set was finished they demolished the men’s room and put shit all over the walls.

    Also did anyone else know that there are n00dz of the guy in the Weezy shirt and the guy with freakishly big hands on Isanyoneup?

  21. King Krakken says:

    Also did anyone else know that there are n00dz of the guy in the Weezy shirt and the guy with freakishly big hands on Isanyoneup?

    DO NOT WANT!!!

  22. muffxmuff says:

    Yeah my band is the one they got butthurt about playing Firestorm. Some of their mates where at the gig and they went nuts when we played it, it was pretty cool but some how we disrespected Endworld and they jumped our singer out the front of a venue. Whole situation is lulzy as fuck and what makes it even better is I am a sick cunt.

  23. Anonymous says:

    ^ 1v1 slick rick would destroy

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