MAJOR LEAGUE: not sheriff sweet easycore or ghey friendzonecore

“music means everything 2 us // u guise r family this moment is so amzing”

It hurts to say, but lettuce be reel: easycore is on life support. For a minute it looked like it was going to be The Next Big Thing, but the unfortunate reality is that most of the OG EZ bands have either broken up or turned into srscore/tr00 pop-punk :(  Other than a handful of bands like City Lights and In Her Own Words who are keeping it real, new easycore bands are few and far between and I’m always stoked when I discover an easycore band that I somehow overlooked. Sort of like on Antiques Roadshow when the guy is like “OMG this is the most pristine Victorian buttplug I have ever seen, the brass is barely tarnished!”

Which brings me to MAJOR LEAGUE, who have me very conflicted. I really WANT to like them, but I can’t tell if I should… review the evidence below and tell me what you guise think. Halp!

Check this video out and you’ll see why I’m so conflicted. The music is totally on point, really good easycore/pop-punk but MY GOD THESE FRIENDZONE LYRICS:

I stole some pictures from your scrapbooks to take with me
So I feel like I’m safe at home
It’s like I’m in your room when I can’t sleep
But this time it’s the passing lights that are from the road
I’ll write you a letter once a week
To let you know where we are and what I’ve been thinking
Please don’t forget to write me cause I can’t stand this separation

The last line is literally one small step from PLEASE RESPOND, not to mention the generally strong stalker/10 vibe: (Silence Of The Lambs voice) “No, it’s fine… stay out at last as you want. I’ll be right here waiting for you, looking through your scrapbooks.”

Again, totally feeling the music but really, really struggling with the lyrics, which seem to be about getting friend-dumped by your (male) bff. It sucks when you grow apart from your friends and all but this makes me feel super awkward like if your bro suddenly broke down crying in front of you and asked you to hold him. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since they ARE from New Jersey, the home of friendzonecore.

I think I’ll just stick to their first EP, when they still had double bass and breakdowns… that awkward moment when you are non-ironically the “No breakdowns? Not music” kid :/

In b4 tr00 pop-punk girl holds these up in her next video

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32 Responses to MAJOR LEAGUE: not sheriff sweet easycore or ghey friendzonecore

  1. uppercut613 says:

    didnt like the first song… too slow/boring. i liked the second song more (faster and less ghey) but still not too into it. from the way the third song sounds, the old stuff was better but still meh.

    easycore IS on life support but that “for the win” band you posted a while back is releasing an EP soon, so that should be good.

    also, sail to north is releasing an album soon and they are great. possibly the biggest chunk, no captain chunk rip off since can’t bear this party. i guess all easycore bands from france sound the same. check out this video .. warning: contains copious amounts of fun

  2. Lear says:

    This style is what I actually think of as pop-punk. Not just guys shouting serious lyrics hoarsely over octave chords, but I realize things change. Are friendzonecore and easycore just the sub-genres?

    Please advise.

  3. alanso says:

    To me, these guys are another one of those bands who tag themselves as ‘easycore’ ‘a day to remember’ and ‘chunk! no captain chunk!’ on youtube so they show up in the recommedations after watching some sweet breakdown filled shenanigans and generally bum me out.

    Tbh I think City Lights just about make it into the easycore barrel and now it’s being scraped clean :(

    Still tho, hoping for more stuff like Can’t Bear This Party, where progression hasn’t meant the stuff being less fun (so far)

  4. suchjosh says:

    The first video has got some really lulzy emotional glances at the camera, and I love how every member has a mic so they can add those crucial “oooooo’s”.

  5. Yd! says:

    Fot the win! I played a gig with those dudes still got the flyer to bad my band broke up ehhh who cares hahaha

  6. dope says:

    death to chunk no captain chunk!

  7. Matt Pinfield says:

    i can’t wait until they all turn 28 and become regretcore (via poor life choices via siqq gauges/ neck tats).

  8. Void Eater says:

    Always just thought of these guys as slightly heavier tr00 pop punk, but I like them, glad to see you do too. :) Stay posi brah.

  9. Christopher says:

    I’m pretty into this. I think the lyrics on From States Away might be completely unforgivable, but I was fine with Some Kids Just Can’t Hang. Seemed more angry and bitter than pathetic to me.

  10. Save Parker says:

    If these guys were twice as fast with a straight vocalist I could probably really get down with it.

  11. Katen says:

    “that awkward moment when you are non-ironically the “No breakdowns? Not music” kid :/”

    So much truth. I was waiting for the ultra sick ADTR “DISRESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS” level breakdowns during all three videos. Son, I am disappoint.

  12. pl says:

    no breakdowns not music but nice haircuts guys srs

  13. Fuck The Clown says:

    This music is totally fucked up. Not backed

  14. emogoo says:

    Funny story, some girl that my girlfriend was friends with in high school used to bang their drummer hahaha

  15. Euro S says:

    Late to the comment section but I find it pretty funny how all those bands for tumblrsluts try to use ‘old-school’ aesthetics, but IRL only use iphones and prolly don’t even know that cd’s can be actually used more than once (to get the music into computer). For instance the first video and the vinyl, old camera and The Promise Ring record.

  16. quentin cbtp says:

    hey guys i’m from cbtp We are about to release 4 new songs from our new cd and it s not troo poppunk it’s just like ain’t no princess songs! also this band is good kisses from france!

  17. sem calcinha says:

    Adoro me mostrar peladinha na web cam

  18. Anthony says:

    If youre really running low on good easycoar bands then check out a place in time, a step ahead, and run for the skylines :o

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