OMG can’t wait for the ATTACK ATTACK documentary

Holding up my autographed RISE AGAINST CD. So stoked that I have something to remind me of the time I was face to face with the band who got me through my battle with anorexia. Hope they noticed that it was the limited edition digipak- like maybe later that night Tim was like “Zach did u see that kid who had the digipak he really stood out from all the other fans I can tell how much our music means to him.”

I know I’m talking too fast, but when I am in front of the camera I am just like “omg my mouth can’t keep up with my brain.” So much to say about the music that inspires me… I don’t have a lot of friends at my school but idc because I feel closer to my Youtube subscribers than any of them. THIS IS A FAMILY lol

I use a fake name on Twitter so I can say whatever I want and not worry if a kid from my school reads it!

Can’t wait for the ATTACK ATTACK docu to come out and tell the real story behind Austin’s departure from the band. I hope it is an unflinching, fearless snapshot of the raw emotions that everybody was feeling at the time. IDK I want to talk about this more but feel like I shouldn’t. Afraid I already talk too much about scene guys and I am not ready to come out of the closet yet.

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38 Responses to OMG can’t wait for the ATTACK ATTACK documentary

  1. sauce says:

    i’m fairly sure that the doc he’s talking about is being made by a guy i went to hs with.

    also, dat hat. what year is it?

  2. jmt says:

    this whole posts makes me unironically sad :(

  3. crucialbro says:

    awww…. he loves everything.

    • nustej says:

      Imagine how bad HE feels living in Puerto Rico, being surrounded by Puerto Ricans. Maybe someday he’ll move to New York, into a Puerto Rican neighborhood.
      777whosoever = XrickyXmartinX

  4. Bronson says:

    hey man great vid cant wait to see the attack attack documentary. i know you mentioned something about peurto rico but were at the attack attack CNCC TGI show yesterday in North Carolina?? dude i think i saw you ther e and if it was you that bitch was so fucked up for grabbing your hat and throwing it into the crowd after CNCC’s set. like, hello, its a mosh pit, people are going to mosh and if you cant handle that maybe you should just stay home!!!

    anyway man awesome video keep up the good work. so fucken jelly of that rise against cd btw. its so amazing how they really stand for something, but they also know how to treat there fans right. peace.

  5. Maverick says:

    I don’t see why he’s so excited. I have a signed copy of the first R.A. CD–but only because my friend was literally throwing it in the trash, and I said, “wait, I kinda like some of their songs. Oh, it’s signed, that’s cool, I guess. Thanks.”

  6. Kevbot says:

    I never realized Austin Carlisle’s last name was pronounced “car-lie-ul.” I always read it as “Carlie.” I think Im gonna keep it going as an affectionate nickname type of thing.

  7. jm6g90 says:

    Remember when I was working on our college magazine, and someone suggested doing na article on male anorexia, and everyone gave me the deepest evilz when I half laughingly said “there are guys with anorexia??”

  8. Chris says:

    this is what happens to the kids who dont pass gang initiation in puerto rico

  9. Void Eater says:

    I was going to write a post about this guy. :(

  10. King Krakken says:

    Dead srs question – Why wont ‘The Nightmare Before XMas’ end?!? What the fuck is the eternal attraction to emo kids?? As in, I was a moderately young guy when that movie came out.. it’s time to move on!!

    • Walker says:

      Its an ok movie, but the obsession with it, especially by ‘alt’ girls is mindboggling. Someone I know got a huge tattoo of the skeleton on their arm and when I saw it every fiber of my being wanted me to scream THATS THE GAYEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

    • Bronson says:

      Srs response: ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas” probably endures in popularity amongst young alternative people because it gives them an easy means of indulging their natural predilection for Disney (which they grew up around, and is ingrained into their childhood/youth experience) without having to resign their “I am a dark and special individual” image/mindset. In short, liking TNBC is more aesthetically consistent to quasi goths/quirky young people than repping a Goofy sweater.

      Brb crying over the Oogie Boogie Man doll I thought I was going to get for Hanuka in 1993 but never did.

    • stonewall says:

      The “Jack Face” is a gang sign in Hondruas :(

    • Christopher says:

      I remember being 9 years old and every time my mom would take me to Kay Bee toys they’d have a clearance rack full of Nightmare Before Christmas toys that never sold. And I’d look at them, think about it for a while, and decide that one Exo-Squad figure would be more fun than a dozen Nightmare toys.

      Stupid nine year old me; if you’d bought that shit on clearance you could’ve sold it to rich emo kids for ten times what you paid! Why didn’t you think of the future!

      At some point Nightmare switched from being a “goth movie” to being an “emo movie”. And that was the exact moment I realized I was too old to understand the kids anymore.

  11. SaveTheSkunkApes says:

    “Attack Attack! U.S” as opposed to all of those other Attack Attack!s out there. So disappointed this documentary won’t be about Attack Attack! UAE.

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      My favourite is Attack Attack!(Bosnia) because their music videos are all about guerilla warfare and defying their brutal Serb oppressors. It has a way more authentic and gritty feel to it than that shitty American parody version that AA!(US) released a few months back.

  12. BSMitchell1 says:

    If I had an autographed RIse Against CD it would be my prized possession (srs). I usually don’t like ikeacore but I love RA.

    • Wintermute says:

      It’s ok to like the music, but who really cares about having the signatures of the people that make it? I like tacos, but I don’t want the guy that made them to sign the wrapper.

  13. JAShearman says:

    “It was a really bad break up”

    Hope you’re ok, please be safe :(

  14. Sergeant D says:

    SUP BRO!

  15. Skrillex Sex Party says:

    this is a p good post man im feelin this one

  16. ScratchmasterB says:

    Male anorexia is a huge thing. I suffered it. it’s real/ Very different form what women go through. I ran 14-16 mile a day. Just fucking hated myself. I’m not getting butthurt, just letting you know

  17. Dental_Damnation says:

    Who da fuck is Austin Carlisle?!

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