Stuff You Will Hate podcast: Episode 01

In the debut episode of the SYWHCast, Sergeant D is joined by cohost Alex Bigman of FIGHT FAIR and special guest BIG CHOCOLATE to discuss WARPED TOUR. After an awkward first few minutes we got our shit together, so bear with us.

Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes here, and please take a minute to review/rate it! Those are the biggest metrics for iTunes rankings so they’re a big help. Lettuce know what you think and what we should do for future episodes!

About Sergeant D

I was like yeah ok whatever
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55 Responses to Stuff You Will Hate podcast: Episode 01

  1. I don't get it says:

    Died at the intro music <3

  2. jm6g90 says:

    I’m currently in the process of listening to and typing up an interview with the dude from Napalm Death, and listening to you guys makes me glad I am not the only one who sounds like a faggot on the internet (srs)

  3. Void Eater says:

    Big Chocolate really likes to talk.

  4. alanso says:

    Gonna listen to the rest of it tomorrow, but my goth, so awkward so far haha. You’re hate club on twitter will be foaming at the gash writing up their critiques of it.

  5. Anon says:

    Interview Tr00 Pop-Punk Girl.

  6. Keka says:

    You all sound exactly the same (Except BC, who has a much worse mike). But yeah, I’ve done worse things with an hour. Well done getting this off the ground!

  7. Watt Par says:


  8. Sergeant D says:

    Damn serge can you sound even more of a faggot!?

  9. Randy420 says:

    It seemed like your bloody pad story made Big C really uncomfortable. I thought that awesome. Looking forward to more! (no homo)

  10. JFC Carbomb says:

    No way BVB are the next ICP fer sure

  11. Jonnyfilth says:

    I like how Bigman always has something to say but BIG C isn’t quite finished yet, and it gets real awkward due to skype lag.
    How often can we expect to hear your faggy voice bro??

  12. nustej says:

    Profusion of “Like, like, like” begins @ the 1 min 58 sec mark, impressive!

  13. ihavetheweirdestboner.jpg

  14. Walker says:

    ROFL at “you literally have to be an idiot to die at Warped Tour”

  15. Coffeemug says:

    backed. the awkwardness of the first part was rough bro, but things picked up. will do that itunes rating/subscribing later, keep em coming.

  16. Brononymous says:

    I enjoyed it! Big Chocolate was pretty entertaining but a tad long-winded. I laughed hard when BC said “jesus christ!” in response to Bigman saying how much money ICP made on merch.

  17. Hugh Mann says:

    <3 u serge but possibly too much patting on the back/circle jerk going on here. I suppose what I mean to say is that the content of the podcast doesn't feel very compatible with the content of your articles which, I enjoy, I should say.

    I may be being not fun.

  18. Latinoheat!!! says:

    nice intro p-cast bros….

    now you need an hourly topic just like jerry springer…
    an hour of idiotic rants, trailer/white trash, shit-talking about something n such… just like jerry springer…

    n gay ass phuk sounding fags even more faggy sounding than alex b n BC…. JUST LIKE JERRY SPRINGER!!! =D

    you also gotta get a calling/IM/chat Q & A sesh just like loveline to answer the idiot/tard cues of your loyal fanbase!!!

    let the trolling begin!!!!

    • Autodidact says:


      Possible questions:

      “What does Jess Bowen’s drum throne smell like after a set?”

      “Is it ok for me to be sexually attracted to Yoga pants, but not the women wearing them?”

      “Will you give me Tr00 Pop Punk Girl’s digits?”

      “Can get n00dz of Alex? Nohomo, just mirin aesthetics brah…”

    • Aussiecore says:

      There should be a “breakdown of the week”/”group chant call of the week” segment.

  19. Aussiecore says:

    Intro was funi. awkward pauses = comedic gold

  20. comrade V says:

    the ICP bit made me laugh for ages

  21. YANNO says:

    not mirin’ those phagy american accents brah

  22. K10 says:

    Reviewed, Subscribed.
    Can’t wait to hear moar.

  23. jesus fuck i wish more people on this site listened to O&A, because big chocolate is seriously reminding me of chip chipperson.

  24. zunathustra says:

    i) i lol’d @ sarge loling @ that austin carlile shirt

    ii) the single theme and going from there actually worked pretty well but like others said it could also be cool to get some st00pid segments to break things up; you could get that “pretending to be professional but really just shitting around” vibe.

    ii) the only parts i thought were awkward in a bad way were when someone would cut another off and there would be dat pause. maybe if you could get at least one co-host in the same room IRL that would help???

    • Sergeant D says:

      thanks dude!
      re: your last point, yes that’s the plan. ShawnYouWillHate lives down the street from me and will hopefully be cohosting on a regular basis (was busy having dinner with his dads Azerbaijani friends the night we did this one).

  25. Satan's Wormy Holiday says:

    You have the voice of a young Patrick Duffy Sgt D.

  26. VintageBush says:

    My favorite part was hearing Bigman eat throughout the beginning.

    Seriously though, good podcast.

  27. VyceVictus says:

    Holy fuck, from the DFG shirt video and this podcast, sounds like Big Cocoa is a major leauge aspie/ high functioning autistic. Which is to say, it makes for fantastically entertaining audio and he’d probably be a blast to hang out with. Great Job!

  28. xjamesxhartx says:

    kid died in kc during suiside silense wt

  29. anonmouse says:

    it would be cool if you picked random commenters or whatever from all over and have them share their lol band gossip/stories about smashin hoes etc.

  30. Hey bro, I’m so stoked for you! Very funny stuff, that story about the friend with the pad stuck to his head killed me. :]
    I think i saw on tumblr that you said Todd Jones of Nails might be a guest? Excellent! Huge boner (no homo). I have a couple other suggestions for possible guests: Mike Cheese of Gehenna would be cool to hear, I bet he would be down to talk about whatever. And, of course, Thanos Reignz! You could talk about conspiracy theories with him all day, plus ask him about what it is like to have sex while wearing a Darth Vader helmet!
    I think this is the start of a very good thing. :] Sarge be safe!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Was you posting the Howard stern vid last wk a result of you doing research for the pod cast? Plz b srs

  32. Honestabebread says:


    Also, I lol’d when Cameron called you SARGE

  33. Muhammad says:

    10 rounds + 6 KB Snatch on my left arm just coduln’t get number 7. Used a 30 box with 2 x 45# plates and a 52#KB. Also did my 6 x Ring Push Ups. Very happy with my bench max as i was only 10#’s off of my previous 1RM, which was at the end of a strength cycle.

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