That awkward moment when you can describe a ska punk music video as brutal

If they ever decide to go nu metal they won’t have to change a thing.

When I found ELYSIUM I wasn’t sure what to expect. It’s one thing to still be jocking ska punk in 2012 but you add being Russian on top of that and it’s hard to expect anything but a disaster. However I choose to live life dangerously and by danger I mean potentially wasting a few minutes of my life listening to awful music on YouTube. What I heard was a surprisingly solid jam and what I saw is more brutal than most videos from death metal bands whose primary income is selling t-shirts to angry teens who want to piss off their parents and look tougher to their friends in the Magic The Gathering club.

After watching their music video for a track of which I don’t know the name because apparently they can’t be bothered to write their song titles in actual letters, I decided to check out a bit more about the band. Unfortunately I couldn’t find much because their site is written entirely in symbols from Stargate or something. I did however notice that all of their album covers look like hilariously bad anime.



  • Not a single dude in this crowd so I know for sure this won’t violate Sergeant D’s 6 month moratorium on metal posts
  • I’d compliment the Wayfarers but since they’re Russian we all know they’re knockoffs
  • This totally sounds like it could be the intro theme to an anime
  • 1:13 I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look so stoked about having a gun to their head
  • Mirin’ that cheap cartoon looking gunfire and blood effects
  • 1:58 being able to buy a cigar in Russia is like being able to afford a speedboat in America, the least you could do is learn how to light it properly
  • 2:20 they killed all of the women but spare the one dude not in the band they encounter, is Elysium subtly trying to let us know they’re gay?
  • Just noticed the bar’s name is apparently Tarantino, is this supposed to be a Russian ska punk tribute to Quentin Tarantino?
  • 4:03 is he seriously singing, “Zombie no cry”?
  • The most shocking part of this ending for me was that apparently someone can fit in the back of a Smart Car
  • Time for the zany outtakes, guys!
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35 Responses to That awkward moment when you can describe a ska punk music video as brutal

  1. god this is so fucking awesome
    tears in my eyes from laughing
    that video was srsly amazing

  2. YeahNoYeahBrah says:

    “Angry teens who want to piss off their parents and look tougher to their friends in the Magic The Gathering club.” Lol’d so hard, sounds like freshman year at college. This video. Yes.

  3. Chinny chin chins says:

    You had me at “written entIrely in symbols from stargate..”

  4. derekpants says:

    Spot on about it sounding like an anime intro theme. Sounds like its straight out of FLCL.

  5. Maverick says:

    Even after the Deuce video, the twist still got me.

  6. and I was like WUB WUB WUB says:

    In case you were wondering, the title of the song is “On the Top Floor”.

  7. Jonnyfilth says:


    My god their videos are pure lolz. Amazing gold nugget of hilarity.

  8. alanso says:

    Hahaha what the absolute fuck, such a clusterfuck of American things that Euros like! So naturally I <3 this video. My only regret is that they don't sing in horrible fake american accents/broken english.

  9. Latinoheat!!! says:

    Funny shit… But why kill the bomb model looking gringas!!! Even their brunettes have blue/green eyez!!! WTF lol… now that my uncle ruckus moment has passed I will say this: psshhh… Being Mexican/Latino/Hispanic/Chicano ( take ur pic liberal PC phggtz n ignorant GOP rednek white trash)I can fit more fuckin people in dat smart car on our way to mofuckin dodger stadium niggaz!!! W/ booz n food to sneak in biatches!!

    euros dat be jockin mediocre ‘merican flix/cultures will be euros jockin mediocre ‘merican flix/cultures….

    If only dem gueras can tell me if dey will be safe =/

    they can bite my dick off anytime >;-D

  10. Watt Par says:

    Sweet post. lol’d at “can’t be bothered to write their song names in actual letters.”

  11. Bonez4dunn says:

    It’s not cuneiform you ass wipe you don’t have to be Zechariah Sitchin to realize that….

  12. dankmathus says:

    the only thing sweeter is deathnote’s deathcore theme song.

    • and I was like WUB WUB WUB says:

      brah, Maximum the Hormone isn’t deathcore

      • Genre Defenition Police says:

        Yeah, fggt! Fuckin get it right! Don’t make me fine you for not correctly identifying the very gray blurry lines between johnras!!!

      • Chillin' says:

        By the way, Maximum the Hormone ISN’T on the Top 4 acceptable Screamo bands to like. Remember though, Nu-Metal shits on Screamo. That’s all I have to say.

  13. MadeRussianGirl says:

    It was just joke, russian brutal humor.
    tears in my eyes from laughing
    you made me mad. LOL)))

  14. Loftigluol says:

    Не понять вам, американцам, особенностей российского юмора =)

  15. LeXX says:

    U guyz completely out of your mind. It’s clear for me that band taking lulz of everything by their music as well as videos. It’s bummer if u don’t get it. Also, punk-rocks are pretty funny little things and taking it 2 much serious can turn you into old grouchy schmuck w/out any sence of humor.

    So good luck then xD

  16. Middle name is Michael says:

    I love Americans. But the person who wrote this text is noob and asshole

    from Russia with love.

    • and I was like WUB WUB WUB says:

      Успокойся, боже мой, он просто шутит над группой)) Всё что он пишет на этом блоге это комментария и мнение его.

      • Middle name is Michael says:

        Так понятно. Просто хотелось сказать мудаку пару ласковых. Ха! Только щас заметил, что я ошибок наделал. Ну да пох.

  17. Your Russian friend says:

    You fucking assholes, do not even know what their songs)
    Look better on their own rock band. You do not shit less.
    Elysium Group, whose work will not be evaluated objectively. You do not know the language, you do not know the topic of creativity, you do not know their position. If you do not understand that video – it’s funny, it just means that you degeniraty.

    With love from Russia.

  18. Your Russian friend says:

    Не играю) но близко

  19. Энергоблок says:

    Че так все психовать начали? Тут трололо разводят от безделия на дегенератском сайтике, а вы ведетесь, да еще и на инглише пытаетесь писать, чтобы “злодеи” поняли вас и затрепещали от ужаса) Нах они не сдались)

  20. Владимир says:

    pozakryvali mouth fucking beast!] -:> if you do not know the language! meaning you do not understand Pendosy!! and the judge does not have one right! All the original stuff! is no anime fuck! and certainly not like it! All of the guys with straight bullshit do not need! something does not suit you?? at 19:00 on the west! Call anyone you want to receive the fraternal pizdyuley!)) from the soul the soul of the spiritual soul!

  21. Владимир says:

    по ебалу нах сука)) ебать того ебать пидорасы сыкливые! я твой рот наоборот! XDD! будешь сосать у моего деда гнида!! привет от пацанов с района:)

  22. Энергоблок says:


  23. i don't get it says:

    wtfff happened here

  24. handsome sneak a peek at these guys

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