Tr00 pop punk girl is accused of being ‘tr00 pop punk girl’

nm, just chillin in my room, trying 2 decide which lyrics would look most meaningful on top of this blurry picture of a forest

There are some people who just seem to be lightning rods for internet raeg. Anything they say or do on the internets attracts legions of butthurt, angry fggts who just can’t resist sharing their excessively strong, unsolicted negative opinions. I am one of these people, and I am pretty sure tr00 pop punk girl is too, based on response to her latest video:

That awkward moment when you have the same musical taste as a 16 year-old girl

I am not sure why this would make anybody angry, because most of it is literally just her reading her iTunes playlist to the camera. Based on the fact that her last video generated 150 stangry, humorless comments on here, I can only conclude that (like me) she has that special gift of provoking directionless, lulzy raeg. The best part is that one of butthurt fggts used a SYWH meme:

I imagine him defiantly clicking the thumbs down button with a maniacal grin on his face, and shouting at his monitor “Take THAT, bitch!” Then from down the hall his mom says “I told you, we don’t use the b-word in this house!”

Stoked that someone used the phrase “tr00 pop punk” somewhere other than SYWH, but I am concerned that BlitzMaulPwn is drunk with power. Guise, the dislike button is not a toy! DISLIKES ARE FOREVER!! Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

<3 u butthurt fggts u make my world go round

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86 Responses to Tr00 pop punk girl is accused of being ‘tr00 pop punk girl’

  1. thecodelus says:

    But what if BlitzMaulPwn got “tr00 pop punk” from SWYH, and is a rogue reader who just doesn’t get it!?!?!!? :((((((((((

  2. brb going to the detroit date of TWY just to get a pic with her

  3. sweatdripsfrommyballs says:


  4. Save Parker says:

    That poor girl. Video is like an evolution of a scene kid, from Panic Disco jams, scenecore stuff of 2009, to the tr00 pop-punk. Tr00 pop punk bros definitely have the most easily damaged butts of all those groups.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Giggling in the aisles of Target at “easily damaged butts”

    • thetotalbro says:

      *at a doctors office somewhere in Pennsylvania*
      Alright, so you say your girlfriend just broke up with you? Mmmhmm… Right now the best thing we have for that is this copy of The Upsides. You’re going to have to listen to it at least once a day and go to TWY show whenever they are in town and sing along to their meaningful songs about being a misfit at college and that being everybody else’s fault, not your own. There are some strong side effects that include difficulty passing stool due to increased butthurt, increased need to whiteknight bitches who’ve friendzoned you on facebook, and possible crying at live shows. Please understand that this is only a temporary solution and abuse of this can lead to embarrassing tumblrs devoted to shitty bands ( Please, stay safe.

  5. Void Eater says:

    Anybody who provokes massive butthurt simply due to existing, such as Sergeant D, Oli Sykes, the Republican party, and this tr00 pop punk girl is a friend of mine.

  6. logdeezy says:

    can “DISLIKES ARE FOREVER!” be a new SYWH meme?

  7. The Ghost Inside <33. Seriously doe, we have pretty similar music tastes, which means I have a chance…..right???

    P.S. Terror and Reign Supreme too <3___<3

  8. ps3 has no games says:


  9. Keka says:

    I bet you this girl has a horde of friendzoned Wonder Years fans who’ll do her bidding. It’s the worst army ever, but hey.

  10. Sergio says:

    why the fuck is she wearing a beanie in her bedroom?

  11. Feathered_Derpent says:

    I do not get the rage.
    She legit seems like that totally cool person who would be great to chill with. Srsly this is the least annoying vlog by a 16 year old I have seen, she comes off as totally pleasant, what the fuck is with the rage?

  12. a sensitive man says:

    Best line: “I see this guy in white skinny jeans wearing a A Day to Remember shirt with his girlfriend and they’re like ‘I’m so brutal!’ and I’m like, I would totally destroy them in the pit…”

  13. Telly says:

    Guys, I hate to be the one to bring this up, but that band list drops some significant hints of a future as a indie/hipster type. Enjoy this girl until she goes to college in 2 years and it all falls apart.

    Would totally friendzone out with her at a Verse reunion show in the meantime though.

  14. nochance says:

    [not quite on topic post] Just kinda sad that this whole situation exists. A girl posting her thoughts (worthless to begin with) on what music she likes (+1 worthlessness) then people reacting to it (why?) in a negative way (i get this part). Why can’t the internet just be for humor, edification, and porn like it was meant to be. Spent about an hour today surfing through fat girls’ tumblr’s where they encourage each other to be happy being fat and groedy and almost gave myself a headache from shaking it left-to-right so frequently. I dig a chunky bitch, but because of the phenomenon of YouTube, there’s a network of terrible people giving validity to each other instead of the real world telling them to change for the better. I dunno, maybe i’m just a misogynist, but i get angry, too. This guy might be wasting his breath on something that matters alot less to the betterment of society, but i get the rage.

    • Urethra Franklin says:

      All I got from your srs rant was the word “groedy”
      I want to thank you for this, I had forgotten about that word and am forever in debt to you for re-giving me the most wonderful word ever.

    • Sergeant D says:

      slay dem whales brah no fux

    • dope says:

      “because of the phenomenon of YouTube, there’s a network of terrible people giving validity to each other instead of the real world telling them to change for the better.”

      yes. finally someone says it.

  15. Wintermute says:

    When I’m dictator everyone (especially high school kids) will have to publicly read their itunes artist list. That way no one can secretly love any band/genre or feel ashamed about what they listen to.

    We’ll all have really sweet uniforms too.

  16. ge5undhe17 says:

    Woohoo! you maded a meem! tr00 pop punk chick is tr00

  17. Isaac says:

    In all fairness I feel my comments were comfortably indifferent

  18. Engerland says:

    Let’s focus on what’s important: she’s the epitome of cuteness. The fact that she likes SOME good bands and has that adorable East Coast accent (I’m English) only adds to the appeal. Judging by the number of ” marry me <3" comments on the OG vid suggests this is a common opinion.

    Trying to ignore the "I should listen to more sxe hardcore", "I like Your Demise"…

  19. nustej says:

    My Macbook rebooted (over & over again) when she was halfway through the Lights/Owl City story, CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!

  20. this guy has the comments says:

    I think the only thing that gets me anally anihallated anymore is the thought that other people let hilarious stuff like this crucify their colons. But even then, it’s more funny than anything.

  21. Mr u Suk says:

    I use the phrase Tr00 Pop Punk at work, and I work at a radio station.

    we don’t actually play any, but w/e

  22. Skrillex Sex Party says:

    i, too am obsessed over some girl on the internet lol let me write a few articles about her did i metnion that i have some weird ass opinions on gender issues

  23. Brah says:

    The last time you posted this girl you got like 100 normal replies, 10 stangry replies, 4-5 joke responses, and 50 replies about how SYWH isn’t fun or cool anymore and how bad the comments suck. The video comments were like 100% wife requests tho.

    Now she’s posted again and the video comments are full of hate and the SYWH comments are all p. chill… so did SYWH posters miss a trend? Are we trend setters? Did we not “get it”? Are we too told and not “getting it” now??? Am I 100 years old? Do I drive a Subaru and listen to NPR now?

    • roger_camden says:

      we’re toldasaurus rex

      • Brah says:

        I don’t know what this means. Is hating on little girls the Next Big Thing is what I’m asking?? Will the NFC of tr00 pop punk start singling out and excluding cute fun girls ala rockabilly/roller derby?? I want 2 know :(

        • Da Scorn says:

          the thing is, hating internet girls (cool or annoying) were a 2005 thing and got already boring by beginning of 2006 (took some massive proportion at that time)

          such a girly video with 150 comments with a few negatives thrown in isnt anything new or spectacular at all…probably already existed on usenet (no video;)) …

          its not a trend, it not even interesting at all, has alway existed, will always exist (as morons do)

          D just seems to feel like he HAS to post every day to keep us coming back. Of course if you post everyday, u post a lot of boring shit…(not a critic, just a fact)

          • Sergeant D says:

            thank you for your opinion. this is a good opinion.

          • Chillin' says:

            You know dude, you’re doing the whole “overanalyzing dumb shit” in a painfully unfunny and really unchill way. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re supposed to be “Trolling” us, but it isn’t trolling if everyone realizes you’re making an ass out of yourself and the “anger” generated is mere annoyance that you’re ruining the otherwise good vibe.

            “Legitimate” trolling would be poking fun of something legitimately stupid in a humorous way and exploiting people’s misguided sensitivity or gullibility (ie: people getting mad about phrases like “racist against gays,” typing essays about why it isn’t “racism” against gays and how that phrase demonstrates that everyone at SYWH is misogynist and close-minded)

            Hate to be honest and post a srs comment but man you need the #realtalk #srsunfunnyposts

          • Jonnyfilth says:

            the thing is, being a terrible asshole (cool or annoying) were a 2005 thing and got already boring by beginning of 2006 (took some massive proportion at that time)

            Your stupid fucking opinion isnt anything new or spectacular at all…probably already existed on usenet (no video;)) …

            You’re not a trend, You’re not even interesting at all, you’ve alway existed, will always exist (as morons do)

            Da Scorn just seems to feel like he HAS to comment on every post to feel superior. Of course everyday u post a lot of retarded shit…(just a fact)

          • EUROS R SO FUNNY says:

            Srs, why do you bother coming here and reading all the “boring” articles that you hate SOO much and then writing 3 page essays on how Sarge is a dumb faggot and you’re superior???

  24. roger_camden says:

    “I don’t listen to a lot of straight-edge hardcore, but I probably should.”

    Nah, skip it.

  25. Latinoheat!!! says:

    wow.. just wow….

    first off i would like to say thanks for the peep that introduced the white word of the day which = “groedy”. I member going to anonymous mexican high school (via going to “insert dead president last name here” high living in one of the ghettos of el-lay) n making fun of people that said “white” words….. funny shit lolz. for example,” she has the HOTS for me!!” etc….

    second. this girl is fucken cute…. skinny cuteness was what the high school me would automatically smash on site all the time. which brings me to the sadness that i have to say why the fuck is it that i never met chix like this back in the day (early to mid 00s) cuz all i was surrounded by was hot cheetos-eating, babyhaving, ignorant ranchero/reggeaton/chicano or gangster rap/top40 listening mexi girlz… but then i member… “oh yea… my moms cames from 3rd world central american country which = ghetto ignorant poorness upbringing n struggling to break outta this cycle baby!!” n besides…. she wouldn’t hang in a cannibal corpse pit yo!!!

    n o yea….. in response to that pitty beanie, all i gotta say is the typical brown latin saying we all say round these parts : “RAIDER NATION EY!!!”

    no (butt teehee) fux given =D

    THE NEXT SYWH SHIRT = “Though you swear that you are TRo0, I still pick Sgt. D over you!!!”
    [eazy-e or impact font]

  26. Anonymous says:

    To be fair, the majority of the posts on the first tr00 pop punk girl post weren’t stangry. If you scroll past them, it’s only like 15% of the posts. Unbelievable how a few party poopers can ruin a party!

  27. Octahedron says:

    So am I the only one who thinks the girl isn’t cute at all?

  28. cameron ' bigchoooococo' argon says:

    Was watching this like I watch/read every other WYWH post.. Heard my name… LOL’d

  29. AndySixxBitches says:

    “I just know I would destroy them the pit”
    Am I the only one who loled at that?

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