Why do people think old stuff is cool??

Classifying and categorizing the various kinds of annoying, snobby tryhards that express themselves on the internet is a challenging task to say the least. There’s a seemingly infinite number of different varieties, from Tumblrsluts to IMNs to rockabilly turds and so on, ad nauseum. However, they all seem to have on thing in common: the irritating assumption that old stuff is cool.

‘as u can see from my tattoos i am into a lot of stuff that poor people/OTWs created a long time ago. if u want a long-winded, inaccurate explanation of any of it just let me know’

For example, the asshole in this photo has Sailor Jerry tattoos of antique ships/anchors/other 1930s grandpa imagery, a Dia de los Muertes skull, and most prominently of all, a cassette with “BLACK FLAG” hand-written on it. This irritates me a lot, especially the cassette part. Why do people think that listening to music on old media formats like vinyl or cassettes is some kind of amazing fucking accomplishment that you should be impressed by?? Why do they think old stuff in general is so cool??

I thought of three possible explanations:

  • Sour Grapes: “If I make it look like I rejected current popular culture because it’s ‘shallow and fake,’ nobody will notice that *I* am the one who got rejected.” AKA, “I did it because I wanted to, not because you told me to!!”
  • Rose Colored Glasses: When people who worship stuff that was before their time (eg, 17 year-old neo-thrash kids), it’s because they never saw it firsthand and don’t realize that it actually kind of sucked compared to their idealized vision of it. And then there are oldfags who cling to the past, only remembering the good parts and none of the bad. Remember, for every awesome 90s band like Earth Crisis there were a dozen like Knapsack, Campfire and Ashes!!
  • Special Snowflake Syndrome (SSS): If you are ‘really into something that other ppl don’t know about’ then you must be a spesh snowie with really sophisticated taste and/or a ‘really cool way of looking at things.’ For example, there is the old standby of loudly declaring “I don’t even own a TV” when other people are talking about some show they like (pat yourself on the back, u totally showed them how shallow and meaningless their lives are). See also the guy who ‘doesn’t have an iPhone because he doesn’t want to get sucked into all that gimmicky bullshit.’

Pls rspnd.

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  1. Sergeant D says:

    My blog post just keep getting funnier and funnier! god im so proud of my self

  2. Chillin' says:

    My best guess with teens is a combination of Rose Colored Glasses via lulzy naivety and a desire to express their angst (which they often term “individuality” or “self-expression”). For example, they realize that at some level they’re just dumb teens and that they do stupid things but rather than do the mature thing and just not take themselves seriously, they decide that maybe if they act like the mature oldfags that call them out on their shit (aka join the old, grouchy NFC) then maybe they’ll get accepted and be able to ridicule their peers while avoiding the unnerving disapproval of the “elders.”

    Unfortunately for them, the only people that REALLY care about what teens are into and what their opinions are are usually oldfags clinging to the past AKA adults nobody gives a fuck about and who are probably huge fuck-ups. Hence you’ll see Youtube comments with “I’m only 12 but I get what Thrash is really about!” or some other nonsense and then all the grimy 40 year old virgins that think they’re sweet because they know some irrelevant fact like what Slayer’s first demo was will go on and praise them. Receiving praise from someone older than themselves will make them feel accomplished and they will continue to worship old stuff, never realizing they’re getting validation from someone less respectable than the hot tumblrslut that sits next to them in class but Friendzoned them the minute they began repping dumb shit from the past. On a side-note, as they mature from the oldfag-praise phase, all the hard-core FZ’ing these teens have been put through will lead to a tr00 phase (via connecting with a bunch of beardos), which, as we all know, leads to hipsterdom, so on so forth.

    This is my thesis for SYWH College. Sarge, rate my paper!

  3. Void Eater says:

    My best guess is that people have different tastes in music and a lot of them just happen to prefer older stuff. However, as somebody who once used listening to old music as a way to cover up for being a shallow dumb person, you are indeed generally correct.

    • Chillin' says:

      >However, as somebody who once used listening to old music as a way to cover up for being a shallow dumb person

      We all know that feel bro :(

      • Void Eater says:

        I still do listen mainly to stuff from the 80′s but don’t flaunt it, and if somebody asks me what I listen to, rather than saying, “I listen to Real Old School Death Metal, rather than all that poser scene crap!”, I just say, “I listen to a lot of rock”. Makes life easier and doesn’t piss people off.

        • Chillin' says:

          Same here, or I even make fun of the stuff I like. I was with a lite-indie chick (listens to indie but isn’t hipster or really quirky, next best thing to mnstrm bishes) and when she asked me what I listened to, I just said dumb metal music and old rock that’s kinda cool to listen to. Nothing degrading to myself, but recognizing that what’s on my playlist is very unconventional. It worked well, stabbed the gutz right after, and been doing it ever since. Haven’t run into any problems thus far.

  4. wlflbnkt says:

    The real question about that Black Flag tape tattoo is – does it represent the day when you learned Green Day was only for posers so you put scotch tape over the write-protect holes on your copy of Dookie to dub it over???

    • Brah says:

      scotch tape + write-protect holes = amazing. did this with a wallflowers tape once to record limp bizkit’s counterfeit off of the radio. (srs)

  5. Save Parker says:

    People that dislike one song on the radio -> Oh, classic rock must be the only good music ever. Guess music started sucking thirty years ago.

    There is just so much more music these days, and I like pretty much all of it better than pretty much everything people jock cause its old. Some of its good, but I’d rather have music from the future any day.

  6. ChinnyChinChins says:

    God, the special snowflakes are the absolute worst IMO. I tend to give the 17 yr old thrash kids a pass (unless theyre over the top obnoxious) because pretty much all you do when youre 17 is act like youre older/cooler/funnier than you are. But everytime i here some college chick say ” GAWD its like i can only listen to bob dylan/patti smith/whatever other pseudo-intellectual shit because thats when music was REEEAL, they actually had SOMETHING TO SAY” i just completely tune out. Congratulations, you read 3 Ginsberg poems and are now a master of social commentary. Goes hand in hand with “I dont even have a TV”

  7. dza says:

    angry post. sgt d, embrace your anger; submit to the dark side!

  8. Obsequium Mindris says:

    People say older stuff is better than stuff of today because they are too stupid/ignorant/lazy to see/try to find good things of today.

  9. steez Messiah says:

    Backed. Are Guns ‘N Roses even that good, I mean c’mon it took like 17 years to see the light of day. Think of all the music real artists like Emmure can release in that time span. Shit they’d put out like 17 albums all better than Chyneez DemOcrazy. Honestly tho, if all the classic rock made 30-40 years ago was released now it would sound like the gayest shitfest of cock rock to ever happen and everyone would hate it like that extroverted nerd who never shuts up in your english class.

  10. Christopher says:

    Man, I was that 12 year old stick figure. Of course back than, we had N’Sync, not Justin Bieber. And I am just old enough to remember New Kids on The Block. I tend not to entirely get the hatred for Justin, just because surely he’s a pretty big step up from NKOTB? I feel like these days prefab boy bands are the best they’ve been since the Monkees.

    it’s because they never saw it firsthand and don’t realize that it actually kind of sucked compared to their idealized vision of it.

    Isn’t that a good thing, though? If you like old shit, somebody has already gone to the trouble of forgetting about all the dumb crap, and you can go straight to the stuff everybody likes. With modern stuff, you have to listen to/watch a bunch of dumb shit because nobody knows yet what’ll be good or not.

    It just seems more convenient to me (Only half-kidding).

    Actually, I’m slightly more annoyed by people who think everything modern is by default more amazing than anything in the past. That’s the gateway drug to being an Apple fanboy, and that’s never pretty.

  11. Truffles says:

    Will admit I do collect vinyl, but certainly not for listening purposes. I collect because (a) one of the things that draws me to albums/bands is the artwork, it’s always nice and clear on a record sleeve (b) I feel there is something special about having a rare, limited copy of something, particularly hand numbered. From there I just like having one of each album by my favourite bands.

    I have listened to the odd one now and then and I don’t get why people are all “It sounds way better on vinyl.” Just seems like hipster audiophile fggtry. I can tell the difference between 320kb and 128kb mp3s, and cds sound different to records, but I’d never say it’s “superior” or “more authentic.”

  12. Martin Regnen says:

    Musicians are especially bad at this. “Oh, not all new music is bad, I kinda like CeeLo Green”. Yeah, no wonder you do, his songs sound like they’re from the 70s. Then again, if you’re a guitarist or something then it’s natural to dislike music which is threatening to make your skills irrelevant and useless. That basically fits under sour grapes, but at least they kinda have an excuse.

    I’ve been having some fun with those people, though. Just last night a guitarist was unscrewing a trem bar from her guitar and I was like “wow, I thought people stopped using those 20 years ago”. And whenever I record anybody’s vocals I have to do the “check this out, you gotta hear how you sound with totally blatant autotune” thing.

  13. HedgeCore says:

    When I see people dressed up in period costume, I imagine approaching them like a normal person is going to bum them out, as if they had a rennaissance fair force field around them, don’t talk normal to them, they want you in on the fantasy. There was a guy in my school that only wore stuff from the 1920′s, for example. If I asked him about the Dodgers, is he going to pretend they are in Brooklyn? taking hipster “before it was cool/never heard of” elitism to the time space continuum is too much for me to even consider.

  14. Walker says:

    1) Record collectors- IMO this is just a nerdy hobby like everyone has. I dont think this is much different from being in a raiding guild in WoW, playing D&D weekly or whatever, its just a way to spend disposable income that happens to be cooler than traditionally nerdy stuff.

    2) Coolness- Everything tends to be cool for one of two reasons: either it is a status symbol (e.g. expensive stuff) or it is a symbol of authenticity. Old stuff is cool because it is authentic

    3) Obviously, there are some trends of music that havent really been replicated since they were around 10, 20, whenever years ago and some people just really like certain sounds. I love early 90s industrial metal, and there hasnt really been anything like it since. b

  15. Anonymous says:

    I like some older bands because of the influence they’ve had on certain types of modern music that I’m into…but I’d say I’m still more into anything from the 90s up to today than any other “time period”. DOES THIS MEAN THAT I AM TTLY UNCULTURED AND NOT A TR00 MUSIC FAN????

  16. Ethan says:

    Too many friends like this. #feelsbadman

  17. Anonymous says:

    But I don’t own a iphone because I don’t use mobiles ever.

  18. Kvlt times Kvlt measvres says:

    Lol’d at the idea that people think Earth Crisis is awesome.

    • this guy has the comments says:

      Haha I used to pretend to like them around friends because I figured I’d get mad hate if I didn’t but there is honestly nothing appealing about them. Come at me D. And not fake shitty D, real awesome D.

  19. Justin says:

    Knapsack is better than Earth Crisis.

  20. Lewis Cox says:

    I know a guy who only listens to music that dates up to the 70′s. Talking to this dude about music has to be the most irritating thing ever, because he thinks all new music is a pile of shit. He wants to be a musician as well, but he really can’t be one if he doesn’t try out new music.

  21. refusetodie says:

    White people with Dia de Los Muertos skulls are the epitome of white foolishness

  22. DudeBro says:

    I don’t listen to anything past 2009, not would I ever associate with anyone who does. I wear shutter shades, neon skinny jeans, and have a Millionares tattoo. Bands today with their fake pompadours and Telecasters just don’t have any soul like Hollywood Undead did. I am typing this on my iPhone 3 GS, because I don’t want to get sucked up into that gimmicky iPhone 4 bullshit.

  23. jm6g90 says:

    I think a huge part of it is to do with the internet. In the past when oldz went on and on about how shit new stuff is and how cool the past was kids just tuned out and were like “w/e grandpa”, but now oldfagz will spam the youtube comment section and as someone said above, the kids won’t realise these dudes are fucking losers with nothing better to do with their time. Good example on a couple of posts on MetalSucks the other day.

  24. Latinoheat!!! says:

    hey HEY!!!
    i used to date a white girl w/ a dia de los muertos skull tattoo…. she likes mexicans more than white people… i think thats kickass!!!!
    yes that is white foolishness but its cute white foolishness….
    n besides id rather date a white girl w/ a dia de los muertos skull tattoo than a white girl with some kind of lame japanese symbol explaining “blah blah blah” or god forbid a hipster bitch w/ a lotus flower tattoo or a tape/vinyl/7″/soda pop jukebox machine tatt to signify her lame tryhardness…

    n o yea i still burn cd’s … im behind in the times w/ the format but i still listen to modern bands like (i’m prepared to take the heat bitches!!!): wormrot, alcest, earth,cynic, death, pantera, isis, asesino, alice in chains, immortal tech, psycho realm, M83, etc.. (cant w8 for da comments IMNs!!)


    • Perry Stalsis says:

      Calm it brah – it’s just Brian Warner.
      I myself have noticed the Calavera/sugar skull tattoos or whatever are far too prominent in Melbourne, the artists from the joint up the road for me seem largely responsible http://www.chapeltattoo.com/, I’d love to randomly test people’s knowledge of the real common pictures they have tattooed on them.
      And the Sailor Jerry stuff has really gone beyond bastardization and certainly saturation point, I don’t know what else to say, it’s ridiculous. FUCK that guy in the pic is just a walking cornucopia of beatdown invitations. It’s hard not to hate hard on this shiz
      IMO If a chick is tidy/cute enough the tattoos will NEVER be a hindrance, esp if you have some yourself (you can just go through with it telling yourself ‘oh I’ve been there before’) nahmean.
      Dude how fucking consistent are M83? I love their latest man, I honestly think it’s their best so far! NoH8hear. I couldn’t afford to see them, they only came through like a week ago for this massive hpstrfggt festival (Laneway) and they wanted too much $$$

      I personally don’t understand those who jock Zeppelin, Beatles etc. Sure Sabbath had some slammin’ tunes but I stopped listening to them when I stopped playing brutal legend. It’s gotta be SoFresh 4me, I dunno, I am that arsehole who would prefer to listen to the new, polished, refined band that mirrored the progenitor in almost every way, but like anything there’s always exceptions to the rule.

      • Latinoheat!!! says:

        oh god… those artists are just jocking my peoples cultures for dinero… i give props to them… capitalism is da shit!!! MAKE MONEY FUCK BITCHES is wut i say ….
        n yea m83 is chill as fuck… that midnight city song is just catchy as fuck…. i imagine those midnight city kids in the video going against the skrillex girl in that one video = the next X-MEN movie!! fucking epic n shit….

        i concur w/ you perry… nice to know i have a bro w/ good taste all da way in britain’s trashcan to send the criminals n shit back in da day…. now to go to sleep in southern cali…. its nearly 4:30am blokes… need sleep so i can face another day in the diverse workplace… must resist urge to not make fun of filipinos n their funny piggy noses… sorry i had to be mean for a sex but my future career will mean i have to see a bunch of their fat short moms everyday!! but whatever makes money will have to do…


        tagged under: covering up for being a shallow dumb person, longwinded explanations of your dumb opinions =]

  25. Lucifersmile says:

    Oh jesus christ, not Campfire. I remember their Backfire cover, still frightening.

  26. I don't get it says:

    My guess is that people who are failures in the present have to turn to the past to be cool

  27. Nightshift says:

    Sweet clipper ship stomach tat, anchor chestpiece and swallows, has this bro ever been on a boat?

  28. CallPastorJerkface says:

    When I was a teen I was listening to Neil Young, The Who and Jimi Hendrix on the one hand and (the then current sounds of) Slayer, Kreator and The Accused on the other. This was because I had/have a very narrow taste in music which I basically define as “mostly white guys but always with guitars”. At some point I realized that all eras of music had some diamonds and a heap of dross. And that all new music is based on something that came before it so it’s ridiculous to slag off the past as worthless. As well, there always has been and always will be new, exciting music being created. Saying that all good music died sometime after you were no longer able to keep up with changing trends is just a sign of aging (which doesn’t always lead to maturity).

    Wait, this response is inappropriate. Shit.

    • darth spader says:

      trends tend to be cyclic anyway. each generation has multitudes more dross then the previous one to find the diamonds from. i think its more future shock.

  29. Pie On Fire says:

    One thing I really don’t understand is when people, especially IMNs, complain that production these days is terrible and not as good as the old days. Maybe it’s because I’m 21, but production these days sounds fantastic, with much clearer instruments and cool shit like sub drops, vocoder and shit. I listen to old Overkill and Testament records, and the musicianship is great, but how could anyone suggest that it ‘sounds’ better than most stuff recorded today? And when Exodus re-recorded Bonded By Blood, IT SOUNDED BETTER. Same goes for Battle Hymns XXI.

    Bands didn’t record badly on purpose, it’s all they could do (well, except black metal, but you know, whatever…). So when I hear people complaining about modern production in regard to old production, I’d love to get a time machine, and take Let There Be blood back to Exodus in 1985. I bet they’d love it.

    • Chillin' says:

      What you’re forgetting is the basic IMN Formula. See, what they like is determined by what makes them more “metal” which is what is generally known to the public as whatever repels the most pussy.

      The Basic Formula goes like this:

      IMN’s Level Of Happiness=Amount of Abrasiveness and Unlikeability x Amount of Chicks Repelled x The Less of the Instruments You Can Hear (‘cuz no IMN listens to it for the music, they just do it b/c they have nothing better to do)

      So, as you can obviously see, low production value increases the value for ALL 3 variables in our equation, which makes IMN’s very happy indeed but makes anyone with functioning ears a sad, sad person.


      • Sergeant D says:

        I agree with all of this, except that I don’t think IMNs are happy people at all. So I would change it to “IMNs Level of Smug Satisfaction Projected To Compensate For Low Self-Esteem”

    • Anonymous says:

      There is a certain element of rawness lost in spending hours pitch correcting in pro tools etc. But in general new shit is recorded better and sounds accordingly.

    • Officer Dickhole, Scene Police says:

      Right, that’s a $5000 fine for infringing on the 6 month metal ban. Your blatant disregard for the law is frankly quite disturbing. That giant long winded story about boring, irrelevant, useless dinosaur bands will not go unpunished. You have the right to remain silent, and we pray that you do. You have the right to an attorney, if you can’t afford one you will be offered a scene-appointed attorney. Get in the car, nerd.

    • Martin Regnen says:

      I’ve heard that one from people who work at studios – they’ll complain that everything on the radio is “underproduced” and talk about how it’s all done too quickly and too cheaply these days. Yeah, that’s stupid, they’re probably just butthurt that the studio business is dying.

    • darth spader says:

      I think it comes from modern production sound like a techno song dressed up as metal while others prefer the sound of a bunch of people raging on their instruments in a room together.

  30. Sam Hain says:

    I like old stuff, although I like new stuff too. No fucks given.

  31. King Krakken says:

    There was a little trend a while back (’06 – ’08?) (with Boston HC bands at least) of putting their demos out on cassette. I was helping out a band doing exactly that and asked them why the fuck they would do that? Who even has a cassette player anyways? Just making your music harder to listen to, etc… Basically it boiled down to a way to ‘stand out’ in a crowded marketplace (SSS).

    Oh, and after a srs conversation with a tattoo artist friend over the Sailor Jerry tat popularity, his opinion is that 1. they are easy to do (ie, untalented tattoo parlors can crank them out), 2. everyone treats them as flash/copies them directly (unfulfilling to the artist if they care about that kind of thing) 3. kids only care about quick coverage – since this style is not very nuanced, you can cover both arms really quickly, vs getting long/detailed work done.

    • Bronson says:

      The cassette trend is alive and well. Since cds are now, to most people, both pointless to buy and untr00, I’ve been noticing lots of local hardcore bands switching over to cassettes (because it’s like, a cheap and easy way to get your music out) and vinyl exclusively. Personally, I’m holding onto my cds until they become retroactively cool again, once a) another decade passes, and b) people remember that cassettes are second in clunkiness only to 8-track players.

      • Save Parker says:

        You know what’s a cheap easy way to get your music out? The fuckin, internet, man. And you can get it to hundreds of people ways faster than you can hand out thirty cassettes people are gonna end up throwin down an alley to see how hard they are to break cause they definitely don’t have a cassette player anyway.

      • Maverick says:

        See, but at least with CDs, there’s a way you can pretty easily transmute it over to how we usually listen to music in 2012–put that fucker in your CD-ROM (lol) drive, wait for iTunes to open, and fucking hit import.

    • JAShearman says:

      Lots of grind/Pv/noise bands print on tapes, so annoying.
      Seriously, I like vinyl but tape is the fucking worst format out, can’t even play them without the player eating them and they warp in the heat.

    • Open Window Maniac says:

      Unfortunately bands still do it. I can’t wait for special snowflake bands to start putting out releases on wax phonograph cylinders and 8-tracks.

  32. stef says:

    Ed hardy is out – this crap is in!

  33. jm6g90 says:

    btw sarge still waiting on that thrash post where you point out all that is shitty and dumb in the neothrash movement

  34. alanso says:

    Yeah we even have cassette tape trend for hardcore bands in Ireland now.. Unless we’re so behind the times that cassettes never left here.. quite possible.

    With vinyl etc it’s def SSS (love it, stealing it btw)

    I think with metal band I’ve always been the opposite, I was the douchebag that would get into bands like A7X for Waking the Fallen and then have to hide in my room for months when they turned into super fggts. With older music it’s safer, no one into the genre is going to make fun of you for liking them, the band are never gonna release an album that’s in a different genre/bad etc* It’s the easy way out within the metal/rock subculture, you’re different to all the idiots from your hometown who consume pop music fed to them over the radio but you still fit in with the new friends you met at college.

    Obv exceptions including metallica..

  35. Charlie Brown says:

    I used to listen to the 70′s and 80′s stuff when I first got into music but my tastes progressed over time and there is plenty of good modern music to keep me overly occupied these days. So I think part of it is just being an inexperienced music listener and uncovering a TON of bands you never knew existed and getting into them.

    All of my fiends(literally all of them) think that the only good music is music from the 70′s/80′s. Therefore, I really have very little in common with them musically anymore. They are the classic stoners that say: “Man if we just grew up in the 70′s, life would be so much better. Music was so good then and everyone just smoked weed”. I always say “Music sucked in every era, not just today. You are just cherry picking the good artists. If modern media was forcing the beegees and donna summers on you, you’d be saying the same shit.” They never seem to get it. Moreover, I don’t understand how the fuck they don’t get bored of listening to the same music all the time. I need to listen to something different all the time or I want to shoot myself. It is rare that I will listen to the same artist for multiple days in a row.

    However, I do have to admit I buy vinyl from time to time. It’s something I recently started doing. It is rare though. Now that I strictly spotify and download music, I still like to GGG it every now and then and purchase my top 10 or so favorite artist’s music when they release an album. Now that CD’s are completely obsolete, I like the vinyl deal better.

  36. cougar party says:

    “I don’t even have a TV.”

    Some special snowflake just posted this on my facebook feed right now. Perfect timing.

  37. anevilfrog says:

    Oh, man I definitely went through a period of “really being into” terrible bands that were only notable because they were old.

    Bands like Flipper, Sonic Youth and The Sex Pistols.

    It took me a while to process that influential doesn’t necessarily equal listenable.

  38. i’m sure this guy doesn’t see the irony in the fact that in the era of cassette tapes, tattoos were not a common thing.

  39. also, knapsack’s “silver sweepstakes” was awesome, but i do like earth crisis better.

  40. BC says:

    That feel when I get lumped in with all of these assholes who are blinded by nostalgia. Oh you like listening to Title Fight and you own a bunch of vinyl? What do you think you are, some kind of special little snowflake? No I listen to Title Fight because I enjoy them just like I listen to Chunk, No Captain Chunk! because I enjoy them. I collect Vinyl because I like having the artwork and the bigger lyric sheet and the cool different colours you can get.

    Hey D, is there a category for people like me, I know I can’t be the only guy here who indulges on both sides of the fence simply because they enjoy both, not out of some desperate attempt to be cool or special.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Normal people who just like whatever they like and dont expect a medal for it?

      • Superfist McDeathpunch says:

        This, exactly. I <3 the guys who post here but i feel like too often everybody thinks they have to feel bad for enjoying the things that the people who we make fun of enjoy. We poke fun at these people because they care way too much about what they like, not because of what they like. There's no real reason to feel bad about liking anything when it comes to music/movies/etc. Just don't be a butthole about it. Sorry for the rant, just had to get that off my chest :/

  41. Buck Russell says:

    I actually avoid ppl like this irl.

    Am I racist towards special snowflakes?
    Or should I learn more about tattoo culture and things older than 25 yrs that no one uses/actually likes, so that I can cure my ignorance?

  42. Brendan says:

    Ah, lulzy meaningful tattoos of boats…I have a shit load of super gay traditional americana tattoos – all for da lookz b/c I am bad ass punk rawker and give no fux about society! Or do I give extreme fux? We may never know!

  43. tweeed says:

    People who justify cassette or vinyl by telling me that ‘its a warmer sound than my compressed, shitty sounding mp3s’. Ugh, no care at all about compression. as long as its listenable. i usually have that shit turned up so loud that my ears are bleeding anyway. Also, I CAN FIT LIKE 10,000 SONGS ON MY IPOD!!!!!

    This thread also reminds me of how bands cover ironic 80′s pop songs. (Im guilty of this)

  44. Nightshift says:

    Honestly though, is there anyone who’s never shrill/smug/a douchebag about some interest of theirs?

  45. Dental_Damnation says:

    What the hell would our DJ in our band do without vinyl?!. Our scratching coolness and shitty movie audio samples would be impossible to add in live!

  46. MasterRobocock says:

    i love old wine in a dirty old glass

  47. Dirty says:

    90′s was the best. Fuck the rest.

  48. Anonymous says:

    This is fucking funny. I buy vinyl from bands I love, but that is where it stops. I have never understood why people believe that shit is hip. Fuck I still randomly buy cassettes from bands I love too. I failed.

  49. Lucifersmile says:

    The stuff you like is gay. The stuff I like rules.

  50. Dr. Unk says:

    suppose its easier to read up (via wiki), be a blowhard, and jock the old days for all they’re worth rather than try to be on the new, cutting edge of what is/what is going to be popular/cool. i love the stuff from years gone by too, but i think it makes you a lazy fag to not try and adapt or keep up with times at all.

  51. michelle says:

    There is a bar down the street from my house that has cassettes as wallpaper. That is where they belong. I’ll send you a pic sometime.

  52. kottermole says:

    i know a dude whose 13 years younger than me and he thinks and acts like he was born in 1975. lulzyest shit ever was when he picked me up and was like “dude, i know you know this” and puts on this Devo tape like it was some groundbreaking shit. so my old ass goes “oh yeah bro, this is that dude who makes all the music for Rugrats :-/ rlly? cool story bro.

  53. Mister Booze says:

    I vote rose colored glasses. Be safe!

  54. Anonymous says:

    Ppl who say “there’s no good new music” are the worst. Even if for some weird reason you don’t like mainstream pop (like if you got hit on the head and couldn’t operate heavy machinery/do basic thinking), you could spend days on a site like bandcamp discovering stuff that fits your elitist criteria. The internet renders the “no good new music” point moot imo.

  55. eurotrash says:

    This is gonna be super embarrassing, but I’m researching stuff for a post on power ballads, a format I really like btw, and just about finished with the 70′s and 80′s, and literally all of the YouTube comments are nothing else but complaining about what’s supposedly today’s music. I know YouTube comments are worse than Hitler but I routinely check some of them anyway, and they’re all fucked up. 13yo’s bragging that they listen to Winger non-ironically, 45yo dudes whining about how they’re not beautiful anymore, but the worst(best) are the guys who confess that they tormented their exes with cheesy hair metal on end, and chicks eventually dumped them, now they’re sad and alone and listen to the same old songs that got their asses dumped in the first place.
    And then there’s the 15yo’s that want lose their virginity while listening to Dokken songs…

    • Save Parker says:

      This made my brain hurt. Why do that to yourself people?

    • King Krakken says:

      JewTube comments = unintentional comedy gold! I spend way too little time reading them…

      • eurotrash says:

        Here’s a fun excercise, guess the song (or artist):

        Top Comments

        The difference between musicians of today and those of the past, is the PASSION, or in today’s case, LACK OF passion. You just…. CAN NOT feel the same kind of feelings from listening to what’s hip nowadays. To me, true art and great music requires expression.. and I don’t mean “OK, well I really like this girl’s ass, so let me sing about that..” I mean, TRUE EXPRESSION of one’s feelings being transformed into a beautiful masterpiece. In a song, I like to be convinced that it’s meant!

        XxZombiExSlayeRxX 3 days ago 14

        • Chillin' says:

          Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing??

          • eurotrash says:

            Close call, but that one’s actually victim of the which TV show brought you here YouTube comment meme.
            It’s Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses aka TRUE EXPRESSION of one’s feelings being transformed into a beautiful masterpiece.

  56. Murdario says:

    stuff white people like

  57. VyceVictus says:

    It’ funny how there’s similar movent in hip hop in that if you dont listen to old 80′s-early 90′s stuff then “you dont know Real Hip Hop”. As original and important as it may have been, all that old Big Daddy Kane and young LL Cool J shit simply sounds played the fuck out now. Its even more pronounced in rap because since the genre is relatively young, even some of the greatest stuff from 10-15 years ago sounds dated.
    Even though Im not a big fan of most top 40 rappers, it would be asinine to dismiss it all as empty booty shakin music. Theres some truly ground breaking production going on in modern hip hop and young cats all over the internet are spittin that fire if you look for it. It’s the kind of innovation that hasn’t been heard since Afrika Bambaataa sampled Kraftwerk back when the game first started.

    Still waiting for that Tech N9ne-Kelly Clarkson-Wigger Slam collabo doe. Future!

    • King Krakken says:

      As original and important as it may have been, all that old Big Daddy Kane and young LL Cool J shit simply sounds played the fuck out now.

      Srs – only old hip-hop I listen to is New Kingdom, really bummed they never got any play… ;-(

    • HAMTARO says:

      yeah so what if i still listen to wu-tang, it’s still FUCKIN SMART.
      most top 40 rap is all that drizzy drake crying on the trackbullshit…
      shoutout to http://bigghostnahmean.blogspot.com/ for being the funniest shit ever.
      and to VyceVictus for use of the word “doe”

  58. TheHeavyMetalist says:

    It’s actually really simple. People remeber the good shit, not the bad shit.

    No one talks about how after getting a copy of a copy of a copy of a cassette it sounded like the band had recorded in a back yard cause it sounds like a bunch of sprinklers going off in the background.

    Old shit can be cool, but it’s also extremely subjective.

    Remember Barney Stinson’s rule:

    New is always better

  59. Sasquatch says:

    Vinyls are cool in their own right, but like a lot of things I get them for the collection, rather than “oooh, best format EVAH!”
    When it comes to cassettes, I have to face it and say that there are a lot of bands that simply didn’t make it to CD (such as Pissed Of Orgasm and a couple Earwig albums).

    When it comes to TV… I don’t like it, but that’s mainly because i took too many hallucebigenics and fell under the assumption that everyone is trying to sell me something, which I don’t enjoy.
    Mad bro?

  60. darth spader says:

    is this market research or a comedy post?

  61. JAShearman says:

    People ‘like’ this shit because they’re supposed too, even if they never actually listen to a band they will still try and drop their name where ever possible and wear the merch.

  62. ge5undhe17 says:

    Stupid teenagers wishing they lived through the not-so-awesome 90s

  63. harunsaurus says:

    well, you’ve made your point.

    I see myself as a fan of the past too. I born in the early 1990, and I think the 90s have awesome stuff, even though I was a toddler on those times. I mean, MTV was good back then. that’s very subjective, I know, but is following trends, or always get into the new stuff, always a better option’?

    today we live in the digital age, where the cultural artifacts are always accessible through the internet. we can choose to like the old stuff, with or without being a snob. but then again, can you not be(ing labeled as) a snob, when you actually like the old stuff compared to the new stuff?

    also, as snobby as you think people who like old stuff are, you too, sounds like a snob by delivering that sour grape argument. by bashing them without trying to compare them in a more objective way, aren’t you being ignorant?

    • Sergeant D says:

      I mean, MTV was good back then

      just so you know, in 1990 people also said “MTV was good back then,” only they were referring to 1985 “when they actually played music.”

      da circle of oldfaggotry

      • harunsaurus says:

        well, I guess that validates your rose-colored glasses argument. nostalgia always implies the idealized form of what you’re being nostalgic about.

        however, I don’t see anything wrong with liking old stuff. I honestly like the sound of 90s and 80s. I like the guitar sounds, the synthesizers, the drum beats, the nuance/feeling/expression they deliver. I can feel more related to them compared to most of new mainstream music.

        maybe it’s just because people tend to simply labeled things with ‘old’ and ‘new’, rather than really look into what make them awesome. so, when people say today’s music don’t have any ‘soul’, they actually refer to the beats and sounds that have changed so they don’t deliver the same feeling anymore. I guess you know that much, but I just want to say it in my own words.

        • Sergeant D says:

          i’m not suggesting that people shouldn’t like old things, this post is more about people who fetishize them and/or hate on anything new

          • harunsaurus says:

            well, my mistake then. but maybe we can discuss it further.

            about why people tend to think listening to vinyl and cassettes implies accomplishment, I think it’s because you put (relatively)more effort to get it. you need to put the cassette to the tape player. you can’t skip only to the song you like, so you are somewhat ‘forced’ to listen to the whole album. so, in a sense, you are ‘forced’ to appreciate them all. there is a fullness/wholeness/completeness of the experience rather than simply clicking buttons, which implies some kind of ‘reduction’ of the experience.

            like you said, this romantic(ism) tendency is not new, therefore, my argument may be invalid, since vinyl and cassettes WERE mass-produced. therefore it denotes some kind of degradation of the authenticity of music. if authenticity implies ‘manual labor’, then vinyl and cassettes are just about the opposite.

            as true as their attitude shows some kind of hate towards automatization and digitalization, it is also true that relatively manual work, therefore, analog technologies, give you some particular kind of satisfaction. I think that’s what they’re bragging about.

            for the same reason, today we still have printmaking (silk screen, woodcut, and etching) as form of art. they were made to mass produce images, and back then was seen as the opposite of art. but today, they were valued for their ‘antiquity’, for they are delivering a unique expression, unable to be achieved by other media. I guess that’s one good analogy.

            I think I sound like a pretentious hipster, but really, I mean every word I wrote there.

            • Sergeant D says:

              I guess my basic point is about the whole “MY EXCESSIVELY STRONG PERSONAL OPINIONS REFLECT THE OBJECTIVE TRUTH” thing. If someone personally prefers vinyl over CDs, autogyros over helicopters, etc I really couldn’t give a fuck, I just don’t want a fucking lecture from them about it.

              That said, I do think that romantics share common personality traits that I personally find amusing because they’re so gay and beta (eg, being so insecure that they feel the need to have a ‘gimmick,’ and so beta that the best gimmick they can think of is clinging to a dead media format).

  64. Pingback: The postmodern implications of TITLE FIGHT’s disposable cameras | STUFF YOU WILL HATE

  65. Anonymous says:

    I legit don’t watch TV, have never owned a phone, and think vinyl sounds better. Additionally, Earth Crisis and Knapsack are two of my favorite bands.

    How the fuck you gonna act brah?

  66. I like Thrash cause I like Thrash. I mean whats not to like about it? Unlike all those emo scene queers with their tight pants and weird hair. Sure, I wear tight pants, but atleast I dont like gay in em with my long hair and bangs. Plus white high tops rule and all my obscure 2 song demo bands from outta somewhere in buttfuck Brazil rule. I mean seriously (srs), whats not cool about shouting the word Thrash every 2 seconds and jerking off to the first 3 Metallica albums cause in justice for all sucks even tho its the one with the best musician ship (well besides, Lars drummimg, of course…) And songwriting. I guess moral of the story, 80′s rule, you all suck, and im out to go listen to my Violator cassete on my Walkman with my headset straight fom 1983. :D \m/ THRASH!!1

    Youre Welcome. (:
    P.s. I dont even own a TV, cellphone, OR internet! Now what???

  67. nasha nez says:

    You know, you can say there is something wrong and irritating about people like me that like old things, and if I was a douchebag too I could write a blog about people that are so insecure they feel the need to adjudicate innocent interests. You know why I, a tattooed 23 yr old female, like old clothes, old records, old music? QUALITY (period). Yeah this blog title is correct, I don’t care for the writer or for the paris hilton backdrop. Now, if you’ll trolls will excuse me, I’m going to get off this new-fangled dee-vice and strap my gramophone to my shoulder so I can swing dance while doing my dishes by hand. *expletive*

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      You do realize that you could have just ignored this blog, yes? Commenting on this post 14 months too late, and admitting that it’s written by a douchebag / troll = you letting the “trolls” win. Of course, your Special Snowflake Syndrome couldn’t let you pass it by, you had to inform an anonymous bunch of nobodies that you are a tattooed 23 year old female because that’s so special and unique and everyone must give a shit, right?

  68. Liceth says:

    Weeeee, what a quick and easy soluniot.

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