Did it just get SWAGGIER in here??!

No idea if this guy is a wizard-level parody or full retard, but either way it makes the same point.

Thanks to forum member xdylanx for the tip!

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34 Responses to Did it just get SWAGGIER in here??!

  1. Save Parker says:

    White people dressing exactly like select famous person = always funny

  2. HAMTARO says:

    this kid was definitely an ass birth. also, lol @ swaggot. the word swag and its constant usage give me crippling diarrhea

  3. Nightshift says:

    LOL @ Supreme hats that look like welder’s caps with a wide brim.

  4. shookon4 says:

    will the real slim shady please stand up?

  5. Chris says:

    swaggots is the new term of the century

  6. Latinoheat!!! says:

    Is the supreme crap a brand shit or is it reppin the actual rap group supreeme from the south??? Cuz I non-ironically luv supreeme the rap group and their abilities to rap over good samples n shit… but if it’s just sum lame brand shits it’s fucken ghey as fuck!!!

  7. I'm Quall says:

    Top five greatest forum members of all time
    and xdylanx
    why? Cause he posts like hot fire!

  8. I'm Quall says:

    Ib4 swggt

  9. Chillin' says:

    Swaggots has officially entered my vocabulary.

  10. Haydstack says:

    Tyler the creator is terrible. Bad rap is bad.

  11. sawggot says:

    the word swaggot is offically in! are you all G-shocked?

  12. eurotrash says:

    mthrfnkr said tyler was the best rapper this side of 2k because he can’t rap for shit but impersonates once semi-famous obscure rappers every 4 lines like a clockwork parrot, or something. I dunno shit about shit, but fanbase looks promising, I’ll give it a spin.

  13. 666OFWGKTA666 says:

    Dem snapback swaggots are to pussy to smoke weed so they take pictures smoking hookah blwing out smoke with their heads down so their snapbacks all show! how do they have swagg if they all look the same fucking swaggots

  14. yo i think this kid might be joking…
    like i don’t think the person that made the image is the same person who’s in the photo

    also sarge, while supreme might be entry level it does not invalidate the brand. i mean you write that popular things are good a lot of the time…

    • Sergeant D says:

      like I said, I can’t tell if it’s a troll or not, but it really doesn’t matter- brilliant either way!

      big ups to Supreme for building their brand to what it is today, but i think their shit is dated and doesn’t hold a candle to brands like Undefeated or even semi-mnstrm shit like Obey (their cut and sew shit is A+++++++). NY is played out and stuck in the past :(

      • Jonnyfilth says:

        It’s definitely a troll, its some dude ripping the fuck out of “666 grimy derty blaq ppl music is my lief fuk u faggots” Tyler fanbois. Deservedly so, too. If i was a gay little Tyler dickrider I’d feel really bad about myself after seeing those pics.

        It’s the streetcredz version of how we use “Zany”.

        • Latinoheat!!! says:

          pshh… all about my johnny blaze oversized jacket w/ my fubu 2x shirt and southpole baggy shiny-gray jeans, and and1 hightops yo…. watchu know bout swagger young’uns.. dont make me take off my rubber bands that are holding my jeans in my ankles as cuffs n shit in place yo…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, in the Midwest…

  16. xTr00tilldeathx says:

    It’s weird, because if you’ve ever been around the area where supremes at it’s all either ignorant black guys or tr00 hardcore bros, complete with x swatches and back to back records shirts. Never actually seen a swaggot there.

  17. ge5undhe17 says:

    What a true Swaggot

    Reminds me when Limp Bizkit was big early 2000s

  18. Joel says:

    Whats better than one box logo?? two box logos!!!

    5 panels are da fuckin best but i prefer HU

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