Do you love the MMA??

We all love laughing at wiggers, right? While they’re almost never not funny, what I find even more amusing is the “black rappers acting like ‘rockers’” thing (eg “Party Like A Rockstar” and “Tatted Like A Biker Gang“). The latest example comes via YOUNG SNEAD, and it’s a doozy! Highlights:

  • ‘the’ MMA
  • Directed by someone named Deshawn Hyacinthe, who may have the blackest name of all time
  • Young Snead looks like he’s about 6′ tall and could make 125 without breaking a sweat; he may be the first person to make Corey Hill look beefy
  • Strong bagwork at :35, even stronger at :55 when he goes full retard on that thing. DO U EVEN TRANE UFC, BRO?
  • LOL @ how all these songs have some super cheesy “rock guitar” part in them that sounds like the intro to a PC Engine game from 1991
  • Dem lyrics @ 1:30 “Might catch a face kick / Might catch a elbow / Might catch a body slam / Might getcha back broke.” Disappointed he didn’t discuss the possibility of catching a side check kick ala James Toney.
  • His matching yellow hat and shorts. Srs question: why are black people so obsessed with matching outfits, and why do they love colors like bright green, purple, and turquoise? Why do they wear mustard yellow suits with matching hat and gator shoes to church?? Why do they go to church for like 8 hours??? Halp!

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90 Responses to Do you love the MMA??

  1. Void Eater says:

    At 0:56, it almost looks like the punching bag hits the guy in the face? Can’t tell for sure, goes by to quickly.

  2. Jonnyfilth says:

    I equate black people trying to interpret white culture with euros trying to be ‘Mercian. It’s equally as retarded / awkward
    “the MMA” = “an Euro”

    • nustej says:


      • brainsandblack says:

        No one I know is from Mercia… I’m from New York City.. LOL! @ your weirdness. and where are you from and why are you hating so much today????

    • Sergeant D says:

      yes, this is basically the same thing, only its more lulzy because there’s only like 5 miles separating them from the culture theyre trying to emulate

      • brainsandblack says:

        Hate is something… that has no logical sense to me. Most people on this site that are responding are LOST and don’t really understand life… and definitely not people outside of themselves.. no culture and worldly sense at all… also lacking COMMON SENSE most important of all. To update you “I Love the MMA” is a savvy marketing business move. twisting a song called “I Love It When They Hate” which ironically must have been made for all of you with this weird sense of reality (hate comes in many forms)… Looks like your children are copying our culture and style… and for us who know, a pie in your face now! LOL!!! POW!

      • brainsandblack says:

        excuse me but you must be “HOW OLD” with those old school racist views… LOL!!! please state your age PLeeeASE… Educated Readers Neeed to Know!

        • Jonnyfilth says:

          Not sure if really elaborate troll or just extra-stupid moron who doesn’t understand that this is clearly not actually about vehement hatred of black people.

          • brainsandblack says:

            excuse me but did you really read the posts… Oh, you all are just misunderstood, huh. Oohhh You probably just don’t understand.. how much contact do you get with blacks, to really know. And Oh yeah.. you can call me anything you want “looks like hate for no reason to me” LOL!!!

            • brainsandblack says:

              because, who are you talking to???? huh???? do you really know, so how can you even attempt to describe me, in any manner. LOL!!!!

            • brainsandblack says:

              I could be a “WIGGER” as was stated in the opening of this post. a White person acting and having mannerisms of a black person… sounds like “ELVIS” to me.

    • VyceVictus says:

      Despite common everyday human concerns we all deal with, sometimes you guys really do seem like an alien race to us. I suppose the feeling is mutual.

      • nustej says:

        What no Mars or Uranus jokes???

        • Sergeant D says:

          Black people are from your butthole. Am i doing it right?

          • nustej says:

            If u put “people” in quotation marks it’s even funnier.

            • brainsandblack says:

              all of you must be CrAzY !!! where did you learn or pick up this mentality your running with… flabbergasted at how you could be so hateful… how “OLD” are you guys.. “DOES THAT MAKE IT FUNNIER” ??? I am a New Yorker and the hate is muffled here.. no one standing on the corners preaching racism around here. SO keep hiding behind your computers and closed doors.

            • brainsandblack says:

              FYI > I am not even mad at you for being you. i don’t have to live with you. LOL! your just sooo confused “maybe”????? i would like to give some of you the benefit of doubt.

  3. Travis says:

    The blackest name of all time belongs to LA Clippers center DeAndre Jordan, which is also the most basketball player name ever. Deshawn Hyacinthe is instead a JRPG attempt at the blackest name ever.

    • Sergeant D says:

      it makes me giggle everytime at how many black people have the last name “white”

      • nustej says:

        Insert “middle name, Aint” Joke.

      • Travis says:

        My high school had several vice principals, and the one who dispensed disciplinary justice was named George White. The fact that I am making this comment here lets you know his ethnic background.

      • commenter says:

        I think it’s funny that the black star running back for the Houston Texans was named Arian.

      • Void Eater says:

        Black people with the last name Cotton is the best.

      • brainsandblack says:

        You guys are “SILLY” on this… WHITE is a COLOR LOL!!! I think you GUYS wanna feel powerful… LOL!!! like BLACK is a bad word or something in that sort… but there are different types in every ethnicity. Bad and Good, Poor and Well to do. I know you don’t want to hear this… and i’m just tipping the iceberg. i was taught if you don’t have anything nice to say.. just don’t say anything. “OH” and “I’LL BE BACK”…………

        • nustej says:

          You sir, are totally incorrect, WHITE IS A STATE OF MIND.
          Furthermore, MAYONNAISE IS A FOOD GROUP and PRO-WRESTLING IS A LEGITIMATE SPORT!!! Please educate yourself before making such flippant, hurtful, ignorant statements!

      • brainsandblack says:

        It makes me giggle that “YOU” are so worried about “US” and “WE” don’t even care anymore. LOL!!! and the world we live in is giving us the same problems and we are all in the same boats.. some with better boats than others. but still.. the same boats. and you want to pass on hatred.. Wheeeeeh, now your making me sigh, at your ignorance.

        • Jonnyfilth says:

          I love when “educated black ppl” try and school everyone else on the deep ignorance everyone is “passing on”.

          Also I love how your name is “brainsandblack”, it’s like a hilarious racist self parody where you’re basically expecting us to be surprised that there is a black person who knows how to spell correctly. You know, we’re not all ignant dumb white crackers, you racist fag

          • Sergeant D says:


            Also, lol @ “racist fag”

            • brainsandblack says:

              you are the worst LOL! who expects anything from you… I don’t even know you. All I expect not expect but forsee from you is what you’ve been doing. shame though. nothing you can say can even make me mad. just laugh out loud at you. how about us having a real intelligent conversation about things and let’s swear to be truthful… how about that. If you can hang and handle it.

            • brainsandblack says:

              SORRY>>> I don’t have a racist bone in my body… I just don’t like ignorant people.. not trying to come at you wild or anything. cause your problems are the problems you have to deal with in life. You really, need help. How did you acquire such “RACIAL” hate… age location and more input please.

          • brainsandblack says:

            your sick LOL! you said “racist self parody”… LOL!!! uh uh uh.. you chose to attack… in all your words. “everyone isn’t passing that ignorance on”.. and of course i know you know that blacks as well as whites are able to read and write. stop being silly, silly!

            • Jonnyfilth says:

              LOL! LOL! LOL!

            • brainsandblack says:

              “NO ONE” here is really ready to discuss anything intelligently, “IT’s A SHAME” are you from the U.S.A. even. I wish i could save you from yourself. and i’m not a relgion head. You seem to be using this forum to play and “HIDE” where u can’t be touched.

            • brainsandblack says:

              and Don’t be mad because the word “Nigger”, “nigga” really means nothing to us anymore, you need to try to put a new word out there… wigger, migger, how about “BIGGER”……

  4. Walker says:

    I think this comment section needs Vyce to answer these questions

    • VyceVictus says:

      I’m more like a UN emissary of Blacks than a subject matter expert; more Kofi Anon than Cornell West. Honestly, sometimes my people baffle me as well. I’m still working on my masters in Black Foolishness though. #HistoricBlackCollege

      • Sergeant D says:

        “New Boyz? I’ll have to speak with the Minister Of Youth Culture and see what their suggestion is; I don’t personally oversee that part of my race.”

      • Nightshift says:

        Black people would ask me why white people like short songs and dogs so much. Or why we go years without talking to relatives. Also, my farm tan from working outside provided black dudes at the gym with many a hearty LOL.

      • zunathustra (a.k.a. dik mckok) says:

        i) can i get this masters from Truth University??? #stomptheyard

        ii) i was ready to stop this video until 3:00 hit and those cheesy explosion and fire FX showed up. not sheriff really trying to clinch the white market by adding FX from ATHF.

  5. Balzendycks says:

    It’s a contraction for American you disgusting pederast

  6. Balzendycks says:

    Its the name of a descendents album you disgusting Pederast

  7. hey-zeus says:

    “nigga if u keep making dat face itll stick dat way. yezzur!”

  8. suchjosh says:

    In b4 someone calls you racist on your tumblr. But in all seriousness, I think black people equate matching with wealth; i.e., you could afford the yellow suede suit, the top hat AND the gator boots, and the bright colors further draw attention to this fact. I think this also explains why they are obsessed with branding. Black music/culture is generally obsessed with money, and your clothes equal out to just that: money spent.

    • Sergeant D says:

      Hm, I think you hit the nail on the head. Nice work!

    • VyceVictus says:

      Well, I guess that makes white people sense, but whatever bro. You cant explain lookin fly, you just gotta be it. If you have to ask, you’ll never know.

    • Martin Regnen says:

      That’s totally normal. What’s weird is the fact that white Westerners all dress like poor and boring teenage boys nowadays. A few rich ones might wear super-expensive stuff that looks just like it came from Wal-Mart to anyone who doesn’t hang out around rich people all the time and can’t tell that it’s super-expensive because of some really subtle details… That’s really confusing.

      • suchjosh says:

        I agree that being obsessed with money is totally normal, and it explains a lot of white people clothing trends as well (paying $80 for a collared shirt with a Polo emblem on it). People dressing like poors is something that D has discussed in depth. It’s just the upper-middle class’ attempt at “sloffing off this mortal coil!” so they can actually feel connected to something.

        No doubt, I am white and will never understand looking fly.

        • Sergeant D says:

          Please note, i am totally on board with poors trying to look/act rich. WHERE DEM DOLLAZ AT

        • Martin Regnen says:

          Paying for a shirt with a Polo emblem is understandable. Hipsters paying $300 for a pair of canvas pants that are pretty much like Dickies except they have 1800s style pockets and buffalo horn suspender buttons… that’s when they just confuse me.


    Why can’t modern rappers unclench their teeth when they rap?


  10. derekpants says:

    I love at the beginning when he steps on the can. Like he totally goes out of his way to step on that can. Fuck that can.

  11. Latinoheat!!! says:

    oh ignant black people and yo ebonics… i love it!!!


  12. Thomas says:

    Mandatory “DOES HE EVEN LIFT?” comment.

  13. Randy420 says:

    This is the perfect soundtrack to “SAY GOODNIGHT”.

  14. richard brunelle says:

    mega lulz at referring to the cheesy midi guitar track as coming from a pc engine game and not turbografx 16

    • nustej says:

      If this were 1989 MTV would be falling all over themselves to proclaim this “AN AMAZING CROSS-POLLINATION OF RAP AND METAL” & it would make the top 20 for like 6 months.

  15. chewbakka says:

    I like the MMA but I much rather prefer the Boxing.

    • VyceVictus says:

      Its kind of interesting actually: boxing, like basketball, was a sport heavily populated by blacks largely in because it requires few resources on the part of the individual. One need only join a local gym and use the on-hand equipment. The other factor of it is that boxing has a very basic fundamentall basic rule set that require only the individuals talents to become proficient at; easy to learn but a lifetime to master.

      MMA is now mainstream and overtaken boxing as the nations combat sport of choice (popularity wise), and this video seems to be indicate that it has a firm hold in the “urban market”. I wonder how far that shift has translated to the minds of urban youth. A third factor to boxings historical prevalance was practicality: you needed a way to learn how to defend yourself unarmed on the streets, and boxing is one of the most simple and effective methods. I cant imagine that paradigm shifting so suddenly where kids start trying to do armbars and going for the guard in a street fight. That and theres so much more to comprehend (standup/wrestling/ground game) that you cant really “pick it up”. It takes tutelage from an experienced teacher to be even halfway proficient, which is probably a lot harder to come by in the hood than some oldhead who had to jailhouse rock in prison to maintain showing you the ropes.

  16. dza says:

    -lol at the definite article usage so we dummies know what mma hes talking about

    -lol at the name ‘young snead.’ dumbest fucking rap name ever

    -lol at the dude the the wheelchair around 3:35. bet he has nasty standup game.

  17. AK says:

    @ whoever want it Bitch fuck wit da ATL hoe or TennAhkey bitch !!! you Can say what you want but if Any of my niggas seen ya in the streets , i bet youd run like a bitch i go By AK bitch google me hoe Shit put ya number on hurr so i can call ya !! i aint scared cuz i got some niggas in ottumwa iowa dat look ya bitch ass ppl up Snead is a Good dude and i dont see any of you lames doin shit !!! Get money !!!! stop hatein . i got all kinds of ppl in appanoose county iowa , i know ppl in moravia iowa keep runnin ya dick licker’s i dont live in tha Atl I stay in Memphis , me and my niggas first 48 all yall who wanna road trip ?

  18. AK says:

    this is how people get fucked up come up missing !!!

  19. AK says:

    i dont know where you live but i wish i did , yall some faggots , i wish we could meet up fuck some mma yall racist on my peeps , i dont know ya i just wanna show ya !!! pop pop pop and it want be from me . i got to many shooters on my team !!

  20. Wonder Boi says:

    Wats good Snead..its Wonder Boi Ak’s homie..i dont know why errr body being racists..o wait they hating on a pimp..u was always cool with me so id figure id return the love bruh..keep doin ya thang..fuck wit me and ak on dem tracks boss.

  21. Mustard tiger says:

    @wonder boi lol you realize young snead cant really here you through this website right? because, ya know, this is a website and not his face book or twitter. I know man the internets confuse me sometimes too

    • Sergeant D says:

      I know man the internets confuse me sometimes too


      • brainsandblack says:

        Why are you guys coming at people so hard… because of Slang. Just a dialect that we use when we hang… Your trying to use words on a WORDSMITH. Words should not be used as a sword, especially when your hiding behind these words. and words with nothing to back it.. are just wasted words dude. And For The RECORD… SNEAD CAN HEAR HIM.. It’s an OPEN FORUM, DUH.. the Internet, DUH… just like i heard him.. snead heard him… believe me.. SILLY, triple DUH!!!!
        Here let me give you something, you might like this: #ibeknowing.

  22. Mustard tiger says:

    who would have thought that someone could get more butthurt than womanysts about a sywh post. also holy lol at brainsandblacks consecutive posts. He/she really “gets what this sites all about”

    • Sergeant D says:

      He has a very strong sarcasm detector for sure

      • brainsandblack says:

        YEAH… and I will be back… my sarcasm detector is also “UP” of course. and if you ever want to talk to me, feel free… “THIS IS NOW AN OPEN POINT of VIEW SITE” as long as I am around. Now looking for 1st responders. PLEASE!

        • Jonnyfilth says:

          THIS SITE IS ONLY 4 SERIOUS INTELLIGENT DISCUSSION ABOUT MODERN RACIAL ISSUES. You are not serious enough, you act like this site is all just a joke. You “keep” putting “quotations” on “everything” to try and show us that “you’re educated and “intelligent” “. I really don’t think it’s possible to have an intelligent conversation with a racist fag who hates crackers like us. “SORRY”

          • brainsandblack says:

            excuse me again… I only used quotes because of the comments made about ” ” on words… that’s not my way sorry.. that was your thing.. LOL! if it will make you feel better I will leave them out. and I am just talking to you, that’s all… It is what it is, I am not trying to seem educated, I am just talking to you. AND Never did I say anything, like you are those things you said i said… Hold it, how did you come to these conclusions of who i am… should I leave out the CAPS and the LOL’s! too. It’s seems your not fit on any level to discuss such matters with me… I will have to leave this Silliness your displaying here.. It’s a good thing the entire country I live in doesn’t feel like you and again I HOPE YOU GET SOME HELP… YOU NEED IT. AND OH We have a Black President in the USA.. talk about that blackness.. I know you’ll try to find something.

            • Jonnyfilth says:

              It makes me sad that u still don’t get it :(
              But if you have to leave, then you have to leave. You have been very entertaining, Mr. Black Man. I wish you well on your travels and I hope some day your eyes will be opened to satire and jokes and that you won’t always think everything is serious. Fare Be Well, good sir.

            • brainsandblack says:

              Thanks for the fare thee well… There is a real person inside of you… I wish I got the chance to kick it with you, just a slang because i feel more comfortable with you> for real. OK.. the jokes are good, but it depends on who’s listening to the joke… But, Once I was working in a company and i walked into a room with a group of only caucasian workers playing a game at a company party… I wasn’t suppose to see this… they had a new caucasian employee blindfolded, and used charcoal on his hands and made him rub it all over his face unknowingly.. that was his initiation into working around and dealing with blacks. watch it the color might come off on you, type thing. I wasn’t mad at you… really… Hope You get a better understanding one day though. MY NAME IS KEVIN by the way a white man’s name some may want to call it. But it’s just a name. Oh and if you ever took the time to learn someone as you do with all your friends but had a chance/opportunity to be befriended by a black person that’s true to the heart.. you would change your views entirely. later my dude.. Chill my dude please, I’m going, but I will stop by and check on things around here.. Niiice chatting with you.. I enjoyed it as well… I was never mad as I mentioned earlier.. chill though my dude… It was my pleasure to be entertaining in any manner on this forum. Maybe I will post something on “YOU LOVE TO HATE” oh, sorry bout the qoutes though and the LOL!!!

            • Jonnyfilth says:

              Dude my best friend in da whole world is black. We’ve been bros forever and now we’re housemates, and he is the drummer of my band. I love him #nohomo. He will be the best man at my wedding (srs)

  23. brainsandblack says:

    But pick something worth while discussing… pleeease.

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