For The Win drops ‘Break The Ice’

Who needs beach babes when you have your bros...

Sarge posted about San Diego-bred easycore bros For The Win a couple months back, but I wanted to let you know that the ep of the spring has officially dropped.  Carrying the torch after Settle The Score era Fight Fair, FTW’s ‘Break The Ice’ comes complete with creeping breakdowns, catchy vocals, and the cali beach sound.  You would think that the beach dried up from the lyrics though, which mostly deal with life choices, triflin’ hoes, and feelings in general.  It seems like no band these days can break free from tr00 pop punk lyrical trappings.  No worries, I’ll just put on my persols, crank this bitch up in my convertible and pretend he’s singing about slurpees and OOP vinyl.

Guys- you live near the beach, have some fun for the rest of us!

Diggin this official video solely comprised of b-roll footage.

Check them out on itunes here and keep the easycore dream alive.  Inb4 singer starts lifting weights and joins a skramz band.


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11 Responses to For The Win drops ‘Break The Ice’

  1. pl says:

    black and white video = tr00 ?
    great song

  2. brosef says:

    Oh yeah *chug chug chugh* Oh yeah, *chug chug chugh* damn dis gon’ b goode. *shout out* OH FUCK YEAH! *singing* oh what thAHGAHIHRWEIHEOGHVOMMIT

  3. abraham says:

    i wish their vocalist was better but i’ll still be jammin dis

  4. Jonnyfilth says:

    LOL, we’re goofing around on a playground, even though we’re above the recommended age!!
    Uh oh, now we’re climbing poles in public! Wait, now we’re jumping on each others backs racing like horsies! Oh shit, our antics are just getting sillier, now we’re using a bottle as a football!! Could we be any zanier???

    File under: white people, being white.
    Sick easycore though, fun music. Pity abou the tr00 lyrics.

  5. Latinoheat!!! says:

    If only somebody ran them over when they were on the street…..

    @ least the xibalba crew knew that a good time was w/ a good ol fashioned bar-bie-keuu, 40s , weed n beer!!! walking around n being zany is not having a good time in the so cal sun yo…..

    somebody get these guys to HB and get em some beach babes in micro bikinis stat!!!

  6. SolarFlareSuperior says:

    I’m digging this, I’m glad there’s still some worthwhile pop punk out nowadays.

  7. spined_wurm says:

    could someone direct me to other easycore bands? i know in her own words, major league, city lights, armed with crayons, and freshman 15. so its mostly stuff that has been on this blog, have i missed any?

  8. Mike says:

    HAHAHA, for some reason it took me a second do realize that this was YOUR DEMISE and not DESPISE YOU so I was very confused for a bit.

  9. Anonymous says:

    REVERSED SNARE!!!!!!1!!!1

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