How to get signed to RISE RECORDS

There’s nothing I like more than a good parody song, and this one is pretty great! Of course, it completely misses the fact that the music is only of secondary importance when it comes to successful Risecore bands. Perhaps he can address this in a dubstep remix and add lines like, “we’ll announce the next breakdown / with controversial slogan / that will look sweet in Impact font / check out our Bigcartel” and “brb kicking out our keyboardist / getting 50s dad haircuts / and tackling srs social issues / on our boring new album.”

Holler at the guy who made this (aka Galactic Pegasus) on Facebook- he’s also the winner of the ARBITER ULTIMATE GROOVE contest!

Big ups to Jonnyfilth for awaring me to this!

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27 Responses to How to get signed to RISE RECORDS

  1. Dan says:

    Haha this is good, except that last breakdown is way heavier than anything you’ll find on Rise Records. I think a dance section would’ve been more appropriate considering what bands it’s making fun of. The end breakdown could be used for a deathcore parody vid.

  2. kottermole says:

    i would sign this guy and make him put this song out as his first single.

    brb cashing my zillion dollar check so i can go on my yacht with some hot sluts and do lots of blow.

  3. Alixbonez says:

    Johnny filth is save parker…

  4. xStizzy says:

    dem vocals at the end, would slam/10

  5. wlfblnkt says:


  6. JoeTheRipper says:

    Nah brah, they’ll never get a sweet deal w/ rice records if they don’t put up a bunch of pics of them in hoodies, with gauges and awesome oriental sleeve tats, standing on a cliff or some dark/reflective/mopeyfggt background with their arms folded lookin all srs. Srsly, you need those pics first, THEN you release the sweet breakdowns.

  7. uppercut613 says:

    this was pretty funny lol. wish the clean chorus part was better, coulda used catchier melodies… (the catchier a parody is, the more successful it’ll be) but the breakdown parts were well done.

  8. Galactic Pegasus says:

    Thank you all so much for watching, it really means a lot to me, and I am glad you thought it was as funny as I did!

  9. Wintermute says:

    I want someone to put this song in the middle of a random Rise record and see if anyone notices it’s a joke.

  10. Outbackcore says:

    Was funny but, should have gone longer and touched on the other points that have been mentioned


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  13. ge5undhe17 says:

    “brb kicking out our keyboardist / getting 50s dad haircuts / and tackling srs social issues / on our boring new album.”


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