IS THIS GOOD: Such A Mess edition

Do you ever come across a band and keep flip flopping on whether they are sweet or ghey? Like maybe the first riff is awesome and you’re like “Oh fuck yes, this is my new favorite band!!” but then they have lyrics about crying yourself to sleep while listening to Bayside and you cringe with hatred, but then there’s a sick breakdown and you want to like them again??

If you have ever wished you had a bro to turn to for help during these difficult times, you are in luck. Please allow me to introduce the first installment of a new feature on SYWH entitled “IS THIS GOOD?” in which we try to answer this question about SUCH A MESS:


  • Intro skit is a solid concept, but would have been cooler if the bald OTW kid was like “dude quit being a faggot and listen to Recognize
  • Anyone from the 626 = back tard; wish I was kicking it in some Winds of Plague mesh shorts with my homies in West Covina right now :(
  • Band is named after one of the most underrated New Found Flory songs

This guy!


  • Way too many ‘silly costumes’ for me; reached my threshold for zaniness in like 15 seconds. Also, the super forced, awkward “omg we’re having so much fun” poses.
  • 1:19 are the lyrics “I have some friends who smoke the pot”??!
  • Dem weak, passionless vocals. They are American, but the singers sound like that Italian easycore band NOTIMEFOR who don’t speak English, they’re just repeating the sounds and hoping they come out like actual words
  • The whole thing is kinda the same as that one Four Year Strong video, only with less Famous Stars & Straps shirts
  • 3:14 Strong mantits on the guitarist. Actually, everybody in the band is a little plump. Do u even lift, bros??
  • With the possible exception of the bishe dressed as the cat, nothing higher than a 6.5/10 to be found. I know for a fact that the 626 is filled with hot OTW bishes, so this is disappointing.

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44 Responses to IS THIS GOOD: Such A Mess edition

  1. Bronson says:

    I think it’s solid C-grade easycore. I definitely feel you on the dull vocals, but for whatever its worth, I can appreciate the fact that these dudes looked like they genuinely had a lot of fun making the video, and with the way things are going with “contemporary alternative youth music”, not coming across as an overserious buttard (while also avoiding being a ‘zany, ironic’ fggt) goes some ways in my book.

    I have to admit I was pretty disappointed at the ‘really meaningful’ no-mic group shouts at the end of the song, though. Totally killed the ‘we’re having fun’ vibe as if to specifically remind the viewer that this is even though they like to laugh, at they end of their day this music and these friends mean so much to them and they wouldn’t trade it for anything! At least they saved it for the very end of the song.

    TL;DR: Seem like they’d be okay to see opening for somebody better, but purely musically speaking, not a whole lot to set them apart from the pack.

  2. Latinoheat!!! says:

    “I know for a fact that the 626 is filled with hot OTW bishes, so this is disappointing.”


    nothing like pocha pussy to get me rolling baby… south shittier n bolen park chicana-sluts make me laugh at their wannabe ghetto identity crisis yet the OTWs are fucken hott… the azns around hacienda heights are pretty smashable… yet the nice north/east/ uptown whittier district do have some bomb looking gueras , brunettes, n not to mention the cute pochita OTWs… but overall OTWS in the 626 are mostly fucken hott… racial mixing would be more killer… i wanna one day have sex with a green-eyed or blue-eyed azn girl w/ booty cuz she half black, mexican, white, and azn…

    imagine the possibilities….. azn girls w/ booties that arent chunky flips/FOBS!!!
    azn bishes w/ titties that arent from japan doing it w/ tentacles n shit!!!… Hot univision novela status mexi sluts that are tall and wont get fat after the age of 25 or pop out 50 little soulsuckers…. man a guy can only dream =]

    BUT to digress back to the OP…IMHO i say this video is fucken gay…. its gayer than richard simmons giving a blowjob to the next republican presidential candidate… its gayer than a faggety faggot being all faggy on a fucken faggot ass pink jeep wearing short shorts and faggy pink/purple polo shirts n shit… fuck this faggot shit… that is all =]

    • Sergeant D says:

      SLOW CLAP.

      Hard lol @ “south shittier” and ” Hot univision novela status mexi sluts.” those novela chicks are so fucking hot i feel like its not fair. MY BONER IS POWERLESS TO RESIST THEM

      • Sergeant D says:

        Oh and DEM POCHAS, hottest fucking bishes on the planet and the SGV/IE is overflowing with them. Too bad they dont like white guys :(

      • Chillin' says:

        This is torture for me because, being Hispanic, I often attend large gatherings where anyone vaguely related to someone is invited. As has been extensively documented, anyone 23+ just turns inexplicably into a whale so the majority of these people are really groce whales.

        They always put up a telenovela tho’. So I get to spend my whole time watching really fucking hot mexi sluts go around while taking my eyes off the TV will kill my boner.

    • this guy has the comments says:

      I never look at the names of the people posting, and EVERY TIME you post I get through the first paragraph and I’m like “This is a Latinoheat!!! post.”

      You can be proud of that.

  3. Lear says:

    I lolled hard at that JewTube comment. Can someone give me the CliffNotes of those two comments that were longer than the post?

  4. Alixbonez says:

    Finkle is einhorn

  5. Outbackcore says:

    I feel lie Im really there pretending Im enjoying it

    Spent the whole video watching background ppl look out of place. Does the guy on the right at 1:40 even know the words?

    • d00dbr0 says:

      hahaha that is the bassist who didn’t look like he knew the words. I think cause he was laughing. or just stoned. who knows. hahaha.

  6. professor orgasim says:

    where these guys live at? im from the 626 too! and yeah man the 626 is filled with some pretty bomb OTW bishes depends where you go some are just to beaner but most are pretty smash-able! also could get down to this but needs a better breakdown

  7. JFC Carbomb says:

    this video makes me feel sad because it reminds me that me and all my friends were never this cool.

  8. MasterSlave says:

    Good song with mediocre vocals and a shitty video. I don’t understand what’s so confusing?

  9. JTD says:

    I can tell you guys, this video was fun as hell to make

  10. JoeTheRipper says:

    Lulz, dude switches the mic over at the beginning of the vid, but voice doesn’t change. Can’t explain that. “These are my friends” line comes next with a whole suburb cul-de-sac sausage-fest. Awesome vid.

  11. tweeed says:

    that first guy with the mic is way overacting. acting like a phggt and I almost turned it off. Song is not bad though and video was probably more fun to make than it is to watch. dont really blame them for that. would listen again but prob not watch.

  12. jack kelly says:

    No kidding about being a fat band, they are the easycore version of crowbar, and that guitar player looks like hes holding a ukelele in comparison to his giant body.

  13. suchjosh says:

    WHAT IS UP with this lyrics in the music video thing?! I dig this though, it’s good windows down summer time jamz. Vox leave something to be desired, but I can get over it.

    First two comments on this post = pure gold and the reason this site rules.

  14. Murdario says:

    Does everyone in California live in bomb ass homes? I know its just a movie but I remembering first watching Boyz n the Hood thinking if this is the ghetto in California sign me up.

    • shawnyouwillhate says:

      yeah cali hoods are much more unassuming than midwest ones.

      something about the sun and palm trees maybe…

  15. sauce says:

    is anyone else sick of hearing about how awesome bands friends are? or am i just bummed out mine suck?
    this video also makes me wonder if these were the cool kids in high school that failed out of college, got fat, and decided to jump on the whole easy core bandwagon. i only say that because i can’t imagine how they managed to get so many people in this video.

    also, after watching that italian band i was stoked to see other people blatantly wearing fake supreme stuff, as someone who just came up on some fake supreme stuff.

  16. TommySalomi says:

    Me gusta

  17. Andy says:

    i have to disagree with the comments about the weak vocals. not everything needs to be a in your face scream at the top of my lungs song to be a stong vocalists. the singer didnt need to be serious because the song was meant to be fun. Maybe its just cause i can imagine these guys being just like my friends and i, but love the song the music and the story. They arent over stuck up they dont look like thier in it so the can be the next huge thing. they look like a bunch of friends who woke up one day and decided they wanted to form a band and that i can respect. i think the song shows more character then people are a crediting them for

    • Sergeant D says:

      Do u liek your friends? Please respond.

      • Andy says:

        yes i do like them. we can all just sit around or go be idiots for a while, but its always fun. which is why i get the song. i believe thats what thier trying to talk about in the song. all the stupid fun times they all had together.

    • sauce says:

      1nce der wuz uh pop punk band. dey right songs abt der friends n puul partyz. butt 1 day dey stop bein a band becuz the pop punk wave die. n dey have 2 get jobs @ target n settle for ugli gfs. dey wuz such a mess 5reel. dats wurse den 4 real.

      liek dis if u cri everytime.

  18. shawnyouwillhate says:

    it bothers me when everyone is singing together in the video but there are no gang vocals until later on….

  19. msstreetcleaner says:

    626 as fuck… “mexican” jewfro boy is my friend. kewl kat. i really love you serge for highlighting my sgv…. my first thought when i heard about this band was i’m pretty sure serge would get a kick out of this. 3

  20. David Martinez says:

    I am going to have to disagree with a lot of the comments that a lot of you critic’s are saying about this band. I have watch them live a couple of times, they did open up for “Set Your Goals and Transit” which are pretty well known bands from this genera. Such A Mess is fast growing popular band that just keeps on growing, I’ve watched more then 500 fans sing along to their set so you all shouldn’t judge these guys until you all see them live.


    I hate the mother fucker at the 3:00 mark.

    Lke, srsly want him dead. I don’t know who he is, never met him, prolly a real gud bro, but I want him so fucking dead.

  22. Brrz says:

    1- clean skin is so refreshing to see
    2- can imagine this in an American-Pie-Style teen flick soundtrack
    3- good song

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