Rap Songs That Could Also Be Slam Songs

This is really only half of a true post.  I don’t have much witty analysis or projections about the future.  This is just a collection of bomb-ass rap tracks that bang/slap/knock/hit that have some vital element of slam in them.  The best I can tell, there isn’t really a lot of homogeneity among these songs, they are only related by accident.


This banger comes from Lil Jon’s solo debut Crunk Rock.  Pretty much the entire album is excellent.  There is even a song with chuggy guitars, but it’s not really slam related, so I’m just linking to it.  Notice the consistent straight 8th notes with a chromatic melody throughout this track.  This is only not slam because of the aesthetics.

This track is by a random rap group that I found by accident on a blog at some point.  The whole mixtape is pretty sweet, but this song stands out due to its accidental slam elements.  I’m glad the fusion of rap and dubstep is starting to sound a little more natural.


This is from David Banner’s upcoming album.  All of the tracks I’ve heard so far have been fantastic examples of slightly ignant hip hop.  See also, Sarge’s coverage of another track from the album

I pulled this from a post of Sarge’s, so here’s his original write up:  “The main melody in “Pass Me The Fuggie” is a chromatic progression that could easily be a Cephalotripsy song. Also, I am very confused by the lyrics… not sheriff friendzonecore/whaleslayercore or advanced-level game???

Also, in case you missed it by accident, don’t sleep on the DEPRESSED TEENAGER slam remix of “Boys With Tattoos” in this post.

What rap songs that could be slam songs do you like the best???

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16 Responses to Rap Songs That Could Also Be Slam Songs

  1. Did you ever hear the Lil Jon remix song that this guy called Off With Her Head! did? Its pretty moshable.
    http://www.mediafire.com/?2iyckzymdgy Here’s his EP, The other song he made about how he doesn’t want to go to work is pretty great too.

  2. Wagmarwigmir says:

    Tupac Back, and 600 benz from Rick Ross and MayBach Music Group are pretty moshable songs

  3. beholdthesharktopus says:

    Brb starting a rap slam group. That is, chromatic beats with guttural vocals.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2yvuGszq-A

    pat has a lot of songs that hit really fucking hard, and i closely relate to slam.

  5. Joetard says:

    There’s a video, but the intro is loooooooooong.


  6. Martin Regnen says:

    See also lots of older reggaeton, though if I had to pick one track it’d be “Toma” by Wisin & Yandel ft. Franco el Gorila.


  7. Dirty says:

    Poop poop and more poop music

  8. Dirty says:

    Not dissing you for liking wack rappers, just stating that they make shitty music. Bro…

    • Sergeant D says:

      thank you for this objective fact about music

      • Jonnyfilth says:

        Earlier today, the president announced the signing of a new law that states that “these wack rappers make shitty music” and that liking them will be a federally punishable offence. White america is reportedly re-thinking it’s decision to elect a blakk president.

        • Martin Regnen says:

          Never call him black. Call him “50% less white than the dude who was president before him”. That really annoys liberals for some reason.

  9. Dirty says:

    No prob. I only speak the truth.

  10. Genaro says:

    The dubstep one is the shit bro. The link to the mixtape is not working, think you can re-upload it or something? Srs.

  11. Dirty says:

    I wouldn’t want turds like you laughing with me. I can tell you probably a dumb fucking jerk off in your real life. Die!

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