I am super stoked for this episode! Our guest is DJ TWOSTACKS, best known as the producer of Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci,” but also known as a B9 poster, frequent SYWH contributor and generally awesome dude. We chatted about mesh shorts, jerkin music, Fury Of Five, the importance of the super-cranked snare in slam metal, and many other relevant, pressing topics. I’m super stoked on this one, so don’t miss it!

If you are reading this but somehow aren’t already on the Twostacks bandwagon, check out his Complete Idiots Guide to Slam Metal and reviews of hardcore songs. And make sure you holler at him on Twitter and Tumblr!

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41 Responses to SYWH Podcast 04: DJ TWOSTACKS

  1. Walker says:

    Is it sad that I laughed at ‘fartist’ for like 2 mins?

  2. Walker says:

    Also, are you chewing gum throughout that whole thing?

  3. jm6g90 says:


    Also just as a bit of a feedback from last three episodes, have you considered using music in them a bit? A couple of tactically placed tunes could help break up things a bit.

  4. Postmodern Warfare says:

    Aw serj, u unemployed?? :( I know that feel brah

  5. Anonymous says:

    “people who like hardcore don’t like slam, but people who like slam like hardcore”

    +1 +AAAAAA

  6. junjunweet says:

    was walking home rly drunk last night listening to gorevent and thought “i hope two stacks gets on a SYWH podcast soon and talks about slam”. low and behold…

  7. twostacks, you are a serious bro with identical taste to me. hit me up if you’re ever down in ATL!

  8. Protofail says:

    interview a black metal band.

  9. noaltchx says:

    This was my favorite episode so far! Sarge, you really do have a sense of humor of a 14-year old. And that’s awesome.

  10. powdakilla says:

    Good interview, except for the fartist comment… Just head shakingly painful man…

  11. The fartist comment was hilarious, you need to stop catering to the guests tastes. Find their kryptonite & exploit it, for uuuuuuhhhh “comedic value”. 2 Stacks should’ve fielded questions about being a 2nd gen wigger, or U could’ve gone on waay too long about how horrible NY is by comparison to CA. Top 10 bests/worsts would be good too. Maybe you did, since I actually didn’t listen to the whole podcast.

    I saw ICP web-belts @ Ross Dress4Less yesterday, thought of U Sgt. D…

  12. Brodiak says:

    Confessional: it took me 17 years to get into Internal Bleeding’s “Voracious Contempt” (bought the CD in ’95), but thanks to Twostacks’ mixtape and continued repping of Cephalotripsy (who are tremendous), it’s currently my go-to disc for lifting. Cheers and great podcast!

  13. Chris says:

    whats the video of that japanese guy who pops out of hte leaves that u guys were talking about..i rmb seeing it but cant find it nemore

  14. Anonymous says:

    can this shit get anymore boring the first one was funny but this zZzZzZ

  15. Anonymous says:

    can this shit get anymore boring the first one was funny but this zZzZzZ

  16. Latino Heat says:


  17. Nils says:

    I loved it. They just get better and better
    U should talk more about eurocore about 00 – 08 metalcore

  18. Isaac says:

    i hope u find a nu job so u stop killing mai fun boner w/ ur fggty begging

  19. zunathustra says:

    wait, are you trying to say lindsay doesn’t actually listen to descendents?!?

    also, i legit lol’d @ the nitti beat comment “you have to pay an extra $5000 to get rid of that intro”. it’s like “shit, i have to pay for this program to get rid of the GIFWORLD.COM watermark!”

  20. LC says:

    Sarge be honest… are you poppin adderalls before you do these podcasts!! I think the gain on your mic is picking up some mild smacking/bruxism, which I am sure you know can happen with uppers

  21. tweeed says:

    Podcasts are getting better each time. You sound more comfortable on this go round. Also, literal ‘pause to LOL’ @ “fartist”. I even read that here before i listened and still loled.

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