Like every other old hardcore dude, I have a special place in my heart reserved for the one and only JUDGE. I am non-ironically super stoked that I’ve had the chance to do three Judge-related posts on SYWH, and that all of them came out as well as they did. In case you missed them:

This was one of the first successful posts on SYWH, from way back in 2009. Although people seem to have a hard time believing it, this post was actually written by a 20 year-old girl. I told her a little bit about the band and why people love them, but she honestly had no clue who they were and came up with all those jokes herself. It made people really mad, and I still think it’s hilarious.

The only thing more funny than all the butthurt comments on the first post was when someone who was IN Judge got in touch with me and was not at all butthurt (the “someone” was Lars Weiss, also of Side By Side. Uppercut, and more). My mind was 100% blown, because I could hardly have scripted a better followup than this!

Since Lars seemed like a chill bro who wasn’t blinded by oldness, I thought it would be cool to get his thoughts on some current music. It came out really, really well and is to this day one of my favorite posts ever on SYWH.

Big ups to Lars for taking the time to do these and making the 14 year-old NYHC fanboy version of me explode with excitement!

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12 Responses to SYWH’S GREATEST HITS: Judge edition

  1. Watt Par says:

    Why does YeahYouKnowIt not post anymore?

  2. beholdthesharktopus says:

    This was one of the first posts I saw on SYWH. Is it weird that I can recall exactly where I was when I first found SYWH? I was sitting in a friend’s basement binging on his internet since I didn’t have internet at home at the time. I think I also got into Animals as Leaders and Periphery that night… do I remember all these details? Does anybody care? My brain really is weird at picking and choosing what it remembers.

  3. Jonnyfilth says:

    Holy fuck, dat passionate unbridled butthurt!!! 2009 must have been a rough year for the xSENSITIVE ANUS CREWx.

    Stangry old hardcore nerds seem like some of the most unbearable fuckwits on earth. I fully understand why you’d rather associate with doughy scene kids and all their lulzy na├»vety than all of the miserable burnt out pieces of shit that could be called “your contemporaries”.

  4. lolwut says:

    i wanna rub that girls belly and go to sleep while listening to judge cover the 4skins. anyone else? just me? okay,

  5. Alex_P says:

    YYKI was one of my fav writers on the site. I think it was by reading her scene reviews that I finally “got” what the site was all about. I hope she writes again soon!

    • YeahYouKnowIt says:

      KISSESS! this just made me get all teary <333 but not like teary from getting eyelash glue in my eye
      mwahhh. more posts will be happening soon <333333 xoxox

  6. Octahedron says:

    If you could only read the comments section of the scene girl review, it STILL is a giant lolfactory. Butthurt goldmine.

  7. kottermole says:

    brb looking for those titties in the photo.

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