This is a video of LIL DEBBIE rolling around in her underwear


This video starts with a blurry picture of some candles, then shows a closeup of her cupcake tattoo, then her ass, and then she wakes up (but in a sexy way, like “oh did I give u a boner sorry about that I didn’t mean to I can’t help it!”). Then she turns on her iPad, presumably to catch up on the latest news in the fashion industry. Probably reading about some brand we don’t even know about yet. Then she goes over to her closet, and then the video is over. Brb on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next update from my favorite alternative personality.

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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62 Responses to This is a video of LIL DEBBIE rolling around in her underwear

  1. Lear says:

    I love when girls sleep in full makeup. Is that Washed Out? Sounds like them but I don’t recognize the track.

  2. Andrew says:

    Wait she’s not Kreayshawn’s sidekick anymore? Why not?

  3. diarrhea says:


  4. Wagmarwigmir says:

    One ticket to Boner Town Please!

  5. JoeTheRipper says:

    As much as I appreciate any video of a girl (specific: not a whale) showing 82% bare skin, what was the point of this? Is she advertising clothing? Or the song? What the hell am I supposed to get out of this (besides a boner)?

  6. lord infamous says:

    not sure if cuter than troo pop punk girl. nonetheless fucking adorable.

  7. jm6g90 says:

    didnt this come out awhile ago?

  8. Aussiecore says:

    She should release/promote a better brand of clothing.. ie: skumslut apparel

  9. wlfblnkt says:

    Literally cannot tell the difference between Lil Debbie and Kreayshawn. Would have to smash both just to be sure.

  10. Japes says:

    somehow I hadn’t heard of her or Kreayshawn or that v-nasty, thanks for opening pandora’s box sarg I just spent 2 hours on the youtube being facinated/repulsed/hard/enraged/in love

  11. stealmoneyfordrugs says:

    anytime i bang a chick that wears makeup like that, she always wakes up with it smeared all over the pillow case, her face, her hands, and anything else remotely close to her head. lil debbie is amazing for waking up perfectly in full makeup. <3 her.

  12. jorbams says:

    Solid branding up ins.

    Am I weak for having those thigh high socks work on my boner every. single. time.?

  13. Jonnyfilth says:

    I’ll never understand why bishes like that grose eye makeup :(
    And come on, Lil’ Debbie got nothing on Cori in cuteness sarge, you know that!!!

  14. Latinoheat!!! says:

    I’d hit it just so i can say i smashed an amy winehouse/casey anthony look alike hehe ;-D


  15. jorbams says:

    Also, mirin’ them Kareem Abdul Jabbar protective glasses at 0:12! Damn girl, how much you use dat table saw? You studying motorcycle maintenance at ur local CC?

    • Sergeant D says:

      Shes only 4 weeks away from completing the motorcycle maintenance certification program at ITT Tech.

      • Jonnyfilth says:

        She got some time knocked off her course for prior learning bcz she used to work at her uncle’s bike shop + she’s watched lots of cable shows about modifying choppers, so she’s already better than 90% of her class

        • jorbams says:

          Sound logic is sound. Her passing out to episodes of American Chopper will give her the advantage over the rest of her methy peers in the classroom.

          I’m an expert and spotting and eradicating Cylons because of that weekend I watched 2 seasons of Battlestar Galactica. My legal fees are insane.

      • jorbams says:

        Whew. At least she has something to fall back on if the Sexy Waking Up doesn’t work out for her.

    • Wintermute says:

      lol’d so hard at this.

      5 stars, would lol again.

  16. abraham says:

    I just noticed Lil deb sorta looks like tr00 poppunk girl but more refined (i.e. hot)

  17. dankmathus says:

    i wish she didnt have the same name as my mother :( makes things weird..

  18. spined_wurm says:

    uh, thats lil debbie? so then what does kreayshawn look like? im confused.

  19. Jonnyfilth says:

    Fappinglurker might actually be the best name of all time.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Aside from that stupid haircut she does seem pretty attractive.

  21. logdeezy says:

    Kreayshawn and Lil Debbie look identical to me, and neither are very attractive. Just white trash bishes being white trash bishes.

  22. SalviBro says:

    I don’t understand why you like this chick so much… search Alexas Texas or Kelly divine for a better version of a white female bro

  23. Anonymous says:

    why that cheap bitch so ugly?

    and who cares?

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