Wait, YOUR DEMISE sound like Hoobastank now?

I thought they were BOUNCINGSOULSCORE? Whatever, I’m into it. And here’s hoping that tr00 pop-punk is replaced by “hard rock” as The Next Big Thing.

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33 Responses to Wait, YOUR DEMISE sound like Hoobastank now?

  1. Brah says:

    all 3 of the released songs have been really different. :o next record sounds like a shotgun-pattern attempt to get a song, any song, on the radio.

  2. wlfblnkt says:

    Defend tr00 hard rock and real meaningful music put out by bands like Seether, Stained, Shinedown, Stone Sour, Sevendust and Skillet.

    Also, instead of a an assault rifle, the shirt should be a stripper on a pole.

    Also also, I think I’m really into this idea too.

  3. Jonnyfilth says:

    “in other news, George Noble was hospitalised today after a massive cardiac arrest, after hearing his old band making music that he doesn’t like. He is not expected to survive the week.”

    • SolarFlareSuperior says:

      He should be a part of the SYWHCF foundation

      • Brah says:

        In his defense:
        1) in hardcore the frontman is basically the band, so I can understand him being annoyed at some weird little skinnyfat bro making music he doesn’t like with essentially his name on it, especially since he’s singing george’s shit live still
        2) I don’t think he’s been directly teased/mocked? SYWHCF has so far been reserved for people who do goofy shit and can’t handle people laughing at it because they are really serious, important people.

        • Jonnyfilth says:

          Yeah I’ve only seen that one Facebook rant, not sure if he’s actually a humourless butthole or what, but I’d probably be mad if I was in his position too. SYWHCF is about helping special snowflakes and chronic complainers and the clinically butthurt. If anyone can find more evidence of Georgie boy being an actual annoying butthurt fggt (as opposed to just occasionally mad) then yes, I’m willing to help him.

        • Jonnyfilth says:

          Also this would prove my impartiality, because I non-ironically loved the band when George was in it and I always thought he was a good dude. Doesn’t change a thing bro; if you’re a butthurt fggt, you’re gonna feel my love and compassion!!!

  4. Save Parker says:


  5. Rob says:



  6. Anonymous says:

    This song is catchy as fuck though.

  7. Japes says:

    Yeah well know what else is super catchy? Herpes. True story.

  8. SolarFlareSuperior says:

    This reminds me of Story of The Year. I like!

  9. Neon Jesus says:

    Let me get this straight: These guys went from sounding like generic hxc to sounding like Bouncing Souls? I like the change. There aren’t enough Bouncing Souls sounding bands now a days.

  10. wes says:

    love hoobastank therefore love this shit

  11. Swagninja says:

    It’s cool and all, but I still liked them better when they were a Moshcore band with Dubstep songs as interludes :(
    Ignorance Never Dies is one of my favorite albums ever made

  12. George Noble says:

    Dat fade in.

  13. Onil says:

    Not sheriff want.

  14. Chuck says:

    I always thought hoobastank was a ska band. Shows what I know

  15. Haystack says:


  16. No music video no listen.


  17. Tulisa's other tit says:

    Ed may have the cute face and dope street threads needed for all dose Kerrang photoshoots and youtube videos, but he sounds like an adolescent boy singing along to Jimmy Eat World.

  18. CYBER CHOLO says:

    gayer than boy george with aids

  19. Chilty says:

    I dub this Identity Crisis Core

  20. chewbakka says:

    how come nobody talks about how terrible this album cover is?

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