WHO IS THIS SCENEBRO: Couples edition

Martin and Candice. 21. Jesus. XXX. Adult Swim, bacon, rollerderby. Maintain a tumblr dedicated to raising awareness about the issues facing modded parents. Saving up for the own apartment; planning to move out within the next two years. Not like the other parents.

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51 Responses to WHO IS THIS SCENEBRO: Couples edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    The tags are all one big LOLfactory

  2. ppl who society judges


  3. Cholololol says:

    Look at that thumb

  4. thetotalbro says:

    Yeah, this is sad and all, but did anybody else see that nasty bitch’s toe thumb?! See if you can’t get one of those lumps out of your bf’s head to fix that.
    Also, good job on having a kid who’s so ashamed of you that he/she actually makes really good life decisions and becomes a worthwhile member of society.

    • fight titles says:

      WAIT… NEXT LEVEL PARENTING…. go so far the opposite of what you are that your kids become productive members of society!!

  5. Sean Wright says:

    Their kid is going to fucking hate them so much whenever it grows up.

  6. BC says:

    Poor little bastard will never invite his friends over to his house. (or her). How does one turn into a rebellious teenager when your parents are forever stunted in progress at that very stage? I can see it now…

    “But moooooom I don’t want to get gauges that shit is gross.”

    “Jeremy, I am your mother and you will do as I say or you’re grounded for the next month mister!”

  7. Scott says:

    what really irks me about people like this is the fact that they constantly preach acceptance but are so superficial that they’ll only fuck other modified people. Then afterwards they feel the need to shove their pictures of how alt they are down our throats. Also, five bucks says that kid was conceived by accident in his parents guest room

  8. Brah says:

    Can’t get over his jeans.

  9. Lear says:

    Is that arm tattoo a self portrait of her holding her pregnant stomach?

  10. ARB says:

    I know them both, good people for sure. I have face tattoos and realize the lulzyness of our kind however.

  11. RJG says:

    I like how the old-timey Americana inspired mustache keeps him connected with his ‘Merican roots while the 8″ shame-holes remind him of his Aboriginal past. Best of both worlds!

  12. Kvlt times Kvlt measvres says:

    Lookin like true religions bro.

  13. sauce says:

    i hope their kid turns out wearing button ups tucked into khakis daily and is an accountant for a hobby. but they’d probably just support that or something.

  14. Lionel Richie says:

    Can you imagine the future family photos? The kid will probably stand on the other side of their extended family to avoid being seen with their parents and still manage to frown.

  15. titsandboobs says:

    Admittedly they kinda went overboard with the piercings, mods and tats but hey if they are good parents who am I to judge right? Sometimes I feel like SYWH readers lately are trying too hard to be a “bro” and just say mean things for the sake of being mean. Not trying to be a party pooper or anything but lately I’ve notice most SYWH posts sorta go along the line of making fun at hipsters, fat womynists, alt people etc which is funny in small doses but consecutively just attracts all the negative reaction from commenters. I love the sarge and the peeps of SYWH and I hope we get some nicer, more positive posts to bring the lulz instead of just laughing at people who are fat,don’t work out or tatted up.

    • Sergeant D says:

      no, you’re totally right, i’ve been thinking the same thing. thank you for mentioning it (srs)!

    • Gacy says:

      Did you not look at the photo before you read the comments?

      • titsandboobs says:

        Yeah I see 2 people who are heavily tatted up and pierced, the lady is pregnant and the guy has like 2 dermal implants on the side of his head which looks weird in my opinion BUT i’ve seen people like that in real life and truth be told I’m not bothered by it the slightest. I know the sarge means well but it just seems like everyone here on SYWH trys to put up with the “Alpha bro” persona too hard and end up coming off as douchebags. I’m not bashing anyone here, I’m pretty much guilty of making fun of people on the net every so often but it just seems like lately SYWH comment sections are filled with so much negativity it just puts me off from coming to sywh and be part of the community.

    • RJG says:

      I approach this stuff with a sense of morbid curiosity, SYWH for me is basically like a National Geographic. This site could be a GOLDMINE for someone writing a Sociology thesis about contemporary American subcultures and “Special Snowflake Syndrome.”

      • Chuck says:

        ^This. SYWH = hilarious commentary on everything I never wanted to know about. It baffles me that I have gone to shows for over 10 years and SYWH is my introduction to all of this.

  16. ARB says:

    Once you get enough tattoos you have to start laughing at yourself or you become Dave Navarro. I was one of the lucky ones.

  17. Rebecca says:

    This is a picture of my Husband and I. Yes we are great parents to a happy healthy 1 year old boy. I have some family portaits of us and Emory (our son) is all smiles. Guess there has to be some haters in the world to seperate them from the good hearted ones.

  18. JoeTheRipper says:

    So where’s the link to the tumblr? That page would be a trolls’ christmas in July.

  19. Rebecca says:

    Oh and the “about me” is pretty funny. If you didnt get it the first time my name is Rebecca and my Husbands name is Shane. Our sons name is Emory he is 15 months. I do have a tumblr mommabec.tumblr.com. We live in our own place and we are not straight egde. Bacon is pretty cool though. I do have megan fox thumbs, yes they are funny looking.

    • Chillin' says:

      You seem pretty chill about all this, and really, most people on here are actually chill, good people (note the concern about too much negativity). No offense was meant by anyone, as really, we’re all cool with people that aren’t annoying. Peace.

    • ge5undhe17 says:

      Good luck with your alt-mom goals for 2012.

    • ge5undhe17 says:

      ……….and in the profile picture, that is NOT how you hold a baby. You do NOT hold a baby by its crotch.

  20. Wintermute says:

    Totally into her…except for the lip plate…I just can’t handle those.


  21. ge5undhe17 says:

    My horrified expression became intense as I scrolled slowly down.

  22. Rebecca says:

    I wipe my babys ass and bathe him. That is the easiest way to hold him, if you were a parent youd know that. Not everyone is a pervert like you.

  23. MasterRobocock says:

    my grandma have gauge and my mother too can i have too???

  24. Save Parker says:

    If she gets a C-section they could just plug it up, invent new trendy piercing. And then the next kid comes out hassle-free, double win.

    • Jonnyfilth says:

      They won’t need to use tapers to stretch it! Next kid will stretch dat bellyhole even bigger, thus adding “aesthetics”

      • Christian Jensen says:

        Childbirth can be done during a lunchbreak, and mommy can be back at work after. Everybody wins!

  25. jonda says:

    some dude and his fat girlfriend

  26. outbackcore says:

    “I cant get a job because people judge me, but I dont know why”

  27. alexjones says:

    jnco jeans.

  28. Jayson says:

    Being a huge nerd, the term body modification bums me out. I am waiting for like… bionic arms and shit like that.

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