FULL METAL JACKET. Stickman from the one and only FURY OF FIVE and BOXCUTTER. Mad Joe Black from WISDOM IN CHAINS. If you ever wondered what the next level was, this is it. Highlight imo is the verse at 4:00 “I’m a hipster killer with a 40 oz and pants saggin.” FUCK ALL THOSE WHO OPPOSE!

Thanks to Brieuc for awaring me to this track!

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I was like yeah ok whatever
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35 Responses to Are you ready for a VULGAR DISPLAY OF LYRICAL POWER???

  1. sauce says:

    do wwe and wcw still put out those comps?

  2. RugbyHomo says:

    this is nice i like the part where he is angry

  3. nimplysaked says:

    Can’t find that youtube comment in the comments section for this video… although I agree with the sentiment

  4. Anonymous says:

    Soooo they’re rapping in front of Deicide and Fleshgod Apocalypse posters?
    (DRI is less IMN so it’s tolerable)

  5. Save Parker says:

    This just made me want DMX to come back more.

  6. Latinoheat!!! says:

    ā€œIā€™m a hipster killer with a 40 oz and pants saggin.ā€ Describes me perfectly =]

    mirin’ dem DRI n suicidal Tee flyers…but def not mirin’ da fat fux that be actin’ hxc tuff and trying to rap necro status n shit… Body Count would have a ball w/ deez guyz hehe… yet ironically ice-t hooked up w/ em on icepick…. so conflicted… wut do? hmm… in the end doe i must say good ignant mosh status .. better than whiny skinny beta phags bitching about being friend zoned… if its good enough for arnold palmer i mean ice-t.. then its good enough fo me… >=D I still gotta say IM BORN DEAD!!! *RIPS FACE OFF, EATS A BABY, RAEPS GUTS EVERYWHERE!!!*

  7. xdndx says:

    “Scaramouche scaramouche will you do the fandango”…so fucking brutal. No joke.

  8. nochance says:

    i’m a fucking faggot.

  9. spined_wurm says:

    my dodge ram is burgundy, im sippin on some burgundy.

    classic stuff.

  10. AetherJake says:

    The black guy is the only good one :/

    Seems like this pattern holds in rap.

  11. Sandy Duncan's Glass Eye says:

    These guys must be too hard for internal rhymes.

  12. VyceVictus says:


  13. scaramouche says:

    these thing generally set the standard to a new nu metal phase….and i was thinking that maybe death/ikeacore and whatsoever where lame this is LAMER

    signed,a silly eurotic bromario

  14. justSTOP says:

    instant ”howard stern” moment via private parts when he drops shit on the turntable live on the air and wigs out hahah couldnt press pause fast enough!!

  15. lukeoneil47 says:

    holee shit is that first dude A. Samuel’s with sleeves? Same exact busted, awkward flow.

    A Samuels is a pioneer in the dad rap game and wrote the single worst song of 2011 btw:

  16. bingy says:

    fuck thats embarrassing

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